Making an Underwater Periscope for $10

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I made a device so that i could spy on the frogs in my pond. I advise that you do the same.
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Mrzakariya Ahmod
Mrzakariya Ahmod - 6 dager siden
Can’t you use a waterproof phone
Doyoumine - 10 dager siden
Watch church Sunday/Wednesday to learn about the one true God.
Inko Gnito
Inko Gnito - 12 dager siden
You have the most sexual attractive thumb ever
Viktor Pot
Viktor Pot - 13 dager siden
OI! SHUT UP PIANOBOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ali Taqi The King Of The Hacker
I love ur background music of that hot piano
Chadwin Wong
Chadwin Wong - 20 dager siden
your boy needs to relax on the pedal
Karel Ondruš
Karel Ondruš - 21 dag siden
The piano song sounds like the evil theme from Rick and Morty!
Minecraft Noob
Minecraft Noob - 22 dager siden
Wait what why does this only have 787 comments
C Beavers
C Beavers - 23 dager siden
That creek isn't polluted I don't see any trump. (Edit: every time I try to type t r a s h it auto corrects to trump)
Logan Ellis
Logan Ellis - 28 dager siden
There should be a video about the piano guy and his awesome escape
Κατερίνα Ζαφ
Κατερίνα Ζαφ - Måned siden
THANKS FOR THE INSPIRATION! I made my own periscope and I used it yesterday to film some turtles. The outcome was mediocre, but this applies to anything I do, so thanks anyway. Now I have one more device that I will use once or twice a year.
Jordan Parker
Jordan Parker - Måned siden
Can somebody please tell me the music the name of the music
patrlim - Måned siden
You could've cut the glass underwater
Rob Cobb
Rob Cobb - Måned siden
How're you going
Juan Pablo
Juan Pablo - Måned siden
Wait, aren't gopros waterproof?
patrick thornton
patrick thornton - Måned siden
this stupid video is very funny
Doom State
Doom State - Måned siden
That says pipe king
Siege_ Borddyy
Siege_ Borddyy - Måned siden
Wow u just ruined all my childhood with this I never knew how a periscope worked and U ruined it
solvic man
solvic man - Måned siden
I like this one
Maurice XD
Maurice XD - Måned siden
the music from the piano is beautiful , I want a whole song about it
ShiiDox - Måned siden
Me : Oh I have a Canon for sure I can do this!

My Gopro 7 : What the actual fuc-
Courageous Dragon
Courageous Dragon - Måned siden
Why do i here a buzzing sound
Georgia Renfro
Georgia Renfro - 2 måneder siden
So I'm definitely making this. Probably wont work but I'm not wasting my time sitting here wondering if it really does, but where do I get the PVC pipe at?
Κατερίνα Ζαφ
Κατερίνα Ζαφ - Måned siden
I did it and it kind of works! You can get a pipe from a shop with bathroom staff etc.
JakulaithWolff - 2 måneder siden
Thank you... your adding classic music to your videos make more people understanding of the hidden deep emotions the genre can move and awaken.
Muffin Man
Muffin Man - 2 måneder siden
Just use a go pro lol
Jfk Monkey
Jfk Monkey - 2 måneder siden
*Everybody who has watched curious George:* yeah I know this
Dino mike
Dino mike - 2 måneder siden
Make one for the ocean
weeb - 2 måneder siden
Government but underwater
Jack Sainthill
Jack Sainthill - 2 måneder siden
For once you did something interesting. I knew I must have subscribed for a reason.
SomeHazyCaveman - 2 måneder siden
'There is no difference... I just wrote 4K.'
SomeHazyCaveman - 2 måneder siden
Did you just dip your Canon into your fucking pond??
Jesse Sippl
Jesse Sippl - 2 måneder siden
Is that a galaxy s4 I see?
Brian Gillespie
Brian Gillespie - 3 måneder siden
what song was your pianist playing?
Alexander Da Silva
Alexander Da Silva - 3 måneder siden
What song was he playing on the piano
shady green
shady green - 3 måneder siden
He has the most calming voice ever
Flommey - 3 måneder siden
Isabella Merrigan
Isabella Merrigan - 3 måneder siden
You know not to do it if HE tells you not to
Pavlos Berd.
Pavlos Berd. - 3 måneder siden
Just a little friendly advice to the piano guy as a piano teacher myself! Don't use so much pedal! specially on the lower notes because it will sound muddy! Try to change it every chord! Cheers!
Κατερίνα Ζαφ
Κατερίνα Ζαφ - Måned siden
But maddy sounds fit with the muddy image so it's perfect
Brian Crosby
Brian Crosby - 3 måneder siden
Pete used to be my PO lol
Cyrus Cao
Cyrus Cao - 3 måneder siden
or you couldve just put a plastic bag over the camera
Null - 3 måneder siden
Jesus, i thought the mosquito like noises were the mosquitoes in my room
Quadrant - 3 måneder siden
You sound like Internet Historian
Midnight Gamez
Midnight Gamez - 3 måneder siden
Just get a go pro
Beef turkey Squad
Beef turkey Squad - 3 måneder siden
Seth The Сука
Seth The Сука - 3 måneder siden
Why not, put it in a bag
blind1337nedm - 3 måneder siden
this song was in the peacekeeper?
Trash Panda
Trash Panda - 3 måneder siden
The little person is from the blackmarket
• Patatoe •
• Patatoe • - 3 måneder siden
Hallucinations? Who let him have my drugs? I hid them the same place I hid the kids and the cops haven’t found them yet......
Gubbers Darn Doodle
Gubbers Darn Doodle - 3 måneder siden
The piano reminds me of over the garden wall
ajay - 3 måneder siden
ya know what i made a divice called money to buy a waterproof camara lol
Nathan Dias
Nathan Dias - 3 måneder siden
This why you need a GoPro sir,🙁😔😔
Jacksio - 3 måneder siden
Anyone else find the beginning of the music to sound like the evil morty song?
Bird Fam
Bird Fam - 3 måneder siden
Tyler's place
Tyler's place - 3 måneder siden
Man I love stuff that makes you hallucinate
Drop Kicked Murphy
Drop Kicked Murphy - 3 måneder siden
I expected CA glue to be a part of the trinity
powderedwater - 4 måneder siden
thats a shitty periscope
VENOM - 4 måneder siden
Your really underrated man
The name is Johnny
The name is Johnny - 4 måneder siden
U make all the dumb shit I want to do but have no time or abiliity to
That's why I love ur channel so fucking much
AMACGAMES - 4 måneder siden
What theme was the kid playing on the piano
burak ayan
burak ayan - 4 måneder siden
There is no difference, i just wrote 4k
SomeThiccMelon - 4 måneder siden
Or u could get a go pro..l
Ekosa - 4 måneder siden
Law - 4 måneder siden
Bro the 4k looks amazing you can obviously tell its. Better quality
MR memes
MR memes - 4 måneder siden
Omg plsss someone tell the name of the piano song
John Miller
John Miller - 4 måneder siden
This guy is like a crazy, Australian version of the backyard scientist
UTALK Clipz - 4 måneder siden
You could say I’m the pipe king ;)
Amelia O
Amelia O - 4 måneder siden
What have i witnessed?
Xander Leyva
Xander Leyva - 4 måneder siden
Bonless Pizza
Bonless Pizza - 4 måneder siden
He did a thing but i did nothing
Skye Mai
Skye Mai - 4 måneder siden
“So I bought this little person”
Palm - 4 måneder siden
Every living organism you saw in this video has died by now.

