Training Australia's Dangerous Magpies

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I had a flock of Australian magpies hanging around my house and i decided to ask them if i could join them.
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I did a thing
I did a thing - År siden
I also introduced lizards in my house to eat spiders:
dasun tharaka
dasun tharaka - Måned siden New cute magpie video👧🔞🙈🐥🐣🐥🐣🐥🐣🐥🐣
rudiger891 - 2 måneder siden
@Random facts that don't matter Well it's a complete waste of time, they learn if you just do it the same time of day. Like he said in the video the birds end up waiting because they know what time they get fed
Lord Kroak
Lord Kroak - 2 måneder siden
Hey I figured out what you were doing wrong you were ringing the bell to much
iipxnda Bearii
iipxnda Bearii - 2 måneder siden
Breed kills magpiess
Random facts that don't matter
Random facts that don't matter - 3 måneder siden
@rudiger891 he trained them to know when he was feeding them with the bell
Liusila - 2 timer siden
Should have used fatty seeds and nuts, squirrels and birds love that easy to swallow, high-calorie stuff. If nothing else works, banana bread is like crack for them, but beware of the effects the sugar might have...
Joy - 2 dager siden
This is the best video I’ve seen all year.
Ark01000 - 3 dager siden
Me and my friend are at uni. He goes to York uni and they have a longer holiday in spring. Because the mating geese on campus would attack them all lol. The best reason for a longer holiday yet.
Neil Mays
Neil Mays - 3 dager siden
Definitely shouldn't feed them bread, feed them chestnuts, the like it broken up or meat (must be frozen for three days before feeding)
Ultra_axe781 - 3 dager siden
We consider these fuckers pests in Norway
mariakoth - 3 dager siden
what is happening in Australia?even the birds attack you?
naturegeek33 - 3 dager siden
This man has too much power
moonlite x
moonlite x - 4 dager siden
Kracked up Krabers
Kracked up Krabers - 4 dager siden
Yeah rainbow lorikeets are pretty aggressive towards other birds. At my house we have all sorts of wild birds, butcher birds, lorikeets, pale heads, kookaburra, pigeons, crested and black cockatoos. And the lorikeets are always top dog. Btw their mating dances are funny af to watch.
miriamsnowy - 5 dager siden
Eurasian magpies are so beautiful and then theres this XD
M. B.
M. B. - 5 dager siden
That bread is really bad for birds
Grampa Wud
Grampa Wud - 5 dager siden
Every spring seagulls nest on my chimney and would swoop down on me every time I left my house. A couple of years ago I did something similar to this but instead I sat very still on my lawn and scattered bread around me. The gulls eventually learned to trust me and started eating the bread and now we're friends. They still swoop on the neighbours though.
roger tull
roger tull - 6 dager siden
Leonardo Machado
Leonardo Machado - 6 dager siden
Yo imagine getting in a fight on the street and the guy just rings a tiny bell and all of a sudden you're covered in a flock of raging trained birds.
That's power money can't buy.
Christmas Maniac
Christmas Maniac - 7 dager siden
6:39 Can we just talk about how my dude took a dirty cup from the sink put water with the rest of the gunk inside and drank from it...o-o
Mr. Smiles
Mr. Smiles - 7 dager siden
I need to tame my backyard birds
Ellie Block
Ellie Block - 8 dager siden
I’m so in love with kookaburras. When I lived in Australia they would always come and chill on my balcony while I read my book and laugh with me 🥺
Cheryl leanne
Cheryl leanne - 8 dager siden
Love my magpies mate until they swoop the back of my bloody head buggers 😂😂
Jpaul Getty productions
Jpaul Getty productions - 8 dager siden
I'm just glad that the magpies in Nevada aren't aggressive in September
Audrey Gibson
Audrey Gibson - 9 dager siden
I wonder how long that took. I come there for all the beautiful birds if it weren't for all the fucking spiders! I would literally shit my pants and then die if I saw one the size of a dinner plate.
it's me kiki
it's me kiki - 9 dager siden
My mum made friends with the magpies that live on our street while she was gardening
Aaron - 9 dager siden
The magpies avoid the smaller birds because, in the air, these small birds are able to harass the magpies. The magpie, as smart as they are, don't seem to know they have the upper hand once both have landed.
