Throwing Knife Book Trap

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I was really sick of having two eyes so i decided i should make a book that throws sharp objects at them . Evolution got me to where i am today and i thought i may as well utilize the fact that i evolved with two eyes and take a risk.
There is absolutely no reason to make this. If you want to protect a book dont use this method as you destroy the book. If you want to hurt someone just throw the book at them instead.
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I did a thing
I did a thing - År siden
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baby yoda
baby yoda - 2 måneder siden
Man dis vid is dead
ThatSad Doge
ThatSad Doge - 2 måneder siden
A look beyond the sunroof
A look beyond the sunroof - 3 måneder siden
Give this to somebody you hate
Csm-rouge - 3 måneder siden
ousman GET IT RIGHT - 4 måneder siden
The comment above me is a big brain move
MustiA - 8 timer siden
I was 100% expecting a dragged out door ringing joke from this part.
Luv BTS - Dag siden
It is very cool but someone could get a serious injury or die so keep it in a safe place
Ethan Mikitka
Ethan Mikitka - 2 dager siden
Hi evreone
Luis Lozano
Luis Lozano - 2 dager siden
Book Knife:Exist
Punji sticks: Finally a worthy opponent our battle will be legendary
Bryce Schwager
Bryce Schwager - 3 dager siden
BREAKING NEWS new trend of putting knives in books leads to 19 nerds dead
Samson Joseph
Samson Joseph - 3 dager siden
It's the same video, except for the knife lmao
Greg Hawkins
Greg Hawkins - 7 dager siden
Don't pretend sixteen isn't your favourite word too
Hurf Murf
Hurf Murf - 7 dager siden
Mayan priest:same
Ur Mom
Ur Mom - 8 dager siden
oh so you like words huh? name every word then.😤
zapary - 8 dager siden
don't we all just love smuggling me th and fedimin
ThisUserLikesIce - 8 dager siden
this man is a menace to society
Veronica C
Veronica C - 8 dager siden
I really like your channel but you sure you’re not a criminal?
I did a thing
I did a thing - 8 dager siden
you got me
Prateek m
Prateek m - 9 dager siden
Boy I'm scared to open books now
SoulFyre Gaming
SoulFyre Gaming - 9 dager siden
Methenphetamin don’t let the cops borrow your dictionary that probably wouldn’t work out to well
Sleep No
Sleep No - 10 dager siden
“Why don’t you get a proper job?” God I could feel the heat from that roast from here
General Gaming
General Gaming - 10 dager siden
So is it murder if somebody finds the book without you knowing?
Meme Dragon
Meme Dragon - 10 dager siden
HIm: Gives this as a present to his friend forgetting its knifed
The Angry Ferret
The Angry Ferret - 11 dager siden

I fear I did a thing
Mostly how he thinks of this stuff
Laphy Taphy
Laphy Taphy - 11 dager siden
Officer: so what caused the death?
Witness: (sobs and crys) he..h-he was killed by a book.
Officer:.........a what?
Witness: A FLIPPING BOOK!!!!
Book: you can't prove anything!!!
Doyoumine - 11 dager siden
Watch church Sunday/Wednesday to learn about the one true God.
Dhakshin G
Dhakshin G - 11 dager siden
Isn't it funny how he chose the word furlough as a joke. What did he know that we didn't?
Dhakshin G
Dhakshin G - 11 dager siden
@I did a thing now wait here right a sec....
I did a thing
I did a thing - 11 dager siden
i did know
SARP SADETTİNOĞLU - 11 dager siden
Mxrilion Star
Mxrilion Star - 11 dager siden
Oh my, from a cheese throwing book trap to a killing knife trap..
binkiegrill - 11 dager siden
it's the other way around.
