This Is The Most Dangerous Thing I've Ever Made

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Do not attempt anything you see in this video unless you are a Buddhist monk
Johnny Cash - Ring of fire.
Burnt to a Crisp
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Tom Platypus
Tom Platypus - 15 timer siden
I hate I did a thing why the **** did he include a spider in his video holy ****
Zyromixs - 18 timer siden
Ew an electric bike. Do you even have legs?
Hakman Tim
Hakman Tim - Dag siden
Nice vids bro, I just found ur channel
I did a thing
I did a thing - Dag siden
Thanks mate
zlMik maq
zlMik maq - Dag siden
They wonder where the Austrian fire came from... Look no further
zlMik maq
zlMik maq - Dag siden
I can clearly see, that u do not like people with closed eyes... Witch kinda of bothers me bc I do have closed eyes but I am not foreign.. I am native American, and well, I hope u don't kill me
kolak kolak
kolak kolak - Dag siden
Brian Huszcza
Brian Huszcza - Dag siden
Pyro tf2 in real life
RealBetaB - 2 dager siden
What the f*** is Hitler doing there around 9:35 ??
Dr Catfish Ps Not a real doctor
Let's all just accept that he cut his seat belt off, spay painted his computer, froze his hand and started a forest fire with a flame thrower.
Tiernan Pounders
Tiernan Pounders - 2 dager siden
Hes gonna burn the whole world down
Tiernan Pounders
Tiernan Pounders - 2 dager siden
They arent wearing masks
Chip_ 831
Chip_ 831 - 2 dager siden
If that spider was in my garage
I’m saying “congrats on the free house”
I’m getting the FUCK OUT!!!!!
the wolf studio
the wolf studio - 2 dager siden
Oh Laddie, Flamethrowers always warm my heart, hah.
Inko Gnito
Inko Gnito - 2 dager siden
I think we seeing what really happened to rick in his youth. The last season of rick and morty will be ricks history and it will just be a link to this channel
Mikey_man117 - 2 dager siden
Put meet the amazing pyro at the end
James Lynch
James Lynch - 3 dager siden
Love this kinda comedy... seen less and less in America.... I’m moving to Australia it’s been decided
Time to Game
Time to Game - 3 dager siden
Instructions unclear: Am a Buddhist monk
, now have 69th-degree burns on entire body.
Yoav Friedman
Yoav Friedman - 3 dager siden
The nam hat holy shit
SgtGoldenPain - 3 dager siden
crusty rxspy
crusty rxspy - 3 dager siden
It's good but it's ass
sam_ok. - 3 dager siden
So thats what the pyro looks like
Ricardo Pesenti
Ricardo Pesenti - 3 dager siden
Not just Teflon tape is great. Anything made of Teflon is great!
Ricardo Pesenti
Ricardo Pesenti - 3 dager siden
Please kill the spider with fire.
ThaC00l Kid
ThaC00l Kid - 4 dager siden
Tf2 momentum, when you craft a flamethrower with scrap metal
Okuyshoes - 4 dager siden
Yeah the rope gets longer and newer looking when you machine things together yep. 1000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000% true
Stoica Florin
Stoica Florin - 4 dager siden
5tyxzOfficial - 5 dager siden
The man works barefoot in his workshop
S71ng Looks like my mother
S71ng Looks like my mother - 5 dager siden
Yeah this guy might be the pyro from TF2 xd
Ally Seg
Ally Seg - 5 dager siden
How did it feel when you froze your hand for the intro
AyBeCee - 5 dager siden
I can't believe you actually cut your seatbelt. 12:17
seth hiles
seth hiles - 5 dager siden
There is nothing more beautiful than a visualization of gasses in a system by comparing it vapid consumerism. That had me laughing harder than it should have
Rob B
Rob B - 5 dager siden
The 20l drum of solvent in the corner :)
David Aparicio
David Aparicio - 6 dager siden
why did he cut his seatbelt
Nathanial John
Nathanial John - 6 dager siden
13:30 that was unexpected 🤣😂
King CC
King CC - 6 dager siden
So you built a "giant lighter" with recoil
Angelina ZA
Angelina ZA - 6 dager siden
Pls dont in flick pain to your self for video it not fun for mee pls no no more
shemz cardente
shemz cardente - 7 dager siden
11:56 big fire coming out also him blowing through his mouth with a mask on
Koa - 7 dager siden
Thanks for bringing light do my dark day. It really helps!
