Should Police Use "MAN CATCHERS" Instead of Guns?

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There must be more than one way to catch a man so today i am going to find out. Gold diggers take note!
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Brainful Content
Brainful Content - År siden
finally another guy who has a free standing gong in his back garden into which he throws himself head first of an afternoon
Help I have no life
Help I have no life - 14 dager siden
Homemade alarm
yes e
yes e - Måned siden
@Ales Kozelj oh, then i am mistaken, i just knew it wasnt a gong,with the shape it looked like a china
Ales Kozelj
Ales Kozelj - Måned siden
@yes e nope. It's a pearl ride or a crash.
yes e
yes e - Måned siden
@Ales Kozelj you can see the brand, its clearly a china
Ales Kozelj
Ales Kozelj - Måned siden
@yes e no it's not.
T3nMiDGET5711 - 6 timer siden
Which China
Darius NoName
Darius NoName - 8 timer siden
Well original man catchers definitely work, I just don't understand how could they stop person from running from the police (cause that what people usually do)
Sailock Tsara
Sailock Tsara - 9 timer siden
You big bully 😂
Brandon Reese
Brandon Reese - 13 timer siden
What if I just throw the knife...
L O N E L Y - 21 time siden
What if they throw the knife?
Mthesage xd
Mthesage xd - 22 timer siden
Fun fact he is uberdanger and corpse
Jordan Zane
Jordan Zane - 22 timer siden
How many times have you hit your head
Subbraboi - Dag siden
Where are the ads?
Keksbrot - Dag siden
This is america
John Smith
John Smith - Dag siden
What would stop them from throwing the knife? 😂
zapary - 2 dager siden
hey u are in milk gang ok!?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Crusader98 - 2 dager siden
It’s actually called a susumata
TheKingcobra476 - 2 dager siden
1:59 his search lol 😂 😂
Omg Fries
Omg Fries - 2 dager siden
Bruh how are you gonna catch a fast obese man
Horrific Minecraft Gameplay
Horrific Minecraft Gameplay - 3 dager siden
In my opinion it's a great idea but what if the attacker has a knife or a pipe. Granted he wouldent be able stab or whack them but he could still throw it at them and cause serious damage to the person. To counter it maybe have like a riot shield or something that can block yourself from the other person but still be able to see through.
Horrific Minecraft Gameplay
Horrific Minecraft Gameplay - 2 dager siden
@I did a thing yea
I did a thing
I did a thing - 2 dager siden
I think it only works for completely unarmed people.
Ujjual Rajeev
Ujjual Rajeev - 3 dager siden
He frickin looks like a tribal leader with the 2nd stick lol
Bilal32155 - 3 dager siden
i love how at 5:32 he just throws the spoon at u
AceOfSpades - 3 dager siden
The man catcher idea is actually so smart, and your design makes it smarter, nobody get harmed!
Kiwicookie250 - 4 dager siden
5:43 when people don't social distance
Frog Man
Frog Man - 5 dager siden
3:31 if this was a person who actually wanted to stab someone they’d probably just throw the knife.
George E
George E - 5 dager siden
So nobody thinks to throw the knife?
kasa paskaa
kasa paskaa - 6 dager siden
what if its woman
The Melon
The Melon - 22 timer siden
Why does that matter
Kai Dwyer
Kai Dwyer - 6 dager siden
"get at the person and spoon them" nice
Your mom Lol
Your mom Lol - 7 dager siden
They can just throw the knife at you
Ambar Kranti
Ambar Kranti - 7 dager siden
Genius. 1:57
"Did you pause the video to read this?"
AEPS - 7 dager siden
Think about all the times I've stolen your computer time: KILLER MODE ACTIVATED
CrafterMax HD
CrafterMax HD - 7 dager siden
I did a thing looks like an older diamondbolt.
The_Asphalt God
The_Asphalt God - 8 dager siden
when they could just throw the knife at u :/
Megan Johnson
Megan Johnson - 8 dager siden
Me when people aren’t staying 6 feet away from me (even before COVID)
A German Sherman
A German Sherman - 8 dager siden
*ah yes, as an american, i have arms*
Alan Li
Alan Li - 8 dager siden
Wait... That's a thing? As a Chinese person I've never heard of these
Epicfart101 - 8 dager siden
Feel free to hire me
Mr1Mingles - 8 dager siden
Put a taser on it
Mxrray - 9 dager siden
Yea... I paused the video to read it
Quiet kid
Quiet kid - 9 dager siden
People can still throw😐
Soljuk - 9 dager siden
Chinese police found a bunch of guns when people in HK said that they don't like the ccp
Noah Carver
Noah Carver - 9 dager siden
"when someone is experiencing bath salts induced psychosis, maybe we can grab them with a stick, instead of zapping them until they die"
wise words from a "wise" man.
