Making Gloves Out Of Bread

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Bread gloves. The worst thing i have ever made.
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Pinchedjjboy - Dag siden
best waste of my time everrrrrr!!!!
mariakoth - 2 dager siden
I love wasting time
Gabriel M.
Gabriel M. - 2 dager siden
Brloves! Only $14.99!
jack Mishoff
jack Mishoff - 3 dager siden
I’m just here for his off hand comments. It reminds me of how family guy would do the cut away/flashbacks
Ricardo Pesenti
Ricardo Pesenti - 3 dager siden
How about just making an internal mold in hand form? ^^
Phil Merrick
Phil Merrick - 3 dager siden
The Domino’s man was the most unexpected joy I’ve ever encountered in my life
Ramen Cat
Ramen Cat - 3 dager siden
theoretically one could make a coat out of Australian money
Simon Bofinger
Simon Bofinger - 3 dager siden
that is some bad bread
GOLDEN CHICKEN - 3 dager siden
The fuck
Sabian Griffin
Sabian Griffin - 4 dager siden
Thar poor domino's guy
The Ravenous Rabbit
The Ravenous Rabbit - 4 dager siden
You know what is funny? You could've just made a high-rise loaf, cut off either end and stuffed your hands into the center piece like a fucking hand-muff.
Ryan Belnap
Ryan Belnap - 5 dager siden
This is beautiful. I made wooden oven mitts for Christmas. Solid white oak. They were absolutely useless, but they made great hand clogs.
Fariah Criss
Fariah Criss - 5 dager siden
Your mistake was using a pizza dough (which doesn't rise much) for something that needed to rise
Nick Aschenbecker
Nick Aschenbecker - 5 dager siden
This is like watching the OJ Simpson trial all over again...
Thirdy Salvador
Thirdy Salvador - 6 dager siden
Mmmmmm bread
fawx - 6 dager siden
birds be like :O lots o bread
Boss Matti
Boss Matti - 7 dager siden
Wow Australian money is badass!
A Username That’s Totally Original
I still can’t get over how he positioned that bow on the cello :(
They Call Meh FilipPaulJohnson
Binging With Babish better make this.
Loud Est
Loud Est - 8 dager siden
Hahahahah nice
Evelyn Hunter
Evelyn Hunter - 9 dager siden
Canadian money is also indestructible!
Halie Faucher
Halie Faucher - 9 dager siden
funny..... that Australian money is still not worth as much as our American money
I did a thing
I did a thing - 9 dager siden
no where near. The quality of money sucks but its worth so much
E-Ken - 10 dager siden
I loves when he says hey you going!
Galactic Sushi
Galactic Sushi - 10 dager siden
0:52 "gluten in my brain or because it was past my bread time"
thee ugly pineapple
thee ugly pineapple - 11 dager siden
These are bruhves.
Aco - 11 dager siden
You gotta proof your yeast lmao, it activates the yeasties more so it rises better
Mxrilion Star
Mxrilion Star - 11 dager siden
4:33 GJ genius, you’ve officially figured it out.
Mxrilion Star
Mxrilion Star - 11 dager siden
4:22 *the boy in school slapping girl’s bread buns*
Mxrilion Star
Mxrilion Star - 11 dager siden
Diego Mendez Gonzalez
Diego Mendez Gonzalez - 12 dager siden
Damn, those look crumbersome
Yasmin - 14 dager siden
Ik this was a year ago but its almost 12 and my fam is sleepin but when i tell you i yelled “WHATT!!” When the dominos man told him the ratio 😂
eil tnod
eil tnod - 14 dager siden
Why do you do this
Burned Mist
Burned Mist - 14 dager siden
Utube Is my life
Utube Is my life - 15 dager siden
Ur videos are my favorite to watch
Utube Is my life
Utube Is my life - 15 dager siden
Watching this video has my laughing so hard 🤣
Jacob Matts
Jacob Matts - 15 dager siden
A year on and those puns are still fresh 😄
Chris W
Chris W - 16 dager siden
7 min video.
D N 0 b
D N 0 b - 16 dager siden
Nuke Furry
Nuke Furry - 17 dager siden
Wow, Australian money is pretty cool, I wish Euros would be like that too
Nuke Furry
Nuke Furry - 17 dager siden
@Alpha00Z soup
Alpha00Z - 17 dager siden
@Nuke Furry sup
Nuke Furry
Nuke Furry - 17 dager siden
Yea you're right
Alpha00Z - 17 dager siden
our money great
Little Grape
Little Grape - 18 dager siden
god Caleb would flip his shit if he saw these
AEPS - 19 dager siden
Those look awfully like donut bear claws. Oof sorry but "bread hands" already exist👀
Cezar Amer
Cezar Amer - 19 dager siden
Australian money is insane they have very nice colors so u can know which one is which and they r water fire and wrinkle proof and I am Lebanese which is Arab so yh but I love Australia
Sheepy Official
Sheepy Official - 20 dager siden
i didnt knead to hear all those bread puns
Adwan Bwah
Adwan Bwah - 20 dager siden
Next up: Making bread out of gloves
YYB 651
YYB 651 - 20 dager siden
Wait so the Australian dollar is wrinkle, fire, and water proof!? Well then yeah fuck my American money
Grinning Studios
Grinning Studios - 21 dag siden
me: joins zoom class
also me: switches tab to watch video of some guy making gloves out of bread
Some guy
Some guy - 21 dag siden
ha bread time
Worldstar Trash
Worldstar Trash - 22 dager siden
i need this
gumpy4699 - 22 dager siden
Yeah your currency is waterproof and fireproof and wrinkleproof but it looks like play money lol
Holly Evans
Holly Evans - 23 dager siden
The amount of bread puns in the beginning were rising.
Vegvisir Firinne
Vegvisir Firinne - 23 dager siden
Fuck your American money.
Grench329 - 23 dager siden
Finally, gloaves
Someone - 24 dager siden
He's probably the only person who can leave Earth knowing that he's done everything in life.
Doyoumine - 24 dager siden
Watch church Sunday/Wednesday to learn about the one true God.
Rubricus Gaming
Rubricus Gaming - 25 dager siden
I love aussies and I love refrigerators
Another-player45 - 25 dager siden
I’ll only watch another flour of your content
Ollie Haland
Ollie Haland - 25 dager siden
wow that guy on the phone was so useful
gaby rivera
gaby rivera - 25 dager siden
just make mitten bread
Buttercup Boi
Buttercup Boi - 28 dager siden
As an Italian, I love a good kneading montage.
Cat - 24 dager siden
Monsieur Bacteria
Monsieur Bacteria - 29 dager siden
i love how i went to dominoes pizza, eastwood on the 1st of may, 2019... i have photo proof
EdyTube - Måned siden
you should make break socks/shoes
Ethan Charlie
Ethan Charlie - Måned siden
The puns this man makes are amazing
CHAD BOY - Måned siden
So proud of our Australian money 🥰! Love you Australia 🇦🇺😘👍🏻💓
Tow Eggz
Tow Eggz - Måned siden
the bread puns made me feel doughwn
Tai NGUYEN - Måned siden
Thats not bread-