BM 1999
BM 1999 - 7 dager siden
A lets play of the Gladys Berejiklian simulator 2020 at 14:42
Yoomed - 7 dager siden
meet the pyro
Trollfeeder1234 - 8 dager siden
You do be giving off junkrat vibes. Tire bomb soon¿
Recruit Legionary
Recruit Legionary - 8 dager siden
Flamethrower? More like bore ragnarok
Llama - 8 dager siden
that's a $5000 mountain bike...
Logan Martinez
Logan Martinez - 8 dager siden
Love the spider part
Christmas Maniac
Christmas Maniac - 8 dager siden
14:56 His kids: Dada have u seen Mr. Snuggl-
Christmas Maniac
Christmas Maniac - 8 dager siden
Who saw him first from making a spoon using a spoon video.......and still don't regret a thing
Waybeyond - 8 dager siden
That’s a really fucked up thing you said about American soldiers burning Vietnamese children. My uncle was a marine in Vietnam and he endured countless horrors there, including seeing Vietnamese children blown up by bombs hidden inside baskets of fruit that they’re parents sent them to deliver to American units. Unsubscribed.
Ihopebothteamshavefun - 4 dager siden
Stony Dee
Stony Dee - 8 dager siden
Lol im american
Krissie lol
Krissie lol - 8 dager siden
Make a roller blading suit!!!
Elbert Perez
Elbert Perez - 8 dager siden
real quick is that a granite rock with hitlers head coming out of it did anyone else notice that @9:17
Elitelazysquad 101
Elitelazysquad 101 - 8 dager siden
not all Americans like weapons, my mom forced me to go deer hunting and when a deer came by she told me to shoot it. I didn't and cried. my mom was mad at me for like a week after
Pantomath - 9 dager siden
If Australia wouldn't have these spiders, Id move to Australia
But I am way too scared of spiders to even thing about moving
Johnny Lotto
Johnny Lotto - 9 dager siden
I used to live in Melbourne and people made fun of me because I hated huntsmen spiders because “they are harmless”
Fuck that
Brandon Holt
Brandon Holt - 9 dager siden
I'm not going to scroll through the 6.8k comments to see if someone else caught this, but this guy is a welder. Obviously more than a welder. The whole, "getting my stick stuck", "trying to pick up my stick", and "welding through my workpiece", on top of the ridiculousness of DUCT TAPE? Screw you all, as a welder, that's hilarious.
Btw, please don't reproduce what you see here. I'm absolutely shocked this guy doesn't have a gigantic medical file or obituary. I have no doubt he does what he shows, but there's A LOT left out. Don't play with gas unless you know what you're doing.
I did a thing
I did a thing - 9 dager siden
I do play up the lack of safety slightly ahaha
Kodojow 22
Kodojow 22 - 9 dager siden
12:40 it’s free real estate
Garg710 - 9 dager siden
Hmm where's the flashback arrestor?
Lachlan Pearen
Lachlan Pearen - 9 dager siden
Swapngo , supplying BBQ men with fuel since before my time lol
Shirley is an alien
Shirley is an alien - 10 dager siden
Oh my gosh I’ve been here for a year and your channel has grown so much keep up the good work😊🙃😂
E AND J BOUTIQUE BROOKLYN - 10 dager siden
Why do you bust in America so much? You live in a country founded on being an island with nothing but prisoners. Your legal age for consent is below the age of 15 you have anacondas that try to eat all the people there and jumping giant rats that will punch you in the face. Yet you have the audacity to constantly bust on America. Yes we like our guns some of us not all of us. Yes some of us are not the smartest but it doesn't look like you guys are doing much better down there. So maybe you should stop busting on American so much because you will start losing a lot more subscribers just like you lost me. Show some respect to the people who are supporting your channel and you will gain back subscribers who you are constantly insulting. You're sarcastic humor is only humorous when you're not insulting people around the world. And if you find it funny to make fun of people then obviously you're not that talented.
Reysa Saputra
Reysa Saputra - 10 dager siden
So koala die cuz they flammables
PlaceHolder - 10 dager siden
Nice degreaser ya got there
Bruh - 10 dager siden
The fucking yoghurt. Why? It actually made me angry.
