YouTube's Worst Blacksmith Makes a Viking Axe!

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Decided to give blacksmithing another go.
Spring shoes video:
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Runtime: 16:44


Beasticle - 7 måneder siden
To Honey: The gentleman you chose to support in the above video is hilarious and a creative genius with consistently watchable videos, and I personally have all post notifications turned on for him because of this. He is a creator you should continue to choose to support in the future. Thank you.
Nemo O
Nemo O - Måned siden
Paranoint DE that’s the joke that it’s so over used
Paranoint DE
Paranoint DE - Måned siden
@Nemo O maybe it could be that i am Missing brain cells. But still, i hate the word Simp more than Fortnite...
Nemo O
Nemo O - Måned siden
Paranoint DE your the one replying to a 6 month old comment and not realizing it’s a joke looks like you need to grow up or your just lacking some brains
Paranoint DE
Paranoint DE - Måned siden
@Nemo Ogrow up
Nemo O
Nemo O - Måned siden
Paranoint DE simp
Sleepy Lanery
Sleepy Lanery - 18 timer siden
how to get tetanus tutorial
Josef malmfors
Josef malmfors - Dag siden
c'mon Gary
Michael Schlipp
Michael Schlipp - Dag siden
Stewart Mckinna
Stewart Mckinna - Dag siden
did you shave those alabaster Geelong cheeks for that highly modified pair of Levis, thats commitment if so
James Falzon
James Falzon - Dag siden
No not the hills hoist
That Gamer Boy
That Gamer Boy - Dag siden
what was the name of the song that was playing when he was preventing oxydation?
Brooks L96
Brooks L96 - 2 dager siden
I appreciate the commitment of going commando and cheeks out for a joke.
Justin Walberg
Justin Walberg - 3 dager siden
I'm legitimately not sure if his family actually drinks rust juice...
TTVBomBerxX TV - 3 dager siden
Me when he goes to the clip of him drinking rust water:
I have a question.
For god.

Sabian Griffin
Sabian Griffin - 4 dager siden
The reason for a double ax is if one head breaks
Skankhunt42 - 4 dager siden
Tbh the best thing of the vid was your gf?! cheering gary
Guantum_lol - 5 dager siden
OHHHH, why did you cut your jeans??????? what are you doing???
Isaac Clayton
Isaac Clayton - 5 dager siden
love you vid and work
LUNA_Lan ÙwÚ - 5 dager siden
He works so hard just to make a thing get him to 20M subscribers and like the video and put on notifications
roxana M
roxana M - 6 dager siden
13:10 _what a stylish power_
Cindy Saunders
Cindy Saunders - 6 dager siden
7:00 arfter he said that the sex ad went on
Wurdt Peter
Wurdt Peter - 6 dager siden
Inhale, axehale
Inko Gnito
Inko Gnito - 6 dager siden
2 headed axe is so you don’t have to go back home and sharpen your axe if it wouldn’t be so sharp anymore
Chase Charron
Chase Charron - 7 dager siden
best ad ever
Depressed Astronaut
Depressed Astronaut - 9 dager siden
He’s doing that in Australia
Josslynn Riot
Josslynn Riot - 9 dager siden
wow honey is so expensive lol
Martin Gutsch
Martin Gutsch - 9 dager siden
It’s double headed so the lumberjacks can switch sides when one side gets dull (:
Tunighttjr - 9 dager siden
This funny ass sht
Tunighttjr - 9 dager siden
This real content not trying to be a ass kisser
I did a thing
I did a thing - 9 dager siden
Cheers matey
rackzodgers - 10 dager siden
American cops at 2:57
Elliot Ownage
Elliot Ownage - 10 dager siden
Possibly the greatest sponsor transition ever filmed.
Ronan Linnett
Ronan Linnett - 10 dager siden
That ad Segway was absolutely incredible
Its just a phase bro
Its just a phase bro - 10 dager siden
Most double-headed axes were used in combat to be able to hit someone from either side of the weapon. It replaces a sword as it is heavier and much more powerful to deliver a crushing blow
mi-28 Havoc
mi-28 Havoc - 10 dager siden
What song is at 9:00 someone please tell me I’ve been dying to find it
mi-28 Havoc
mi-28 Havoc - 10 dager siden
What song is at 9:00 someone please tell me I’ve been dying to find it
Kieran Brown
Kieran Brown - 10 dager siden
Honey doesn't work in the UK or just me? :(
Jacob Woolfington
Jacob Woolfington - 10 dager siden
John Benoit
John Benoit - 11 dager siden
The intro turned me on so hard
oliver worley
oliver worley - 11 dager siden
Double headed axes were designed for lumber Jack's to save on sharpening as the could just transition between the head.