Dan Minecraft
Dan Minecraft - 9 dager siden
D N 0 b
D N 0 b - 10 dager siden
Advanced hugging
Random Fact Machine
Random Fact Machine - 10 dager siden
Samp - 10 dager siden
The first dude with the ski mask was having way too much fun
デミロード - 10 dager siden
U.S police does not approve of this, they just shoot to earn a kill streak
Dark Dragon
Dark Dragon - 10 dager siden
Hold up at 2:00 that says man catches older woman
amazing - 10 dager siden
collin dee
collin dee - 11 dager siden
suspect pulls gun. aussie pulls man catcher with thumb taks glued to it.
suspect proceeds to run for his life
StoneMonster 144
StoneMonster 144 - 11 dager siden
PhantomGaming56 - 11 dager siden
What the cops need during the protests
And if people are not social distancing
Miss Minotaur
Miss Minotaur - 11 dager siden
Wait but what is the song at the end? That’s fire
Darreal_ Gump
Darreal_ Gump - 11 dager siden
I did a thing to guess
Dr. Insane Gaming2174
Dr. Insane Gaming2174 - 11 dager siden
Couldn’t you throw the knife
Vince Zhu
Vince Zhu - 11 dager siden
I lost it when you use the cheerful tone made from the traditional Chinese music instrument ‘suona’, it’s a unique Chinese element but not many foreigner know about. The fact that you didn’t use the Japanese one which most got confused about, it shows you know what you doing indeed.
conservat1vepatr1ot DL
conservat1vepatr1ot DL - 12 dager siden
You are certainly not crap at making things and if you actually think that’s the case, it’s possible you are an “idiot savant” lol...
Ben Gallagher
Ben Gallagher - 12 dager siden
The thumbnail 😂
AJJ29 - 12 dager siden
Is that true? Or is that just the perception do the majority of Americans have guns? I don’t do I need to get one now?
casocheese - 12 dager siden
Vicary A
Vicary A - 12 dager siden
Prevent needless deaths the Chinese way, is this some kind of tiktok joke?
DamnYou high
DamnYou high - 12 dager siden
Imagine Mark Henry's a robber and Police move out with that Man catcher......
Mark Henry: :-)
Wahhfff - 12 dager siden
Can't they throw the knife?
Grilled cheese
Grilled cheese - 12 dager siden
6:28 nothin like running at a small child with a fake knife and a mask
Matias Aguilar
Matias Aguilar - 12 dager siden
Top quality intro
wujek - 13 dager siden
ok why is he wearing socks, in the ping pong video he said he doesnt wear any, unsubscribing and reporting for lying
Redsamme - 13 dager siden
This aged... well.
liquor savage
liquor savage - 13 dager siden
I love this guy's humor 😂
Eugene I'm not gonna tell you my last name
Darius Perlado
Darius Perlado - 13 dager siden
Man just slammed his head into gongs in the intro.
Xalcon - 13 dager siden
8:11 he purposefully limbo-ed with his eyes closed, he really doesn't want a face reveal.
LY TRUC - 13 dager siden
1:12 someone pls explain this case
Lil Lily Lay
Lil Lily Lay - 13 dager siden
The star of the show..... Desk chair covered in bird shit
Ryan Rui En NG
Ryan Rui En NG - 13 dager siden
Can’t they just throw the knife??
Aroa Borialis
Aroa Borialis - 13 dager siden
Just add a gun to the Man Catcher.
百合 - 13 dager siden
This could be a legit sport
Sucker of tiddies, Taker of virginitys
He tried to go the jugular
pistol breath
pistol breath - 13 dager siden
Guy can't throw a knife
gedgoat - 14 dager siden
They are too small for American. lol.
Jordan Dias
Jordan Dias - 14 dager siden
police trying trying to social distancing arrest we need something??? Sees this video YEAH
NoName Operator
NoName Operator - 14 dager siden
China is also communist
Josh Maze
Josh Maze - 14 dager siden
You could probably put a patent on that and sell it to places that use it and make some extra bank
Xantium - 14 dager siden
I swear this guy makes me laugh harder than 99% of the comedies out there
Gub Go
Gub Go - 14 dager siden
Social distance stick
- Nyland -
- Nyland - - 14 dager siden
Sayakest - 14 dager siden
Well you see, in America everyone has a gun
red Russian among us
red Russian among us - 14 dager siden
666 dislikes..
Fried to Perfection
Fried to Perfection - 14 dager siden
Just put a pistol in that thing and you can use it in America
My Aviation Channel
My Aviation Channel - 15 dager siden
You made a to better because you don’t need to be against a wall for it to catch someone
Playerboy Gaming
Playerboy Gaming - 15 dager siden
Bloody legend
Vortex Theseawing
Vortex Theseawing - 15 dager siden
This is what younger people are for
Uriel Gleeson Peters
Uriel Gleeson Peters - 15 dager siden
He is like a parasite living off a family, causing creative chaos
xSenpai Anime
xSenpai Anime - 15 dager siden
Nehemia Latief
Nehemia Latief - 15 dager siden
nobody really pause the vid to get the search history huh?
Try and get 100k subs without Videos Pleas
Me thinking you got COVID 19 no hate
ApexIndustries - 16 dager siden
Police in uk:
DammeBoiX10 - 16 dager siden
Man cathcing older women
Martin Brancelj
Martin Brancelj - 16 dager siden
The criminal an stil shot vith gun
Ganonation Vlogs
Ganonation Vlogs - 16 dager siden
Can’t they just throw the knife
Puppy Puppington
Puppy Puppington - 16 dager siden
Awesome. It just sucks most governments and LE officials don’t seem to care much about citizens/potential “threats” lives... they see stats instead of singular easily fixable and preventable situations too.
Mr Slave
Mr Slave - 16 dager siden
What if the person has a gun how are you gonna catch them when they’re shooting at you
Random Content
Random Content - 16 dager siden
Your mouth in thumbnail is worrying me
ProTayToeGamer - 16 dager siden
Hey girls wanna try my sexy catcher : )
Galaxy Gamer 101
Galaxy Gamer 101 - 16 dager siden
They should use sleep darts