This Halloween Costume will make you Depressed

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Peak hour traffic makes me cry.
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I did a thing
I did a thing - År siden
Sorry for making such a spooky video. I will be providing psychological support for comments below
Dimitry - Måned siden
da faq u guys look like jehova's witnesses?
bannanagrams - Måned siden
Yeah first part of the vid hit a little close but I was dying by the end
Benjamin Robinson
Benjamin Robinson - 3 måneder siden
You should dress up as the gong in your back yard.
Devin Zervoulakos
Devin Zervoulakos - 3 måneder siden
Sexy Kabuto
Sexy Kabuto - 3 måneder siden
man i can'tsleep anymore :^((
bwagner23 - Dag siden
w h i p p e r s n i p p e r
Haley Munoz
Haley Munoz - 3 dager siden
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Israt Jahan
Israt Jahan - 5 dager siden
I'm a new subscriber from Bangladesh... this video almost made me depressed but at 3:38, I was really surprised.. it's a Bangladeshi song... 😲😲.. didn't expect that..
Samson Joseph
Samson Joseph - 6 dager siden
his friend looks like dax Shepard
Ethan Craven
Ethan Craven - 9 dager siden
What costume are you wearing this year
Puppy Puppington
Puppy Puppington - 11 dager siden
I got upset at that woman grabbing your pole handle thingy >:o who she think she isssss
Puppy Puppington
Puppy Puppington - 11 dager siden
You guys should do another halloweenie episode! But before that, get another haircut in North Korea.
Aibreann Vanhattem
Aibreann Vanhattem - 11 dager siden
such a shame that im already depressed
Jack Tait
Jack Tait - 12 dager siden
just dress up as the tax man and ill pish my pants
Vitabrick Snailslime
Vitabrick Snailslime - 13 dager siden
You oughta try that again, but with a hacksaw in your free hand. Just to see if any rail employees will pull you up as you exit the station.
OvAeons - 14 dager siden
SO what pickup lines did you use with that costume?
Juan Navarro
Juan Navarro - 14 dager siden
This is a piece of madden art
sir9integra9jr - 15 dager siden
J4n T____T
J4n T____T - 16 dager siden
coochiegrabber - 16 dager siden
I felt a bit sad watching the childhood vid at the beginning... I dont know why...
Milan Kolakowski
Milan Kolakowski - 17 dager siden
This video just made me sad
HIROSHI KEN - 17 dager siden
2:05 source pls, I am just a Japanese culture enthusiast
Chibi Shima
Chibi Shima - 17 dager siden
Why did i choose to watch this video at night
sam w
sam w - 17 dager siden
The scariest thing here is you going on public transport without a mask during a global pandemic
Edit: I read 11 months ago as 11 minutes ago. I am an idiot.
Rei dos Doges
Rei dos Doges - 16 dager siden
Niceley Done
Niceley Done - 19 dager siden
This costume brings a whole new level of horror here in 2020 XD
Adrián Andrade
Adrián Andrade - 20 dager siden
I can be depressed without the costume
Gy987654321 - 20 dager siden
Too spooky for me
i need monyyz
i need monyyz - 21 dag siden
Me: im gonna sleep
My brain: 0:50
Ryan Stender
Ryan Stender - 21 dag siden
This is the video that inspired Unus Annus
Kilian b.
Kilian b. - 23 dager siden
Why the fuck is there a German Service announcer or whatever this is called 3:35
JD Perfect
JD Perfect - 25 dager siden
I like how its Depressing
Brody Brailsford
Brody Brailsford - 27 dager siden
You need a hug?
Knee Grow
Knee Grow - Måned siden
What's the music at the begining .?
Angel Spear
Angel Spear - Måned siden
This video did make me depressed, it's 2020 now, clubs and morning commutes are gone, i miss being that level of depressed.