Chance B
Chance B - 11 dager siden
The reason why they had two headed axes was because if you were a lumber jack and one side got dual you could switch to the other side
GayusSchwulius - 11 dager siden
Did you really just heat-treat red hot metal while being barefooted?
Alexander struna
Alexander struna - 11 dager siden
this guy is weird but in a good way
Doyoumine - 11 dager siden
Watch church Sunday/Wednesday to learn about the one true God.
Timm Arnold
Timm Arnold - 11 dager siden
that was the best honey ad i"ve ever seen
Polar - 11 dager siden
He ruined a deathadder, he used a great transition, and top comment is talking about how good of a creator he is. You better be happy Honey.
Melissa Shultz
Melissa Shultz - 11 dager siden
15:26 why must you hurt me?
Rift Odium
Rift Odium - 11 dager siden
They were used so that if one head broke you just turn it around and then you start chopping again
The Swoligarch
The Swoligarch - 11 dager siden
2 heads are good cause you got 2 edges, so you get twice the time between sharpenings.
Barrett Groves
Barrett Groves - 12 dager siden
The two heads is for killing two people faster
Manpreet Singh
Manpreet Singh - 12 dager siden
ROBOT K1NG - 12 dager siden
There's a tag on the stick that he MADE
hunter-huntsman - 12 dager siden
LMAO he might see this video
Sincerely, Teardrop
Sincerely, Teardrop - 12 dager siden
I'm fairly certain that vikings were some of the most clean people of the time, especially since one of the main items found from the vikings were brushes and other self maintenance tools.
Eric Ericson
Eric Ericson - 12 dager siden
I made a knife once and I wanted it to look like it was "hand forged" so I beat it up with a hammer. after I heat treated it it had the correct look, but it wasn't really hand forged, it was only a forgery.....
Eric Ericson
Eric Ericson - 12 dager siden
My grandfather always said, "A farmer has an axe with a hammer on the back. A lumberjack has an axe with an axe on the back." (you have to say it with a Swedish accent) It may take longer to sharpen, but it allows you to work longer between sharpening.
Mr. Mime
Mr. Mime - 12 dager siden
Hey uh sir that axe looks kinda bloody
Alien - 12 dager siden
i found this channel and im not sure what to do
Stripesu Acat
Stripesu Acat - 12 dager siden
didn't lie on a bed of hot coals 0/10
Isaac conley
Isaac conley - 12 dager siden
Double bit axes have two bits because there is a sharp edge and an edge you can dull
noodle_god - 12 dager siden
Why are you bare feet while black smithing
Joao MV
Joao MV - 12 dager siden
Mainlia - 12 dager siden
What’s that song he played in the beginning?
david huon
david huon - 12 dager siden
Double bladed axes OBVIOUSLY exist because the more weight the axe has then when you slash someone with it then the more power it will, or if your just a lumber jack cutting a tree your applying more force with all that weight compared to a regular axe
familjen furumark
familjen furumark - 13 dager siden
For some reason I want to lik the honey of the key board .
Matthew banananaanananan
Matthew banananaanananan - 13 dager siden
2-headed axes were created so you didn’t have to sharpen it as often. One blade wears down, you just flip it around.
Giuseppe Del Rossi
Giuseppe Del Rossi - 13 dager siden
Actually you shouldnt wear gloves with the grinder because they could wind up in the spinning blade and rip your fingers off. Professional advice: When something is spinning, never use gloves.
Maxwell Guillory
Maxwell Guillory - 13 dager siden
The double head is so when one side gets dull you can rotate it instead of having to go home and sharpen it or stop cutting to do so.
Wyatt Wilz
Wyatt Wilz - 13 dager siden
That was the best sponsor promo ever
Command Block
Command Block - 13 dager siden
Wait you can eat glue?
