Making Steel-Toed Crocs!

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Creating a shoe fit for the gods. The steel toed Croc. No other shoe combines safety, beauty and comfort quite like the steel toed Croc.
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William Osman
William Osman - År siden
I appreciate your use of zip-ties.
Red devil miner
Red devil miner - Måned siden
William Osman how do you only have 40 comments
OligoST - 2 måneder siden
You can’t ignore the best tool for the job
pawat since 2009
pawat since 2009 - 2 måneder siden
Hello William os..eggsman
Ostyn Castillo
Ostyn Castillo - 2 måneder siden
I did a thing ppp population is
Oskar Stenman
Oskar Stenman - 4 måneder siden
i was the 10k like :)
Andre AA
Andre AA - 5 timer siden
A Norwegian store called Bekken og Strøm, one of Norways if not the largest store in terms of work clothes (in Norway) acctually has steel toed crocs
Ethan Graham
Ethan Graham - 6 timer siden
Yo that lizard was cookin
kidkv - 21 time siden
Crocs is the shoe you wear in jail! So they have been around for some time!
RoninDee - Dag siden
Is this guy also 'how to basic' by any chance?
Eric Ekblom
Eric Ekblom - Dag siden
Good music! I like it👍👌🌑🌘🌗🌖🌕🌔🌓🌒🌑
Cory Hames
Cory Hames - Dag siden
@1:58 oh shoot I didn't expect to bump in to Andre of Astora down here....welp. Time to +2 my Croc's I guess.
Johan Brandrup Bachmann
Johan Brandrup Bachmann - 2 dager siden you're getting copied
Ansh Waikar
Ansh Waikar - 2 dager siden
stuff made here..........
idiotburns - 2 dager siden
the strap belongs on the heel, wtf
Hemanth Meda
Hemanth Meda - 3 dager siden
Now you can store your carrots in your crocs
Fez - 3 dager siden
we all know australians wear crocs because spiders😔
king of Katopia
king of Katopia - 3 dager siden
I love how all of your videos are cool projects disguised as shit post
Klinklonks - 4 dager siden
This should be considered a war-crime
Ruth Joy
Ruth Joy - 4 dager siden
Ruth Joy
Ruth Joy - 4 dager siden
you with metal dangie crocs :}