Quincy D
Quincy D - Måned siden
I’m too high in acid to watching this lmaooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
Octavius Galacticus
Octavius Galacticus - Måned siden
Why did this actually make me depressed😂
D. Sadster
D. Sadster - Måned siden
This is not spooky
This is psychological horror
Frank Trickey
Frank Trickey - Måned siden
I think you mean weed wacker
Caio_M - Måned siden
General Pizza Cutter
General Pizza Cutter - Måned siden
does anyone know the song name?
ehe te nandayo
ehe te nandayo - Måned siden
make the first comment on this comment have more likes than this comment
DogeScape - Måned siden
1:50 thats from town in liverpool
itzNiamh - Måned siden
Ok so I've become scared
The Elite Pickle
The Elite Pickle - Måned siden
I’m here for the psychological support that was promised
Rufus lion
Rufus lion - Måned siden
I thought the costume was a n’use
Seriouskai - Måned siden
It's so scary, I've barely worked in my entire life!
Misha YT
Misha YT - Måned siden
0:12 is that you when you were younger?
Adib Yazid
Adib Yazid - 2 måneder siden
Is the "Bus in Japan" montage is a scene from a porn?
I did a thing
I did a thing - 2 måneder siden
it is ahaha
TACØØS599 - 2 måneder siden
Thanks for the depression
JakulaithWolff - 2 måneder siden
'Scare the morgage out of any adult'
This dude is the smartest choosing words :) he's perfect, brains and looks and sense of humour and talented....
Jose Peralta
Jose Peralta - 2 måneder siden
Woohoo Halloween 2020 my costume is gonna be a nurse
bumpkin_ patrickzz
bumpkin_ patrickzz - 2 måneder siden
Honestly this made me so depressed I felt bad for my boi (I did a thing)
Can we get a rip for 0:11
TANGINA REN NETO MAINET - 2 måneder siden
haven't watched the video yet but i really need the psychological support
36- Jasjyot Singh Saini
36- Jasjyot Singh Saini - 2 måneder siden
1:52 it is india, if anyone was wondering
BabyLune_MS03 - 2 måneder siden
Wait did this get unlisted and relisted? I never saw it before :0
Edit: I don't know why! It's actually so funny ihougyfu
zach Hughes
zach Hughes - 2 måneder siden
Any other people who love this channel as well as Lemmino who got freaked out when the music kicked in at the beginning. But seriously mate love your videos.
zach Hughes
zach Hughes - 2 måneder siden
I too fear the idea of having to serve a true responsibility of leaving my house and travelling to a job I hate. The Music really adds to the exponential crisis that is racing towards us all.
I did a thing
I did a thing - 2 måneder siden
Thanks mate
mad chowdhury
mad chowdhury - 2 måneder siden
3.40 that concert song from a Bangladeshi singer.
Lots of Love from Bangladesh
Jaqen H'ghar
Jaqen H'ghar - 2 måneder siden
Why tf they are playing that bangla song on halloween
TurophilePublication - 2 måneder siden
How has nobody made a comment about his Japanese "commute" reference video?
Sir Llama III
Sir Llama III - 8 dager siden
Yeah lol
Grady Allen
Grady Allen - 2 måneder siden
purad - 3 måneder siden
He definitely pulled in that costume.
Jerome Cabarus
Jerome Cabarus - 3 måneder siden
Got it wroong m8 'The mos5 depressing costume of all time' You get to work late everyday then you get fired after.
Sparrow - 3 måneder siden
imagine if he put all his manic energy into making something that was actually scary rather than ironically scary.
Anton Skeftruna
Anton Skeftruna - 3 måneder siden
This hit different
HOW TO DO IT RIGHT 101 - 3 måneder siden
I liked the skeleton idea and I'm pretty young😑
Ludger W.D
Ludger W.D - 3 måneder siden
Me at 5: i wanna be a alien!
Me at 11: I wanna be a Monster!!
Me at 20: I wanna be a depressed office worker that hates his life and wants to end it all...