XenoFireStar - 13 dager siden
this is the best honey ad ever.
lisanna wilfhelm
lisanna wilfhelm - 13 dager siden
Instructions unclear, computer starts courting with me
Krib - 13 dager siden
That obstacle course tho
SouthernGamer314 - 13 dager siden
Dude your gonna give me a stroke with all the terrible jokes and oh my God the honey. THE HONEY. Instant subscriber here
I did a thing
I did a thing - 13 dager siden
ahaha thanks mate
Josh W.
Josh W. - 14 dager siden
one side of a 2 bit axe is used for more rough tasks like cutting bark and roots, things that would dull an edge quickly. as such the other edge would be used only on the wood itself and would stay sharper longer. if you look at old 2 bit axes you may notice that the angle of the apex of the blade is different on either side.
zmanzcw Gaming
zmanzcw Gaming - 14 dager siden
XD the beginning is fuckin hilarious
Kitsuuno Ai
Kitsuuno Ai - 14 dager siden
Thats great and all but ASSLESS JEANS ARE THE FUTURE
Andy Samot
Andy Samot - 14 dager siden
Is for throwing two heads is basically harder to miss the sharp part
Nerd of Skittles
Nerd of Skittles - 14 dager siden
Bro lmao. "What's that? The metal bar I set there for this video? What are the chances."
Mike Liao
Mike Liao - 14 dager siden
arm sleeves exist :)
Sir Isgood
Sir Isgood - 14 dager siden
I was so uncomfortable when he scrub the keyboard with honey
Sir Isgood
Sir Isgood - 14 dager siden
Imagine other blacksmits watching this, their pain
Oliver Kennedy
Oliver Kennedy - 14 dager siden
my sister tried it and he hasn't got up in 2 weeks
Nicholas McIntyre
Nicholas McIntyre - 14 dager siden
3:15 😂 nice
Khang Pham
Khang Pham - 14 dager siden
Dude, this is not ok. Children in Africa could've eaten that keyboard.
wwwggxcom - 56 minutter siden
... or borax.
steve Jones
steve Jones - 14 dager siden
i hope no one actually poured honey on thier computer
WannaBeHero - 14 dager siden
Your weapon....... will kill
Ollivur Beck
Ollivur Beck - 14 dager siden
Double headed axes were made so you wouldn’t have to sharpen your axe so much then it became popular among competioners
Kaytia - 15 dager siden
oh that poor prop keyboard :D
RealKeksTV - 15 dager siden
That moment he stuck his dirty fingers into the honey... Just a question... can anyone give me his address? Not for any particular reasons, just... you know... sending him to hell... or something
Ryan Pruske
Ryan Pruske - 15 dager siden
reasons to use a two handed axe
symetrical so easier to reset swings and less awkward hits
more weight to require less force on the down swing having the axe do more work
two blades mean axe stays useable for twice as long
at least that's why i would have one if i could only have one axe XD
Guantum_lol - 15 dager siden
What did you do with the ax, making some sort of biking ax boomerang thing or doing some spooky actions in the dark? And also how durable is your Viking ax.
Max Moshy
Max Moshy - 15 dager siden
You’re from around my area 1000% when you posted that parramatta house I already knew you’re from western Sydney
James Falzon
James Falzon - 15 dager siden
turtlerr r
turtlerr r - 15 dager siden
he ate glue he is a madman
f1zzle beef
f1zzle beef - 15 dager siden
The deathadder :(
busybee - 15 dager siden
the testing of the axe litterally had me in tears...fckn hilarious
daemon Smith
daemon Smith - 15 dager siden
truly the definition of art with a beautiful transition
The DirectorMono
The DirectorMono - 15 dager siden
Hm make me an axe kind sir
Hush_WRX - 15 dager siden
One purpose for a double edged ax is to fell multiple trees in succession without having to stop to sharpen the blade, or switch axes
Lord OdyZeus
Lord OdyZeus - 15 dager siden
Piece at 7:45 anyone???
Entertainment Gaming
Entertainment Gaming - 15 dager siden
The fact that he does blacksmith in his backyard is amazing
Kermit the god
Kermit the god - 15 dager siden
Your pain is my happiness
Amarandwolf - 16 dager siden
"keeping it historical correct" interesting excuse for laziness XD
Mizuli_ - 16 dager siden