This Is What Rubber Bullets Do To Your Head!

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This is an educational video outlining how to stay safe during protests. Do not try anything in this video at home.
How to treat Pepper Spray:
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I did a thing
I did a thing - 4 måneder siden
VIDEO HAS BEEN DEMONETIZED...which means no moolah for me. So If you liked this video please share it around :)
Karter Podlaski
Karter Podlaski - 9 dager siden
@getnaenaed in what way?
N1teN1te - 13 dager siden
I am commenting before the 500 comment max lol
Tom nook
Tom nook - 16 dager siden
I didn’t like the part where you were praising protesting like it’s good and saying it was “peaceful”
Blake Van Nest
Blake Van Nest - 16 dager siden
alexander ortega
alexander ortega - 17 dager siden
I leaned from this video that I did a thing and I are both called Alex
Angelina ZA
Angelina ZA - 4 timer siden
Or not i cant wacth you
Angelina ZA
Angelina ZA - 4 timer siden
Dude pls stop making video like poring milk in your eye
ruhtardedninjas - 4 timer siden
i always hate it when i get hit in the eye with rubber bullets when i peacefully riot and loot
Stuart McHutchon
Stuart McHutchon - 10 timer siden
Water is literally the worst thing to use. You need air, for it to gas off. Just open your eyes and run round in circles.
Isabella Q
Isabella Q - 20 timer siden
S H E E N - 2 dager siden
This guy is teaching u how to start a riot
Jacob Olson
Jacob Olson - 2 dager siden
Wow this and was weird as hell and racis
abell cristopher gennon
abell cristopher gennon - 2 dager siden
the cop:i use police brutality to beat the police brutality
Frank Vann
Frank Vann - 2 dager siden
My sister pepper sprayed me it was in my hair for 2 days damn it hurted
1999 Honda Civic vti-l
1999 Honda Civic vti-l - 3 dager siden
Watch you don't get caught with that air cannon mate. Legally, that's a firearm.
Harry Gooch
Harry Gooch - 3 dager siden
It’s like treating a jellyfish sting so next time you’re out “peacefully protesting” and you get maced just drop down and ask your comrades to piss on your face. Instant relief, works every time.
Titus kriswanto
Titus kriswanto - Dag siden
@I did a thing damn, why are you here ?
I did a thing
I did a thing - 2 dager siden
and fun at the same time!
J PF - 3 dager siden
Bet the chilli milk garden in Australian heat smelled fantastic
longshadowfarms - 3 dager siden
Your stats were wrong, you are more likely to be shot by the Police if you are white. By a large percentage according to the FBI statistics. Also most rubber munitions in the US are not what you were showing. Generally they are out of a 12 gauge not a grenade launcher. And also they have only been deployed at the riots. Now pepper spray appears to have been used to make some protesters disperse. But do the actions of some of them they can not be called peaceful. Do a little research.
Shirt Pant
Shirt Pant - 3 dager siden
White people actually get killed by police twice as often
John Rodriguez
John Rodriguez - 3 dager siden
Blah Anger
Blah Anger - 4 dager siden
Having asthma I'm actually more afraid of pepperspray and mace than bullets.
Ryforg - 4 dager siden
did you use a stunt double at the start??
Player Arak
Player Arak - 4 dager siden
looks like john wick is gonna buy this
TYLER BUTTON - 5 dager siden
7k people who dislike r idiots
Jack Nadeau
Jack Nadeau - 5 dager siden
Ok if you think about like going to a protest with your mom and you get pepper sprayed. And then your just being her to lactate in your eyes
Nathan Poelstra
Nathan Poelstra - 5 dager siden
As opposed to being gunned down killing hundreds. Or killing them with neurotoxins. No a few people get blinded or seriously injured it their fault it happened to them no one forced them to be there
kniefi - 5 dager siden
Is it true, that OWNING a protective bodyarmor vest is illegal in Australia?!
I mean it is a piece of cloth (can be) or ar500 metal molded into a specific shape and made wearable... what is illegal about wanting protection for yourself?!
Damz Trank
Damz Trank - 6 dager siden
Well, this is definitely kinkier than the satanic temple protest.
Punya Ekbote
Punya Ekbote - 6 dager siden
i see u using bella ciao. much respect, awesome that there is an awareness of socialist movements when talking about protesting
I did a thing
I did a thing - 6 dager siden
Thanks mate. Its a beautiful song!
rackzodgers - 7 dager siden
Itd be better if they used bean bag guns. They are nit even close to lethal. The only time i support the crowd control is when they set places on fire and destroy things. BUt thats just the rioters. Because theres been in ocent people killed in apartments from people burning the buisneses below them.
Ryan M.