me with high tech robot >:)
Kyraptor - 5 dager siden
Honestly I was surprised he didn't use power tools on the galvanized steel. (Not an insult)
NoBrain - Anime und mehr
NoBrain - Anime und mehr - 6 dager siden
0:31 I appreciate the lil (obviously illegal) croc rave
Ambar Kranti
Ambar Kranti - 7 dager siden
My man got those caveman handnails and feet...
ANTRIKSH - 9 dager siden
Go check "Stuff made here" channel
tomo_moton - 10 dager siden
Take my money already 😆
Matjaz Mujdrica
Matjaz Mujdrica - 11 dager siden
What's the song that's playing as he's showing us his croc shuffle?
lethargic moonshifter
lethargic moonshifter - 12 dager siden
I wore my crocs on a whole bicycle trip from the Engadin in Switzerland to Venice.
Ryan M.
Ryan M. - 12 dager siden
This video is definitely loved by his foot fetish fan base
Addicted to Broadway
Addicted to Broadway - 15 dager siden
Okay, so this was the first video I’d ever seen of yours. It came up when I was searching for that video where somebody puts a blowtorch in a croc. It was at dinner time w my family, so we watched it together. Flash forward to now, we are finally getting our garage sorted out to be able to work in there again, and now I kinda wanna make a set for my crocs
Playerboy Gaming
Playerboy Gaming - 15 dager siden
Imagine if you can go in the army with these
Troy Davenport
Troy Davenport - 15 dager siden
This is all quite silly.
Apollyon - 15 dager siden
*Walks through water*
Luis Marquez
Luis Marquez - 15 dager siden
What evil have you wrought upon this cursed land?!
Sobek Herbert
Sobek Herbert - 17 dager siden
Hey he said my name sobek
Moe JoeAbla
Moe JoeAbla - 18 dager siden
Hell no that ending DUDE. I understand now. Still thats fucking disgusting haha
GOD - 22 dager siden
i approve this
Sam Cree
Sam Cree - 24 dager siden
1:21 you spin me right round baby right round
Loaf of Bread
Loaf of Bread - 25 dager siden
- Steel-toed crocs -
+5 Defence
+2 Style
When paired with - Carrot Storage -
Gain +5 Damage and -1 Speed
When paired with - Music Tape -
Gain +5 Style and -3 Crit Damage
Barrabbazz - 26 dager siden
I love how the dude who uploaded that music disabled comments on his video because of the 3 billion comments about steel toed crocs
Lizalax - 26 dager siden
Crocs are great. I like crocs, I love crocs.
M Ichael
M Ichael - 27 dager siden
I dont think thats a tan
macacio08 - 28 dager siden
also great for self defense
Kolya Frère
Kolya Frère - 29 dager siden
I only liked the vid cause of the"i did a thing" on the beginning
Dieter Pete
Dieter Pete - Måned siden
Brandon Harris
Brandon Harris - Måned siden
Not CSA approved
Sam Burks
Sam Burks - Måned siden
Those aren't even real crocs.....
Brandon Conn
Brandon Conn - Måned siden
Fertility spike in 2002 was because 9/11 brought families closer together or some shit
Zachary Kubale
Zachary Kubale - Måned siden
Like the crayola tan
Vinny Acosta
Vinny Acosta - Måned siden
Nothing beats a new pair of green crocs from woolies though
inigo cottami
inigo cottami - Måned siden
but there not crocs
lance Johnson
lance Johnson - Måned siden
How did that work😂😂😂
lance Johnson
lance Johnson - Måned siden
Why is there so many holes
Daan Bos
Daan Bos - Måned siden
Rob Cobb
Rob Cobb - Måned siden
How're you going
one crane one canoe
one crane one canoe - Måned siden
I also love crocs
OREO - Måned siden
C'est des chaussures de chevalier le truc 😂
Vidoer med Magnus
Vidoer med Magnus - Måned siden
Travis Rc Adventures
Travis Rc Adventures - Måned siden
We need welding crocks
Ocikatten - Måned siden
It is true bow down to the crocs
ivo v
ivo v - Måned siden
totally agree
Bros 710
Bros 710 - Måned siden
Croc gang
The Walters
The Walters - Måned siden
The steel toed Crocs stay on during sex
Asta P.
Asta P. - Måned siden
I was waering crocks
Peter McMillan
Peter McMillan - Måned siden
what a croc....
Cameron Dilworth
Cameron Dilworth - Måned siden
This is the kind of content I subed for
Mitch C
Mitch C - Måned siden
Wearing Crocs is like getting a blow job off a dude........ it feels good but when you look down.... it’s just Gay!
ApexIndustries - Måned siden
Those shoes are what people would wear while competing in Gordon Ramsey’s kitchen.
فاء بن ألف'
فاء بن ألف' - Måned siden
What’s with the steel-toed crocs people keep trying to make?
Ali Waleed
Ali Waleed - Måned siden
The best squid product
Only bike guys will get it🤙😂
Re Start
Re Start - Måned siden
First dabbling was illegal, now crocs?
Logan VanDenBerg
Logan VanDenBerg - 2 måneder siden
Facu Rhor
Facu Rhor - 2 måneder siden
Jon Snow
Jon Snow - 2 måneder siden
Your my new hero.
Jon Snow
Jon Snow - 2 måneder siden
The Egypt thing made my day. Im dying.
Wiggly Whale
Wiggly Whale - 2 måneder siden
What happens when it gets cold tho
Rodrigo Lopez
Rodrigo Lopez - 2 måneder siden
Athanasios Matsolas
Athanasios Matsolas - 2 måneder siden
nice choice of music :)
Cody Grimm
Cody Grimm - 2 måneder siden
Mmm toe cheese
shifted n' rifted
shifted n' rifted - 2 måneder siden
improperly applied steel toed shoes can cut your toes off if crushed by something heavy. im no expert, but be careful buddy
Juliane Sadeghi
Juliane Sadeghi - 2 måneder siden
i feel like that metal is lead
Felix Pirimeyer
Felix Pirimeyer - 2 måneder siden
I was at the hospital a few days ago and the doctor I was sent to was wearing crocs.
Union of Soviet Socialists Republic
Stolen from Stuff Made Here
Toocool312 - 2 måneder siden
he made his first
SupremoX13 Gamer
SupremoX13 Gamer - 2 måneder siden
can crocs even be considered shoes?
r063rt - 2 måneder siden
1:20 he did a full 180° by just hammering on a metal plate
Stefan Janosko
Stefan Janosko - 2 måneder siden
Helicopter be like: 1:21
LETHAL WEEABOO - 2 måneder siden

What are those?
Dr Bright
Dr Bright - 2 måneder siden
Gonna be honest, Crocs are kinda terrible.
Cryptik - 2 måneder siden
"There's one thing that crocs aren't good for"
Going to a funeral
imightdoyoutube - 2 måneder siden
Donnie Azoff
Donnie Azoff - 2 måneder siden
Wtf did i just watch
infinty doggo YT
infinty doggo YT - 2 måneder siden
Gaming with memes and other stuff
0:43 pls use socks for once
Over - 2 måneder siden
stop, you're scaring me
Rufus lion
Rufus lion - 2 måneder siden
How ya going
Wolf Brother
Wolf Brother - 2 måneder siden
Mhhhh, sorry but I really want to gift you a mini anvil for your metalwork
Ethan Clark
Ethan Clark - 2 måneder siden
I been waiting for this
Eclipse The Ice-Wing Night-Wing
Eclipse The Ice-Wing Night-Wing - 3 måneder siden
Man crocks XDDDDDDD
pharmer73 - 3 måneder siden
He loves carrots there in almost every test video
Duolingo Oul
Duolingo Oul - 3 måneder siden
All the other folks with thyne plate crocs shall best make haste, best make haste, outrun my bow
Kevin Wang
Kevin Wang - 3 måneder siden
Grace Hampton
Grace Hampton - 3 måneder siden
Omg I was born in the year of the crocs
I dont know What to call myself
I dont know What to call myself - 3 måneder siden
This channel is howtobasic with a small amount of sanity.
Redden Kleinknight
Redden Kleinknight - 3 måneder siden
Running ? that is what i do all day
Ami Hebert
Ami Hebert - 3 måneder siden
How do I buy some