Restoring my families beloved pepper grinder

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Pepper is delicious and you know what else is... molten aluminium. If you liked this video make sure you subscribe to see what else i get up to.
Runtime: 10:03


Brown Crewmate
Brown Crewmate - Dag siden
better than i expected
Kieron Inglis
Kieron Inglis - Dag siden
fly me down under and i'll be your sweaty little apprentice, i'm no lazy bastard
Noah Gain
Noah Gain - 2 dager siden
all of the little tik tok girls are probably screaming because your ruining a "perfectly good piece of floral foam" because they like squishing it or something, idk.
sy5tem - 2 dager siden
lol, but this would have been the perfect excuse to get a 3d printer :P missed your chance!
Peter Schimmel
Peter Schimmel - 3 dager siden
How dare you mock Kate Bush
Sabian Griffin
Sabian Griffin - 4 dager siden
Without us lazy bastards you wouldn't get paid
I did a thing
I did a thing - 4 dager siden
Jon Elliott
Jon Elliott - 4 dager siden
I recognize that peppermill. It's the Alessi Michael Graves peppermill that matches the more famous kettle. Give it a finial.
Finian Schwarz
Finian Schwarz - 6 dager siden
Respect 100 pro, good bit, good laugh, questionable processes but irrefutable equipment
Yeet Stem
Yeet Stem - 6 dager siden
B1ind B1ake
B1ind B1ake - 7 dager siden
2:22 omg, why didn't you just go to the store and buy some?! Waiting 3 years is so stupid...
jackryan444 - 12 dager siden
How does one clean up molten aluminum off the floor?
jackryan444 - 12 dager siden
This might be the best YT channel. I’ve been following YT for over a decade... without cable. This might be the best.
jackryan444 - 12 dager siden
@I did a thing this is better than that time that Tigger tried to sign a piece of paper for me at Disney World.
I did a thing
I did a thing - 12 dager siden
Thanks matey
cairn roberts
cairn roberts - 12 dager siden
This video wasted my time. I forgot to like it so had to go all the way back for the thumbs up
Bard Oram
Bard Oram - 13 dager siden
Hi just 3D PRINT ONE
Noob Noon
Noob Noon - 15 dager siden
Jokes on him I'm on my phone 👩‍🏭
not a sandwich
not a sandwich - 15 dager siden
Arthur Corpulis
Arthur Corpulis - 15 dager siden
Nice ass
D N 0 b
D N 0 b - 16 dager siden
Since you resurrected that pepper grinder does that make you pepper god and the pepper grinder grinder jesus?
Connor Morrissey
Connor Morrissey - 17 dager siden
This beats asmr by a lot such a lovely voice
Nia Rice
Nia Rice - 18 dager siden
Shut up you suck
What_if913 - 10 dager siden
Who hurt u
pautonnesen - 18 dager siden
does paint chip off the grinder and onto your food? 5 out of 5
Starlitsoul 0359
Starlitsoul 0359 - 19 dager siden
I’m honestly just at the point of quarantine I’m going through the people I like on youtube and just watching everything they have. I did a thing however just has such high quality content, and it’s generally of a guy doing things in an entertaining way with mildly above average craftsmanship skill. It’s glorious all round. It’s the perfect style of video.
And most importantly. It includes assless chaps. You can’t get those anywhere else that’s for sure.
aepfelpfluecker - 19 dager siden
@I did a thing wow your still Reading comments ! I have probably Watched this Video at least 5 Times since it came out
I did a thing
I did a thing - 19 dager siden
Thanks mate. James charles also did the assless chaps
Hugo Penaloza
Hugo Penaloza - 20 dager siden
That was some poor pouring
WingedFish 117
WingedFish 117 - 20 dager siden
I adore the fact you do the faceless shtick but not seriously
Grayson Gumarus
Grayson Gumarus - 20 dager siden
You learned to show you wax form a boomer website
Yeet Twins
Yeet Twins - 21 dag siden
Gotta respect the man for making his own custom grinder rather than buying one at the store for 5$...