Ryan M. - 7 dager siden
If you look at the videos of people getting sprayed in a Organised protest after washing their eyes, other protesters will quickly pull them away from the front, as when blinded they don’t move, which allows the police to move in
Ryan M.
Ryan M. - 7 dager siden
A little disappointed there wasn’t a field test with the vest
Also a way to avoid getting shot is to not support black rights
Ryan M.
Ryan M. - 6 dager siden
@Bud Boy then you are incorrect
Bud Boy
Bud Boy - 6 dager siden
@Ryan M. no i havnt because only a mentally challenged person would think that
Ryan M.
Ryan M. - 6 dager siden
@Bud Boy have you considered the possibility I think all rights are stupid and should be revoked? From human rights to civil rights?
Bud Boy
Bud Boy - 7 dager siden
@Ryan M. if you dont support black rights that means you dont want black people to have rights
Ryan M.
Ryan M. - 7 dager siden
@Bud Boy it isn’t racism. Do a quick bit and learn what the definition of racism is
Salsacat gaming
Salsacat gaming - 7 dager siden
Klgeit - 7 dager siden
You're my favorite totallly-not-comedian YouTuber now. I still have some melanin, what do I do, lol? xD
(No joke, this is the first thing to make me laugh in these scary times. Thank you! On behalf of anyone who may take offense, they're just scared right now, so don't take to personally. For any offended.*Hugs* I'm not being dissmisive, we'll get through this, I love you lot.)
Megan Johnson
Megan Johnson - 8 dager siden
I absolutely love All the passive aggressiveness towards cops and the government in this video
WILLIAM AFTON - 8 dager siden
I know how y'all feel uhhhh it's not arrested before
WILLIAM AFTON - 8 dager siden
I'm going to call your pepper spray pests bit
Ali Taqi The King Of The Hacker
Bella Ciao in background yehahhh
Ashkan Rabbani
Ashkan Rabbani - 8 dager siden
the best thing to wash your eyes with is tea. specifically black (red) tea. brew it, then let it get cold and wash your eyes with it. works for anything, a thorn, tear gas, pepper spray, punch, or fingernail. not daggers, bullets, snake bites, or arrows tho.
Hydrated Cactus
Hydrated Cactus - 8 dager siden
should have used mad dog 357 plutonium its 9 million scovile units or shu and it will bring anyone to their knees
RYAN THOMAS - 9 dager siden
An even more effective way of not getting police brutalitied: don’t be a dipshit
Greg Hawkins
Greg Hawkins - 9 dager siden
15:40 milk approaches
MasonIsMissing 64
MasonIsMissing 64 - 9 dager siden
Pro tip: when you get pepper sprayed just blindly spray them back with mace which has an added posion over time stat bonus
Alex No one
Alex No one - 9 dager siden
This just in the arsonist of Australia has been found with homemade armor waging war against cats
Vendor Zim
Vendor Zim - 9 dager siden
Friend: "if i could put my head inside of a bucket that would be so great!"
swimming pool in the back: ...
*Grabs hose*
Roberto Evora
Roberto Evora - 5 dager siden
Vendor Zim
Vendor Zim - 6 dager siden
@Roberto Evora lol yeah I know 🤣🤣 pool probably hasn’t seen chlorine in a while, I’m just being dumb Ig: ZimZessn 😁
Roberto Evora
Roberto Evora - 6 dager siden
swimming pool probably has chlorine in it and might worsen it
Billy smith’s Big brother
Billy smith’s Big brother - 10 dager siden
Why do people defend this country?
Dropbear Claire
Dropbear Claire - 10 dager siden
horse riding back protector. It isn't bullet proof but Its designed for impact protection.
A girl had a tree fall on her and it saved her spine from damage. Idk if that helps 🤷🏻
TheDeadCobra - 11 dager siden
A little bit of Bukkaki will not hurt you
Me_iz_Apple - 11 dager siden
Ah yes when people are punching, kicking throwing bricks and Molotov's they are peaceful
Juho Koirikivi
Juho Koirikivi - 9 dager siden
And people keep wondering why armed police got dispatched to these protests.
Random Is us
Random Is us - 9 dager siden
Mostly peaceful protests
A Bee
A Bee - 11 dager siden
Police raid in progress difficulty:death wish
LookOutVlogs - 11 dager siden
He need some milk
Simon Gordon
Simon Gordon - 11 dager siden
You Are amAzing
Jonh Baye
Jonh Baye - 12 dager siden
Very cool video but is there anything iranian people can do?