ASpiceyDangerNoodle - 11 dager siden
Love the no highschool reports (you cannot hide it)
Yağız efe
Yağız efe - 12 dager siden
Send this to jhon wick
Will Burke
Will Burke - 12 dager siden
Alex, Lucas and Lara
Legend Neko
Legend Neko - 12 dager siden
Ya u have to like the time and effort put into this bro
Where the Fuck Is My Sunderlords
Yorkshire tea ! haha
Eyquem Caeli Velasco
Eyquem Caeli Velasco - 12 dager siden
Well he died
Javohir Lord
Javohir Lord - 13 dager siden
Home alone
The Animation Station
The Animation Station - 13 dager siden
I’m watching this 2 years later (2020)...... I’ve never heard of furlough until this year, kind of suits the present times
aj games
aj games - 14 dager siden
Who's in 2029
The Great Bean
The Great Bean - 14 dager siden
Alternate title: how to Americanify a book
Bleflar - 14 dager siden
Im just saying, this is a perfect trap for D&D.
Ok ?
Ok ? - 15 dager siden
Alligator_jerky1 - 15 dager siden
REALDerpkid420 - 15 dager siden
Thanks dude now I can make 10 of these and put it in a book fair at my school 🙏🙏🙏🙏
Tae Toi
Tae Toi - 15 dager siden
When your mom reads the wrong bedtime story:
Tae Toi
Tae Toi - 15 dager siden
thanks man! Now I open books upside down
Mimi F
Mimi F - 15 dager siden
Furlough.... I think everyone knows what that is now
Źyde x
Źyde x - 15 dager siden
Hes pal must be so proud in heaven
Magellenic - 15 dager siden
Finally I can prank that dang librarian always telling me to be quiet!
PurpShell - 15 dager siden
When time skips a hundred years and he dies (hopefully not), his family will check out his older contraptions. If held up, the trap acts as a deadly heart shooter
Minecraft Noob
Minecraft Noob - 16 dager siden
For the person that finds that book, I am sorry in advance
Queen of Rainbow Zebras
Queen of Rainbow Zebras - 16 dager siden
Ooooooh so THIS is how that guy died it Wan Shi Tong's library..
Kimberly Kenyon
Kimberly Kenyon - 16 dager siden
Imagine if someone created a library full of these kinds of books
BatOwl - 17 dager siden
My brother loved this invention, when he opened it he was really shocked, his funeral was also great.
Jhonermite - 18 dager siden
you know the meth was a joke right, RIGHT?
Grinning Studios
Grinning Studios - 19 dager siden
ohi know what he was doing with the bolt cutter with his neighbor they were gonna cut a fence to go into a abandon factory
just some normal legal stuff
Ryan M.
Ryan M. - 20 dager siden
This is one of the best ads for a kindle ever
James - 20 dager siden
This guy has the best humour I laugh so hard every time I watch him
blue crewmate
blue crewmate - 20 dager siden
This is a way to get my parents to not make e read or buy books
NOT _BUTCHER - 22 dager siden
That could be a saw trap
Sam Silverman
Sam Silverman - 24 dager siden
This is possibly the most wildly dangerous project I've seen on YouTube

I love it
Juha Sjarbaini
Juha Sjarbaini - 24 dager siden
I am getting my sister with this
KingGoosey KG
KingGoosey KG - Måned siden
KingGoosey approves
Nateo - Måned siden
honestly im gonna open books pointing away from me now
Wish_ zpii
Wish_ zpii - Måned siden
You should’ve just went to your local library and said that you wanted to donate a book
Gamer 9000 Jeff
Gamer 9000 Jeff - Måned siden
6:32 funny
Ultimate Mr penguin
Ultimate Mr penguin - Måned siden
Assision- 100
Meyir Guri
Meyir Guri - Måned siden
R.I.P Gummy bear we will always remember you :>
ALVi - Måned siden
This video should have been sponsored by audible.