Cee Koutsos
Cee Koutsos - 9 dager siden
I love them. I’ve only been swooped once here in NZ though.
Here’s one I met years ago:
Vladyslav Dyrbavka
Vladyslav Dyrbavka - 10 dager siden
There are lots of them in Ukraine too
helicart - 10 dager siden
By supplying native birds with non native food, you are encouraging them to breed beyond the holding capacity of the native flora/fauna.
Over time, you will be feeding more of them as they breed up.
This will impact smaller species such as finches and wrens, which higher magpie numbers threatens. The smaller birds are either killed or driven out of the built environment.
There's no escaping the calculus and harsh reality of nature.
You want to think about the point that breeding male magpies only become aggressive when competition is higher. You are faciliating higher magpie density population, and thereby higher competition.
Over time, your actions will have the opposite effect to that intended.
Shane Sheppard
Shane Sheppard - 11 dager siden
I know they remember face's or something? They won't swoop you if you feed them through out the year, I had a family in a tree next to my window, funny thing is I can walk the whole of town and don't get swooped anymore but someone can come by right after me and get attacked, even for the ones I didn't feed
Mihai Mosneag
Mihai Mosneag - 12 dager siden
Were tfk are you living
Henrik Wist
Henrik Wist - 12 dager siden
Yeah we have magpies in norway aswell, they are a pain in the ass
Kate Sims
Kate Sims - 12 dager siden
They don't do it to torment you, the male is protecting the female on the nest. Not so bad when you know the reason.
Leah Desu
Leah Desu - 12 dager siden
Does he still feed them?
Kimberly Corcoran
Kimberly Corcoran - 13 dager siden
Just get a BB gun and shoot a bird
Sir Daniel Fortesque
Sir Daniel Fortesque - 13 dager siden
Pavlovs Magpie.
cosmiceyness - 13 dager siden
Australian Ivan Pavlov
USS Prinz Eugen
USS Prinz Eugen - 13 dager siden
Reminds me of a story I heard:
This guy would go out onto the college football field During the off season wearing a Black and white stripped shirt, Blew a Whistle and scattered beard feed around. He did this for the next few months or so.
When foot ball season started, and the ref blew the whistle to start the game he was Immediately swarmed by pigeons and the game was delayed for an hour.
Don Duke
Don Duke - 14 dager siden
If animals were more violent, humans will stay indoors. Only the brave can roam. I wish life was like this.
Alexander Stollznow
Alexander Stollznow - 14 dager siden
I know these stories are somewhat legendary, but in my almost 6 decades on the ground in and around Sydney, and plenty of that spent outside, I have never once been swooped by a magpie.
Rio Sol
Rio Sol - 14 dager siden
Magpies are nice in idaho
E E - 15 dager siden
The fuck after a year of walking the same path the magpies know who I am and still hate me
Jason Voorhees
Jason Voorhees - 16 dager siden
I didn't even have a bucket list until I saw this. I swear, I HAVE to get to Australia and witness Swooping Season before I die! 😂 I'll take a hat and a few windbreakers
Joshua Espinoza
Joshua Espinoza - 16 dager siden
magpies in north america are called geese
Boston Cable
Boston Cable - 16 dager siden
Did this guy really just say a month before September?
Alec - 17 dager siden
Why is my neighbour ringing bells and summoning these damn magpies
Ryan M.
Ryan M. - 17 dager siden
This guy literally did pavlovs experiment on birds
Kenneth James
Kenneth James - 17 dager siden
Pretty sure they swoop people because they have nest nearby mate
Aimbop H
Aimbop H - 17 dager siden
I live in the uk and we have some magpies
sonicboi productions
sonicboi productions - 17 dager siden
if you keep feeding them bread you'll have no more magpies to give bread two
Ozzyj 18
Ozzyj 18 - 18 dager siden
its a fucking magpie RUN!!!!!!!!!!