Even the girl and his brother
Adrian Galvan
Adrian Galvan - 4 måneder siden
Greatest pipe in all the land? Obviously hasn’t met me. 🥴💅🤩😌
new too
new too - 4 måneder siden
I haven't seen one frog this hole video
Soggy Toaster
Soggy Toaster - 4 måneder siden
What song is that? I need it
Dev Patel
Dev Patel - 4 måneder siden
*Chopin Nocturne in Eb major*
“Shut up! I’m gluing.
*Chopin Nocturne in F minor*
Not so gamer Microwave
Not so gamer Microwave - 4 måneder siden
Knowing him that camera in the beginning was probably new
Marshall Bros
Marshall Bros - 4 måneder siden
You could just get a GoPro and connect it to your phone. I do it and it works great
Wesley Webb
Wesley Webb - 4 måneder siden
10 dollar go pro perspective
Morgan Hanley
Morgan Hanley - 5 måneder siden
Do u live in Wahroonga
sad and broke
sad and broke - 5 måneder siden
that was some FIRE Piano bruv
Jonah Conrad
Jonah Conrad - 5 måneder siden
what song did he play, it kinda hit different.
Martin Has Milk
Martin Has Milk - 5 måneder siden
@Jonah Conrad whats it called?
Jonah Conrad
Jonah Conrad - 5 måneder siden
nvm found it
Daniel Li
Daniel Li - 5 måneder siden
just place the camera in a drug bag, and wala there ya go, under water viewing experence.
G- Reaper14
G- Reaper14 - 5 måneder siden
666 comments, so I now make a comment to get rid of this damn number.
Deleted - 5 måneder siden
time for 690
Joppe Johannes Bastiaan
Joppe Johannes Bastiaan - 5 måneder siden
Phario - 5 måneder siden
Asger Lorenzen
Asger Lorenzen - 5 måneder siden
Does anyone know what song the guy is playing on the piano?
Martin Has Milk
Martin Has Milk - 4 måneder siden
@Asger Lorenzen penis
Asger Lorenzen
Asger Lorenzen - 5 måneder siden
@Martin Has Milk ah okay😑
Martin Has Milk
Martin Has Milk - 5 måneder siden
Derude Sandstorm
Anonyymi Motoristi
Anonyymi Motoristi - 5 måneder siden
Phoenix_Tops - 5 måneder siden
Beautiful song...
Pumpkins 64
Pumpkins 64 - 5 måneder siden
I love you
Momo Plays!
Momo Plays! - 5 måneder siden
a cinematic masterpiece
Joe Mama
Joe Mama - 5 måneder siden
What’s the piano song?
Joe Mama
Joe Mama - 5 måneder siden
Martin Has Milk the rude sandstorm
Martin Has Milk
Martin Has Milk - 5 måneder siden
Derude Sandstorm
jruler93 - 5 måneder siden
IDAT: "I'm using King Pipe"
The pipe in his hand: PIPE KING
MAGTK - 5 måneder siden
Man if only gopros we’re a thing
KobyPlayz_YT - 5 måneder siden
This comment is the latest comment so far YAY IM LAST
Lz_Playz - 5 måneder siden
4:09 My brain actually made me think that was 4K lol
josh - 5 måneder siden
Blake Myers
Blake Myers - 5 måneder siden
Why am I just now getting this as a recommendation?
SpicyMane - 5 måneder siden
I fell asleep while the ned part i woke up and i woke up on the dark side of youtube
luther115 - 5 måneder siden
First thing you need is a GoPro
Hudson Martin
Hudson Martin - 5 måneder siden
holy shit you used way to much pipe glue😂