Wolf Gaming
Wolf Gaming - 10 dager siden
The most practical blowtorch ever :D
asmr matthew
asmr matthew - 10 dager siden
11:56 idiot
Persian Wombat
Persian Wombat - 10 dager siden
You're like a funnier Colin furze who doesn't ear rape me with brit punk rock!
zNowme - 10 dager siden
11:37 i want to watch behind the scenes
BassChip - 10 dager siden
11:56 tries to blow it out even though it's just not gonna work
P3RSON451 - 10 dager siden
lol im vietnamese
PLΛCERΛIDER - 10 dager siden
11:55 *tries to blow on the flamethrower but has the face shield on
dino - 11 dager siden
very tasteful depiction of vietnam trauma lol
joey lifts
joey lifts - 11 dager siden
6:35 my dogs when i turn the vacuum on
Pls_Stap_ - 11 dager siden
*Meet the Pyrogineer*
Yeety Gamer
Yeety Gamer - 11 dager siden
When the apocalipse comes this dude will me making the rpg nuke mod and the pulse rifle
maxusko - 11 dager siden
mmm did anyone notice the greek yoghurt on his desk???
TonyTouch - 11 dager siden
The PTSD flash back had me dying lol
Bac Jam
Bac Jam - 11 dager siden
Well if you own a flame thrower you're an honorary American! Welcome to the country son
Bac Jam
Bac Jam - 11 dager siden
It's amazing how wrong and how right his jokes about America are
GP AP - 11 dager siden
6:51 Made me laugh my damn arse off lmao, I probably laughed way too hard at that.
Aki Larmour
Aki Larmour - 11 dager siden
Why is his voice different in this vid?
Ed Gong
Ed Gong - 11 dager siden
Think again when calling someone "trash"
MA NAME IS J E F F ! ! !
MA NAME IS J E F F ! ! ! - 12 dager siden
my god the Vietnam flashback made me cry
Kamani Jayasekera
Kamani Jayasekera - 12 dager siden
10:46 damn u actually got a super nice e MTB bike bro lmao
Russ S
Russ S - 12 dager siden
So this is how bushfires
Spectical2d - 12 dager siden
i seen a spider the size of my contoller joystick and i got freaked out
never going there
ricowz - 12 dager siden
that statue looks like that idiot from 1940 adolf 9.16
K Anderssen
K Anderssen - 13 dager siden
You must be living in a very different part of australia to me because thats what we call a small huntsmen
STEVEN HIGGINS - 13 dager siden
I know this is an older vid, but the reason you get the backfire when you release the valve is because your hose still has propane sitting in it; propane that wont move unless forced out. Maybe connect a second tank with maybe some non flammable gas to clean and prime your barrel each time you use it
Jack Glantz
Jack Glantz - 13 dager siden
You should make NAPALM
Trash Lord
Trash Lord - 13 dager siden
Alternate title: Violating the geneva convention in my backyard
Ares - 13 dager siden
Australia not allowed to have a gun but can have a flamethrower
Lane Cole
Lane Cole - 13 dager siden
It looks like a muffler
HotDogJuice - 13 dager siden
How has this guy replied to so many comments
I did a thing
I did a thing - 13 dager siden
I haven't
JotaroDoggo - 13 dager siden
Man really tried to blow out the flame with a facet cover
Ben Davis
Ben Davis - 14 dager siden
Aren't huntsman's harmless??
Ben Davis
Ben Davis - 14 dager siden
I have some huntsman spiders living here in my house in Florida. We're good friends, they eat all the roaches.
just a dude on youtube
just a dude on youtube - 14 dager siden
Homemade flamethrowers are Pyro’s fetish
Quirkey - 14 dager siden
*Australia:* On fire
*I Did A Thing:* Makes a flame thrower

*Hmmmm, I think I’m staring to connect the dots...*
Hamper Man
Hamper Man - 14 dager siden
Me an American seeing this video: Ah, I see you are a man of cheesburger as well
Prajen Shah
Prajen Shah - 14 dager siden
Why is everyone ingoring the fact that he cut of the seat belt from his car lol
Autzen Hallock
Autzen Hallock - 4 dager siden
That was pretty clearly duct tape made to look like a seat belt.
Rabbidninj4 - 14 dager siden
Me holds up hairspray bottle and lighter^_^
Bryan Pritchett
Bryan Pritchett - 14 dager siden
This is why I have to watch every video three times--once to see what he's doing, and twice more to watch the background for whatever brutal Aussie deathbeast is stalking him.