Snowy Vulpix
Snowy Vulpix - Måned siden
I mean where was this idea i mean we can use it on kimjohn un lol
I mean his sister will ruin everything but... it's a good sneck attack
自自no ideas for names
自自no ideas for names - Måned siden
Tafara Karema
Tafara Karema - Måned siden
If you have a bully I guess that could work
Not Shawn James
Not Shawn James - Måned siden
Death trap
Doctor Headshot
Doctor Headshot - Måned siden
Ah yes, the librarian assassination tool of the late 2010's
Nic McCord
Nic McCord - Måned siden
he did do a thing
Venatus - Måned siden
How many died in the after math
PInguDaPenguIn - Måned siden
Put that in a school library.
Capsule Corp
Capsule Corp - Måned siden
wtf am i watching
me - Måned siden
you’re watching some guy make a book knife catapult
Some Person
Some Person - Måned siden
What's wrong with the word 16?!
Rolland Meeds
Rolland Meeds - Måned siden
New assassination method
Zach Mackins
Zach Mackins - Måned siden
Rob Cobb
Rob Cobb - Måned siden
How're you going
Boneless_Lee - Måned siden
Can I buy one I want to prank my friend 😇
Mikey Wazowski
Mikey Wazowski - Måned siden
Dark souls book
Danny Mckenzie
Danny Mckenzie - Måned siden
I know what family is getting for christmas l
Brandon Venegas
Brandon Venegas - Måned siden
Imagine putting the book in the library
Yair Alfonso Vitela Avila
Yair Alfonso Vitela Avila - Måned siden
Juan Mascorro
Juan Mascorro - Måned siden
Yair Alfonso Vitela Avila
Yair Alfonso Vitela Avila - Måned siden
@Juan Mascorro xd
Juan Mascorro
Juan Mascorro - Måned siden
Max Roddy
Max Roddy - Måned siden
Why am I here?..I have school tomorrow..I don't even have a book
6 16
6 16 - Måned siden
Let me see if I can put it some kind reloading knife stuff to make a cool trap
Brock Daniels
Brock Daniels - Måned siden
This is the kinda crap australians just wake up and go "Man what should i do today, maybe read a book, hmm nah lets make a death trap"
Evin Braun
Evin Braun - Måned siden
Mead I’m🧑‍🏫🧑‍🏫🧑‍🏫🧑‍🏫🧑‍🏫🧑‍🏫🧑‍🏫🧑‍🏫🧑‍🏫🧑‍🏫🧑‍🏫🧑‍🏫🧑‍🏫🧑‍🏫🧑‍🏫🧑‍🏫🧑‍🏫🧑‍🏫🧑‍🏫🧑‍🏫🧑‍🏫🧑‍🏫🧑‍🏫🧑‍🏫🧑‍🏫🧑‍🏫🧑‍🏫👨‍🏫🧑‍🏫🧑‍🏫🧑‍🏫🧑‍🏫🧑‍🏫🧑‍🏫🧑‍🏫🧑‍🏫🧑‍🏫🧑‍🏫
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Reuben Daly
Reuben Daly - Måned siden
1:31 it was a sign of things to come!
Christopher Kelly
Christopher Kelly - Måned siden
For low furlo
Neon - Måned siden
Now sneak it into a library
Tamás Bíró
Tamás Bíró - Måned siden
Bring back to library.
animals.333 h
animals.333 h - Måned siden
I will say one thing LIBRARY
ikwakutau - Måned siden
Ah yes, i agree my favorite word is too sixteen
ApexIndustries - Måned siden
They should add this to hitman 3 when the game comes out.
Kenneth Yoo
Kenneth Yoo - Måned siden
This thing is so freaking dangerous
pro gamer
pro gamer - Måned siden
Did I just witnessed a muderer ?
DanielWipesPizza - Måned siden
Annoying kid: "sticks and stones may brake my bones but words will never hurt me"
Me with this book: 😏
Keptic Beef
Keptic Beef - Måned siden
his nails

they noice
SD45-2 Foamer
SD45-2 Foamer - Måned siden
I'm scared this is going to be un one of those road side library
10k subs with No videos
10k subs with No videos - Måned siden
Hi family borrows this book
SuperLuigiGamer - Måned siden
Jigsaw traps
Alxsdair - Måned siden
School bells be like: 4:03