We are getting shot with actual ammunition and statistically more then 70 percent of protesters were shot in the head
Former_president_obama - 12 dager siden
As an American i hate it here please help me
OwO UwU - 12 dager siden
This works for people from chile to!
fricking gamer
fricking gamer - 12 dager siden
Slasher202 Hennessey111
Slasher202 Hennessey111 - 12 dager siden
Your a watermelon killa
Spirit - 12 dager siden
Can somebody make a guide how to bekome white
william bailey
william bailey - 12 dager siden
I just sayin that most of the police brutality story's are fake and made up by people for clout. Watch a donut operator video and you can see that police don't just go around and shoot people "just for funzees" and usually only use rubber bullets and flashbangs when they are blocking the road or in most cases the "peacefull protests" are riots and are called peacefully by clickbait news sights or clout seeking Twitter antifa members.
Akalbir - 12 dager siden
Police do something bad

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*Alah akbar*
E Snethen
E Snethen - 12 dager siden
Man, the new Battlefield is looking great
dipper - 12 dager siden
the intro... i hope no one took offence lmfao.
Catfish1232 - 12 dager siden
You could have jumped in the shallow end of the pool...
Jesse Sippl
Jesse Sippl - 13 dager siden
my eyes literally teared up just watching this
SSquid - 13 dager siden
20:58 when he said "spray it black" and paint it black started playing in the background, i-
Samuel - 13 dager siden
lmao all these ben shapiro lites in the comment section
Catter Dude
Catter Dude - 13 dager siden
Face reveal
Lilly K
Lilly K - 13 dager siden
What-- I'm not gonna even ask why you chose to do this
Oi vc
Oi vc - 13 dager siden
Nothing better than seeing a guy pour milk on his brother's face then saying "SPIT IT"
Aidan Bowen
Aidan Bowen - 13 dager siden
he needs some milk
Mark Bauman
Mark Bauman - 13 dager siden
Jakob Braspenning Pede
Jakob Braspenning Pede - 14 dager siden
Alex let's go
emperor jules
emperor jules - 14 dager siden
Also I’m not trying to hate I love your channel I’m just saying some statistics to see if it may change your mind you are able to do whatever you want and it won’t bother me
Martin Strunk
Martin Strunk - 14 dager siden
It put the lotion in the basket or else it gets the hose again!
Grinning Studios
Grinning Studios - 14 dager siden
that is a face of pure joy
milkytapwater - 14 dager siden
It kinda bothers me that you say "2nd amendment loving" as if it's a bad thing
Samuel - 13 dager siden
hyperbole my friend
DarkPhoenix - 14 dager siden
Tbh I felt bad af laughing at this
Meme Dealer420
Meme Dealer420 - 14 dager siden
Yo why tf is IDAT so darn buff
Trial - 14 dager siden
what a misleading video
although i enjoy your channel this is a horrible video to even consider protesting is already dumb
police brutality is spread through all races and has been already proven
go on memeology 101's channel and you will have all the info without any bias given to you
Trial - 12 dager siden
@Lil Soap first off the gear he is promoting is also promoting violence aka rioters, looters, etc. because of the protestors many people have died had their stores destroyed homes ravaged entire cities closed down due to the riots and now you might say "PeaCeFuL PrOtEsTiNg" now thats where your wrong if most protests were peaceful we wouldnt have people dying left and right FROM THE PROTESTORS rioters have also brought guns,knives and all sorts of dangerous weaponry also the protestors are "protesting" for the wrong reason they want to defund the police which already makes this protest futile.
Lil Soap
Lil Soap - 13 dager siden
Even if that were true wouldnt you still not want the police killing so many people? Wouldnt it still be worth protesting?
:3 :3
:3 :3 - 14 dager siden
I never knew my had was a watermelon in disguise
CrustyCrust - 14 dager siden
This is what they teach the teachers at American schools, and as a *true American* I can confirm this.
Porn Bot Police
Porn Bot Police - 14 dager siden
Among Us be like: 2:28
Tarek Wieland
Tarek Wieland - 14 dager siden
good video :)
Kittens Are Cuddly
Kittens Are Cuddly - 14 dager siden
Y eyes are already hurting
Ban tiktok 2020
Ban tiktok 2020 - 15 dager siden
How to confuse ur friends (if u have friends)
Step 1:take a screen shot of the hose part or the when he is covered in milk.
Step 2: send it to them with no context
Counterfeit - 15 dager siden
Trayvon Martin was not shot for being black and eating skittles. If you just look at the Wikipedia page you can see how injured George Zimmerman was.
And even then: It had nothing to do with police
Counterfeit - 13 dager siden
@Lil Soap So if there is someone that is walking around at night when there have been many break-ins recently, you wouldn't confront them to see what they are actually up to? My point is, it likely wasn't a race based event and it definitely wasn't a police incident, so why is it an example used by BLM?