Callum Evans
Callum Evans - 22 dager siden
“Hey mum? Dads melting steel with his ass cheeks showing again.”
What_if913 - 10 dager siden
Step dad? What r u doing
Jayden Martinez
Jayden Martinez - 22 dager siden
I'm a bit late
Grinning Studios
Grinning Studios - 22 dager siden
plot twist
thoses candles were not from 3 birthdays they were stolen😱😱😱
Jeannette W
Jeannette W - 22 dager siden
Re watching the catalogue and never realized how many times I've seen your butt cheeks. Not complaining merely observing.
Brendan Lamb
Brendan Lamb - 22 dager siden
1:01 why does your knife look like it was blasted with a torch? XD
GhOsTiE bOi The 3rd
GhOsTiE bOi The 3rd - 23 dager siden
Nice cheeks bro
Primberry Soup
Primberry Soup - 23 dager siden
actually I'm sitting around on my phone bring a lazy bustard thank you sir 🤣
Floow Fs
Floow Fs - 25 dager siden
I never saw such a weirdo youtuber i can relate to that much haha, but seriusly dude, isnt this just a pepper grinder from ikea? XD i think we had the same like 10 or 15 years ago haha anyway.. Youre insane xD
inFAMOUS - 25 dager siden
Absolute gem of a channel. Love all the content you make
Jehiell Otero
Jehiell Otero - 26 dager siden
Why didn’t u just grab the can and dip it in the crucible
Pipi Osu
Pipi Osu - 27 dager siden
Blinder - 28 dager siden
as i saw in your other videos you like to mix things with tools that wasnt designed for mixing :D
Logan Ellis
Logan Ellis - 28 dager siden
0:20... did anybody else hear *my family loves pepa pig* while not looking at the screen?
Galaxy - Måned siden
Listen in the background at the conversation 3:21 to 3:28
wali syed
wali syed - Måned siden
Could have just 3D printed it, but this works to
Trick - Måned siden
Why the heck you add salt if you make a pepper grinder what the heck man
Scott Essery
Scott Essery - Måned siden
0:39 your family is bigger than norris nuts... and less annoying.,
bob tijsterman
bob tijsterman - Måned siden
i drink pepper water in real live :/
Taylor Johnathan
Taylor Johnathan - Måned siden
Being in the machinist industry, watching you grind aluminum is by far the most stressful thing I've seen you do, ESPECIALLY since you mentioned you've already had an accident with the grinder.
For everyone that doesn't know, the bits of aluminum will get caught in the grinding wheel and can explode, while spinning at about 3600rpm.
varanidae - Måned siden
I love when he started playing Kate bush
Bob BeGone
Bob BeGone - Måned siden
I love you dad.
Stalin's Moustache
Stalin's Moustache - Måned siden
7:15 very 'stralian
Lizalax - Måned siden
Boi he thicc tho
BabyDaniel g1
BabyDaniel g1 - Måned siden
Soren Gaisford
Soren Gaisford - Måned siden
quite epic
Logan Martin
Logan Martin - Måned siden
the foam looks really satisfying to cut
Margaret Max
Margaret Max - Måned siden
Stay safe. That’s it. Lol. Your funny
Clair Beth
Clair Beth - Måned siden
I was not ready for the savage SHADE that was thrown at Kate Bush.
Duckie Boi T_T
Duckie Boi T_T - Måned siden
10 minutes 3 seconds
Rob Cobb
Rob Cobb - Måned siden
How're you going
Niko The Doge
Niko The Doge - Måned siden
James Thonn
James Thonn - Måned siden
0/10, I am NOT a lazy bastard.
Winter Claw
Winter Claw - Måned siden
This is when the fun starts:turns on smelter.
2020 intensifies
Aussie Talks
Aussie Talks - Måned siden
Back when tried to actually teach us.
ehe te nandayo
ehe te nandayo - Måned siden
br just 3dprint it
Артем Тезиков
Артем Тезиков - Måned siden
3:11 Australian Uruk-hai is preparing for a battle
Disturbed Orbit
Disturbed Orbit - Måned siden
'happy birthd- hey I need these -what?