The Bird
The Bird - 18 dager siden
This was actually a really cool video to watch
BrunnanG - 18 dager siden
use small cheese pieces dude and watch what happens. upgrade to mince meat haha. no annoying bell needed.
Viola Gentsch
Viola Gentsch - 18 dager siden
Try dry cat food. Our magpies don't like bread.
Breezey357 - 18 dager siden
I feel like whistling a tune before feeding them would’ve gone over better than the bell, a bit more of a “birdy ” sound, and you’d be able to summon your minions on the go
josa rapuano
josa rapuano - 18 dager siden
We have the same issue in our country just with hooded crows. Bigger birds and more intelligent.
We finally resorted to feeding them lunch meat. Lord behold they stop swooping us. We've been feeding them ever since for the past 15 to 10 years. I lost count. They visit us everyday and beg.
JoeRyMi - 18 dager siden
Florida and Australia are two different planets melded to the Earth’s crust.
Lauri Virtanen
Lauri Virtanen - 18 dager siden
This is some chaotic evil shit
The 3 Wastelander
The 3 Wastelander - 19 dager siden
My pop/grandpa has pet magpies
Janne Peltonen
Janne Peltonen - 19 dager siden
The non-dangerous animals: some of the sheep.
roetemeteor - 19 dager siden
"Target acquired."
"Negative, that's bread cunt."
"Acknowledged. New target: grandma."
"You are OK for swoop-n-shit of old cunt."
Garbage Dump
Garbage Dump - 20 dager siden
these mag pies are like mafia gansters
saifulbrine ,
saifulbrine , - 20 dager siden
You got bird while I got insect problems
Ron Hawes
Ron Hawes - 20 dager siden
I would snap a stick on the head of one or just punch it out of the sky. I could build a big bug zapper and touch its beak. That would be cool. To see it go from swooping to head first into the ground. That would be funny as shit.
Drew Simpson
Drew Simpson - 20 dager siden
Just a heads up, Magpies enjoy beef mince much more. Bread isn't great for them, it can make them sick.
Lilly K
Lilly K - 20 dager siden
Can you try training one of the friendly cocatoos?
Levi L
Levi L - 20 dager siden
What does he mean if u arent an aussie? Magpies live everywhere I live arizona they have em here and in the north eastern US, and I'm p sure they got em in europe
T C - 18 dager siden
@Levi L different magpie
Levi L
Levi L - 20 dager siden
My b I meant to say north western idk why I said east
Natalie Benade
Natalie Benade - 21 dag siden
Im pretty sure the magpies run away from the lorakiets because the magpies are pointy beaked and the and the lorakiets are hook billed so the lorakiets will bite the magpies legs off i know it sounds stupid but im pretty sure thats true
Marcelo Gonzalez
Marcelo Gonzalez - 21 dag siden
This video should be retitled to 'paying local magpies daily tribute'
Tanya Casey
Tanya Casey - 21 dag siden
Magpies remember faces. If you feed them, they’ll remember you and register you as not a threat. I’ve been feeding the magpies in my street for years and they haven’t swooped me since I started feeding them although they still swoop everyone else that walks down the street in swooping season.
Chris Acres
Chris Acres - 21 dag siden
Good lord those birds sound strange. Its like a combination of north american magpies and idek, red-wing blackbirds? Or those weird warbling noises ravens make from time to time
Oishii_Somen - 22 dager siden
i know that this video is old, but the next time you try this please use bird feed and not bread. bread is very non nutritious and filling so it would fuck up a birds diet and health
Miguel Ángel Jete Jaén
Miguel Ángel Jete Jaén - 22 dager siden
4:33 this hits hard
nobody a
nobody a - 22 dager siden
I make a clicking noise whenever I see the magpie in my yard and give it food. Today he was eating chicken out of my hand and standing right next to my foot. I used to scared as hell when I was younger from being swooped too many times. They're cool birds
Troy Davenport
Troy Davenport - 22 dager siden
Criminal mastermind
Xero - 22 dager siden
Is this ben surge?