Lil Soap
Lil Soap - 13 dager siden
So if a random man with no authority tried arresting you youre telling me you wouldn't fight back?
donlitos - 15 dager siden
I did a thing guy would be a good Emergency Medical Technician, or Terrorist
Guantum_lol - 15 dager siden
And next time when you do a new and weird and sometimes even illegal, please do it secretly or you will be caught by the police just like your neighbors.
Linewater - 15 dager siden
We don’t want to see your face
kase San
kase San - 15 dager siden
You guys were actually surprised he was ripped? Like no. He's doing stuff aaaall the time. It'd be weird if he wasn't.
mamali Hassan
mamali Hassan - 15 dager siden
Dude i live in iran, i can give you a lecture on this subject, btw iranian police use live ammunition, they killed about 1500 people in 2019 protests and they are executing the people they caught during the protests one by one! Help us if you think you can! I don’t know how!
Miguel - 15 dager siden
for the people saying there have been protestors that weren't peaceful, like he said unarmed INNOCENT PEOPLE have been shot by rubber bullets and pepper sprayed. Maybe not everyone is peaceful but there are plenty of innocent and peaceful people who have been victims of police brutality.
Archie 4 Sure
Archie 4 Sure - 15 dager siden
Spice girls from jojo: *imma pretend I didn’t see that*
Don B
Don B - 15 dager siden
2:50 man i get you joke around a lot but why you gotta lie about this stuff... «Peaceful protesters» in america are rarely peaceful, hence why a 17 year old kid had to shoot 3 people that was charing him, one of which had a gun trying to excecute him... at a «peaceful protest» there may be some peaceful ones but what use is it when they shield the criminals going around setting fire to things, looting, and attacking police?
Samuel - 13 dager siden
hey bro let me just drive to a protest in a state that prohibits freely carrying weapons and provoke people!! what could go wrong??
Miguel - 15 dager siden
like he said unarmed INNOCENT PEOPLE have been shot by rubber bullets and peppery sprayed. Maybe not everyone is peaceful but there are plenty of innocent and peaceful people who have been victims of police brutality.
TXP QUICKARD - 15 dager siden
honestly *most* of the peaceful protests aren’t peaceful, they’re dangerous and lethal for mostly white people, for example, there was an autistic white man beaten half to death by “peaceful protesters” there were two cops shot while on a break in their car, by “peaceful protesters”, now i am all for “black lives matter” the statement, not the cause and definitely not the organization, it’s racist, fear mongering, and most of all violent, but i don’t expect you to understand because you live in authoritarian ass australia.
from concrete.
from concrete. - 12 dager siden
Silence, white.
Miguel - 15 dager siden
like he said unarmed INNOCENT PEOPLE have been shot by rubber bullets and peppery sprayed. Maybe not everyone is peaceful but there are plenty of innocent and peaceful people who have been victims of police brutality.
Invisibread - 15 dager siden
As someone who has been pepper sprayed with an alleged police-grade pepper spray (Friends and I wanted to know its effects before we ever actually used it for self-defense) it is absolutely horrible. One spritz across the eyes left 4 grown men on the ground temporarily blinded yelling "MILK ME!" as one person went around administering aid in the form of pouring milk on our faces. While not actually 'blinded' you CANNOT open your eyes for the first 30-45 min if you are lucky enough to receive aid, your body produces SO much mucus, and you can only hope that it does not get into your mouth!
alizasucks - 15 dager siden
and this only a third of the pain that’s fuckin crazy
solmon no
solmon no - 16 dager siden
some one bler his shirt thats eligle
Calvin Broderick
Calvin Broderick - 16 dager siden
Oh that chest is so cheap
pistol breath
pistol breath - 16 dager siden
2 inches of rubber n computer silicone motherboard material inch thick half inch on both sides n a lil layer of denium
TheGamingZilla - 16 dager siden
As an American (specifically living in Texas) i can say that acts of police brutality are very rare, and the only time police have used anti-riot gear was if the crowds in the peaceful protests were getting violent. Also one guy up in Dallas tried rushing some rioters with a legit sword because they were about to attack his business but he uh got his face smashed in. Also apparently hispanics are let off on alot more crimes than mister ol whitey, one time watched an entire truck filled with people in the back just cruz right in front of the local post office which was illegal to do but they looked like they were having fun. Still a funny video tho
TheGamingZilla - 15 dager siden
@Dylan Taylor ok flamboyant business firebomber
Dylan Taylor
Dylan Taylor - 15 dager siden
The Lolleski's Cave
The Lolleski's Cave - 16 dager siden
Oh bella Ciao my friend
Ashly Lynne
Ashly Lynne - 16 dager siden
While marathoning though your channel I've learned that Australians have other really long arms or mine are just short af....
Jiří Novotný
Jiří Novotný - 16 dager siden