OneKz - Måned siden
Yo I kinda want a pepper grinder like this is there any way someone can trace out the original pepper grinder?
bobah pooman
bobah pooman - Måned siden
im watching this on my birthday
Animal Addiction
Animal Addiction - Måned siden
I love how u probably spent over 30 dollars to make this and u could have just bought a new pepper grinder for a couple bucks. However the metal one might last a lot longer so good job. Now your grinder will last for hundreds of years and you probably broke even because you'll never have to replace it for the rest of your life. And I guess the videi made you a lot more money too lol but if someone were to do this at home theyre either in quarantine or unemployed
Sage 0925
Sage 0925 - Måned siden
Yup hi good vid you earned a new sub
thatoneguy 13
thatoneguy 13 - Måned siden
8:13 jokes on you i’m watching on my phone
Doom State
Doom State - Måned siden
Cursed coffee
GameX - Måned siden
I bet that pepper tasted bad..
Eluclid - Måned siden
Where's the "make a knife" comment?
Adam Butler
Adam Butler - Måned siden
Im 8 really all that cursing
1-up Studios
1-up Studios - Måned siden
Or super glue
isaac salazar
isaac salazar - Måned siden
colab with micheal reeves???
El pequeño timy
El pequeño timy - Måned siden
Ya duermanse k a esta hora salgo con el pito afuera
Zoe Bass
Zoe Bass - Måned siden
Im glad he is nicer now
solvic man
solvic man - Måned siden
What is your hand made of how can you just crab lit candles like that ww
merz - Måned siden
This is why I subbed
Daniel Brakenhoff
Daniel Brakenhoff - Måned siden
RCL_Ninja47 - Måned siden
I was about to pour it but I thought I would look a lot better on the floor😂😂😂
Avery Lentz
Avery Lentz - Måned siden
why dont u just buy a new pepper grinder
Anthony Ainsa
Anthony Ainsa - Måned siden
Got some major James Charles Coachella vibes from the first 20 seconds
Nicolas Landa
Nicolas Landa - Måned siden
ya know what ill help
dator36 - Måned siden
But does the madlad heart comments 2 years after upload?
Aven Hipple
Aven Hipple - Måned siden
Does anyone ask about when he probably burned his hands on the candles
Hermit Rhythm
Hermit Rhythm - Måned siden
the fact that 1.8 million people found this interesting

shut up so did i
MegaWatts - Måned siden
Hate to be that guy but it clearly only took you like 5 seconds to saw that I read the time stamps
Lucifer The True Lord Of Darkness The Unholy King
Thats some high quality cocaine right there buddy did you get it from my dealer?
I did a thing
I did a thing - Måned siden
not telling
Ryan Farrugia
Ryan Farrugia - Måned siden
Love these vids
CliqueTF - Måned siden
Josef - Måned siden
What a legend, "it took me three birthdays to get so much candles" xD actually cryyy
Doot - Måned siden
art thoust a homosexuale, mye goodth friende?
Dishonourable - Måned siden
The man grabbed lit candles with his bare hands, Amazing
Милиновић Марко
"I was about to pour it into the mold but then i just realised that i reckon alumunium looks better when its all over the floor" XD
Malaki Doubet
Malaki Doubet - Måned siden
Will you heart a comment in these trying times
Monty Fetters
Monty Fetters - Måned siden
You could have just glued the plastic handle haha
Konner Nissen
Konner Nissen - Måned siden
"Protective gee"
Killer YT
Killer YT - 2 måneder siden
8:13 i'm on a phone 😈😈😈😈
TMF mR FreD - 2 måneder siden
Oh yes I am blessed to see the beloved Greek yoghurt container. Thank you
I did a thing
I did a thing - 2 måneder siden
It's so good!
Call me myth.
Call me myth. - 2 måneder siden
And you lazy fucking bastard watching me doing this
Villager Number 5 • 69 Years ago
Call me myth. Wut?
Hazen Fedison
Hazen Fedison - 2 måneder siden
He just straight grabbed those candles by the tops while flaming, absolute beast