vDaBest - 22 dager siden
UK pigeons are basically the magpies in Australia
Joshywashy2192 Memes
Joshywashy2192 Memes - 22 dager siden
james ellis
james ellis - 22 dager siden
u can join the magpie group until u grow feathers
Ruza Hel
Ruza Hel - 23 dager siden
Kookaburra so cute. OMG I love this continent/island/country/bird paradise.
Matt Waldo
Matt Waldo - 23 dager siden
3:35 that stare gives me anxiety
xyzyixuanxyz - 23 dager siden
there was no magpie trouble this year since the whole COVID thing still happening for some reason.
R - 23 dager siden
do it
QuartzOP - 23 dager siden
I live in America and magpies are everywere
Byron Williams
Byron Williams - 24 dager siden
Magpies have facial recognition abilities, they can remember your face for 5 years. I have a one acre block in the Blue Mountains, with an orchard and have forged symbiotic relationships with the birds. Neither myself or wife have been swooped in 25 years and the magpies often leave their young with us when they have had enough. The cocky's are awesome but they do eat a lot of sunflower seed's but at least they don't strip my fruit tree's anymore. Funny in my area the magpies are the top dog and even the cocky's are scared of them although the Lorakeets for a small bird are very aggressive. I noticed you had a grey Butcher bird in one shot sitting on a chair, they look like a member of the Kingfisher family only small and are a bit like a magp[e in colour, if it's nesting in your yard watch out they will attack and put magpies to shame they will draw blood, and for some reason they won't befriend you cheers.
Reiiz - 24 dager siden
Mafia is originated from magpies. because its ma(gp)i(es)a
Lars Wilms
Lars Wilms - 24 dager siden
Being from the northern hemisphere, spring and september is not an automatic connection. Took me until the end of the video before I realised that one.
Joe The Pro
Joe The Pro - 25 dager siden
Dude exactly the same thing happened to me, so I started feeding my magpies everyday and each day they started trusting me more so they started taking the food off my hand and coming in my house and that’s how I befriended them!
Wind Light
Wind Light - 11 dager siden
If Magpie start cause fight please give them a bread Because it will stop the fight
Thisgamer dude
Thisgamer dude - 25 dager siden
We have a lot of magpies here in alaska
Godzilla fan 513
Godzilla fan 513 - 26 dager siden
He can go out again
M. blue K.
M. blue K. - 28 dager siden
Hey man appreciate your vids, but turns out bread is really bad for birds (high in salt and other reasons)
Todd Hellyar
Todd Hellyar - 29 dager siden
Muppet......raw meat, not bread
Lunar Eclipse
Lunar Eclipse - Måned siden
i like feeding magpies
Zsolt Sándor
Zsolt Sándor - Måned siden
Corvids are just amazing. I had the chance to chill with a hooded crow once.
Kevin Burns
Kevin Burns - Måned siden
Isn't this why pellet guns were invinted
denzel loh
denzel loh - Måned siden
Birb whisperer
Primberry Soup
Primberry Soup - Måned siden
we have magpies in the UK but as usual the Aussies got the badass ones ffs
sassy mate
sassy mate - 29 dager siden
When i was a kid during magpie season i had to use umbrellas when walking to school lol
Ink Demon
Ink Demon - Måned siden
Guys the magpie man needs to see this
Rizzy. - Måned siden
Mornin mr magpie
Catty Rammy
Catty Rammy - Måned siden
september???? you mean simptember
Ion Force
Ion Force - Måned siden
@4:57 Emperor Palpatine: *do it*
Ion Force
Ion Force - Måned siden
10/10 top content on youtube. Hands down.
Nicola Clark
Nicola Clark - Måned siden
It not just a thing in auzzie im in no and I got swooped by one a school this morning