its cake
GABAGOOL - Måned siden
Why boris is in this video
szczecin - Måned siden
Told you idiot
魂のないsoulless - Måned siden
*bites off finger while wearing bread gloves*

*screeching intensifies*
Moon X Røsë
Moon X Røsë - Måned siden
No bread has be harmed during the mailing of this video

That was a lie...
Rachel de Berg
Rachel de Berg - Måned siden
Good old Australian money, water proof, rinkle proof and bushfire proof
FilbieTron - Måned siden
Watching people make bread that don’t know how to make bread is so unbelievably frustrating
Muhammad Ahmed
Muhammad Ahmed - Måned siden
those would make good scuba diving gloves
Xxaaron xX
Xxaaron xX - Måned siden
Why just why
Totditc - Måned siden
The fucking bread puns 😂
Brother Dream
Brother Dream - Måned siden
I bet this guy already made a shirt out of bread
kevin rødhammer music
kevin rødhammer music - Måned siden
Now make bread out
Of gloves
your mom
your mom - Måned siden
Making Bread Out Of Gloves
TheProdigal Son
TheProdigal Son - Måned siden
If you splay your hands more they should’ve worked
TheProdigal Son
TheProdigal Son - Måned siden
* please nobody use sink gunk instead of yeast *
Ty1er 722
Ty1er 722 - Måned siden
This video fills me with incomprehensible rage.
m m
m m - Måned siden
The real knuckle sandwitch
Cinta Aisyah
Cinta Aisyah - Måned siden
"Told you idiot"
Bjørn again Christian
Bjørn again Christian - Måned siden
Full respect for Domino's for that, most people would have hung up
greg. - Måned siden
I'm honestly jealous of your guys water proof fire proof wrinkle proof money
Sean Shaffer
Sean Shaffer - Måned siden
Fuck your Australian money
Joshua Shikula
Joshua Shikula - Måned siden
It’s y I got to dominos #dominosgang
speed wagon
speed wagon - Måned siden
Why didn’t he just wrap the dough around his hands?
the king
the king - Måned siden
Hi 👋
Im4gineD4t - Måned siden
Weird Binging with Babish episode but ok
Noah Heibenthal
Noah Heibenthal - Måned siden
4:58 bru chill no need to be harsh on how fast American money just rots away like nothing
monika Jain
monika Jain - Måned siden
When you work at dominos and cant afford a glove or it tore down into pieces:
Smofii - Måned siden
the pizza guy was such a bro
pan keyk
pan keyk - Måned siden
Now this is a man who can actually give you a knuckle sandwich.
Hdhd Hdhdd
Hdhd Hdhdd - Måned siden
I love how the dominos guy is acting like it’s a normal request
Samurai of Black Ink
Samurai of Black Ink - Måned siden
please make MERCH
TYTAN05 POLSKA - Måned siden
i feel some TF2 vibes
ApexIndustries - Måned siden
Canadian money gets stained in water I tested it on a 5 dollar bill so Australia’s money seems better in durability but Canadian is best in value.
AssaultVB - Måned siden
That was a legendary moment
Lucifer The True Lord Of Darkness The Unholy King
When you accidentally take a finger with your sandwich
demon wings
demon wings - Måned siden
Wow you are using oppo A3s