Light Fall On The Head
Light Fall On The Head - 3 måneder siden
this was supposed to be scary not depressing
Sexy Kabuto
Sexy Kabuto - 3 måneder siden
man: "What's your costume ?"
I did a thing: "Your everyday (worthless) life."
Spookyaus10T - 3 måneder siden
This dude looks like reeves in The Matrix!
MyNames Nooob
MyNames Nooob - 3 måneder siden
This depressed me more than impressed and interested me
Bruno Lacerda
Bruno Lacerda - 3 måneder siden
KrisFirebolt - 3 måneder siden
Well, what about an alternate version of the costume where you missed a bus and it makes you 30-60 minutes late?
R3GANG - 3 måneder siden
This man is in Australia and still manages to use a bus stop in Liverpool that I get, hate my life
Jasmyne Anthony
Jasmyne Anthony - 3 måneder siden
3:31 best part hate when that happens.
YaAvrageAsianBoi 23
YaAvrageAsianBoi 23 - 4 måneder siden
Nah u should have whole scripts about puberty
THAT would ether traumatize children or remind dem big bois and girls of their super embarrassing past😈
Jonas Baldauf
Jonas Baldauf - 4 måneder siden
I actually thought it should represent hang-man
coro _63
coro _63 - 4 måneder siden
Sarah Glover
Sarah Glover - 4 måneder siden
Now it's such an awful timeline this isn't even a thing much anymore
Liam McCreary-Dussault
Liam McCreary-Dussault - 4 måneder siden
some one at my school made this costume 😂
goracks69 - 4 måneder siden
2:05 Lmao, I get this reference and it was unexpected and hilarious! 🤣 Well done, young fapper.
Sir Llama III
Sir Llama III - 8 dager siden
Ya I recognize too
logan keeton
logan keeton - 4 måneder siden
I thought it was hangman
Rich Dogy
Rich Dogy - 4 måneder siden
looking at it I though he was getting hanged
Henry Jubeda
Henry Jubeda - 4 måneder siden
10/10 I want to die
partiid - 4 måneder siden
it's deeper than i thought
nossody - 4 måneder siden
2:05 man of culture i see
Eddie Powell
Eddie Powell - 4 måneder siden
This was the most ete opening/depressing video ever lmao
Spammail Inbox
Spammail Inbox - 4 måneder siden
Not gonna lie there's not much scarier than walking around the cross with a nice pair of shoes
Markus Varusk
Markus Varusk - 4 måneder siden
So will it give me double depression
Skeleton - 4 måneder siden
First time hearing the term whipper snipper. I genuinely thought it was only known as a weed wacker. The more you kno.
Josh Jones
Josh Jones - 4 måneder siden
This genuinely made me depressed
Get Up
Get Up - 5 måneder siden
lol lol
lol lol - 5 måneder siden
congrats for 1mil
deadpools butt
deadpools butt - 5 måneder siden
what is the background music u used it is so peaceful
Tenoki - 5 måneder siden
Why didnt u make a sythe
Gierom guy_does_nothing_productive
I thought you were gonna make a hangman costume
Higuera ft
Higuera ft - 5 måneder siden
Ok so, i gotta be that one person but...
What music is used? It's bugging me to not know.
Orion Junimo
Orion Junimo - 5 måneder siden
Damn, was already depressed, now more depressed, but at least you have more videos I can watch to undepress
Buko - 5 måneder siden
were you in germany in this video? I could hear ''Sicherheitshinweis'' on 3:35
Cryusen - 5 måneder siden
i dont think i can sleep tonight
I - 5 måneder siden
2:07 thats from a fucking porn clip isnt that hahahahaha
Emma Soda
Emma Soda - 5 måneder siden
Your family cuts the lawn with a WHAT?
jack pcb
jack pcb - 5 måneder siden
wow and 4 minutes ago i was in a good mood
Knight Time
Knight Time - 5 måneder siden
Considering the context of this video, I'm not sure if it's a good thing that I recognised the station at 1:47.
I did a thing
I did a thing - 5 måneder siden
you got it