Making a last minute christmas present

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How to make a Last minute Christmas present and Christmas video. Jesus would be proud!
Thanks for watching everyone, see ya next year!
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Jordan Zane
Jordan Zane - 2 dager siden
Could you send me some socks then?
Run - 3 dager siden
The last touch touch with the receipt is genius
rayyan noah
rayyan noah - Måned siden
Im that annying anyone still in _____ comment leave a like
German_Lad 39
German_Lad 39 - Måned siden
Oh my god this saved my ass with my girlfriend!

Just kidding I don't have a girlfriend I'm going to die alone
Josua Nachname
Josua Nachname - 2 måneder siden
When I was like under ten years old, I stole some of my mom's dresses a few months before her birthday just to pack them as presents. Worked very well, she was happy to have them back every time.
Dr Bright
Dr Bright - 2 måneder siden
This is some 1000 IQ shit.
Gamers In Hell
Gamers In Hell - 2 måneder siden
my dad regifted some things me and my siblings did as kids. ~ but with his own style.
Like he made us a maccaronni picture he made :'D and asked us to put it on our fridge. And he made us a sweet- crappy crayon made card. it was thoughtful
I don’t Know
I don’t Know - 3 måneder siden
F H - 3 måneder siden
Let's be honest. We all have done something similar to this. But only a true evil genius would think of including one of his/her dirty socks and a fake receipt, transforming this from an act of laziness into a symphony of evil.
EK Heim
EK Heim - 5 måneder siden
Where I come from flowers don't really here around Christmas...
KobyPlayz_YT - 5 måneder siden
Hey who wants a meme click this link
KobyPlayz_YT - 3 måneder siden
cactus it is a meme lol
peckpeck - 3 måneder siden
im not stupid
rots dog dog kitty
rots dog dog kitty - 6 måneder siden
Liam - 7 måneder siden
I always just use those fancy bags, I never wrap gifts. Then after everyone's done, I collect up the fancy bags to use next year lol.
i like ducks
i like ducks - 7 måneder siden
Evan Johnson
Evan Johnson - 8 måneder siden
I am going to do this next year
Amianto - 9 måneder siden
Very accurate
Fein For The Feature's
Fein For The Feature's - 9 måneder siden
chucks in a vinnies receipt
Solar - 10 måneder siden
How to make a Last minute Christmas present and Christmas video. Jesus would be proud!
Thanks for watching everyone, see ya next year!
One pissed off gunstore Nella With internet access
It’s an exact year from when you made the video lol
Sono - 10 måneder siden
Last minute
Ebola - 10 måneder siden
random larsus
random larsus - 10 måneder siden
I can't believe you can make such a great and entertaining video in only 60 seconds
Your Senpai
Your Senpai - 11 måneder siden
We’re do I get flowers if it’s Christmas
Reilly S
Reilly S - 11 måneder siden
Step 1: dont live in the northern hemisphere
Tlotliso - År siden
Comment - År siden
Tip if you also forgot the one for your little brother ( if you consider gifting him anything in the first place that is ), search your drawers for something you wanted to throw away long ago, but forgot about and that’s just about good enough to even be considered a „gift“. Voilà, you will in at the latest 2 days, want to have whatever that was back since it suddenly developed unmeasurable importance and you got reminded that your brother is the left hand of the devil.
I did a thing
I did a thing - År siden
Great idea
Tango Down
Tango Down - År siden
I did this but i got caught looking through my mums jewelry drawer and now jesus isn't proud
Mally B
Mally B - År siden
That finishing touch really makes them appreciate the effort you go through to find such a sentimental offering. 🤣
fabian oprea
fabian oprea - År siden
Happy Australian christmas
Prairie Climber
Prairie Climber - År siden
Fuck! And here I am burning holes in my wallet every year... not this year!
Moldy Cheese
Moldy Cheese - År siden
I know what I'm doing for future/upcoming birthdays and gift exchanging holidays.
PAUL DAMSE - År siden
house clothing is fire
[11.59] 'Christmas'-NIGHT!!!??? >(*U^)< (Joke) / [11:59] 13th-of-JANUARY Following-Year??? >(*U^)
Roach DoggJR
Roach DoggJR - År siden
I'm going to try this for real
(not really though)
united - År siden
i dont know if i should be saying this so proudly but ive given about 20 gifts exactly like that
Olly George
Olly George - År siden
This video saved my marriage
Just A Random Redditor
Just A Random Redditor - 21 dag siden
@Dylan Knouse Damn
Dylan Knouse
Dylan Knouse - 21 dag siden
@Just A Random Redditor 5 years ago
Just A Random Redditor
Just A Random Redditor - 21 dag siden
@Dylan Knouse when was that?
Dylan Knouse
Dylan Knouse - 2 måneder siden
@I did a thing my dad did this for my mom before he went of to get some milk.
I did a thing
I did a thing - År siden
glad i could help
Familyguygamer420 - År siden
he sounds like slazo
ceiling fan
ceiling fan - År siden
Hi I'm skipping a required pep rally and watching your videos
I did a thing
I did a thing - År siden
good, i dont know what a pep is but it sounds unimportant
Shashlik Ushanka
Shashlik Ushanka - År siden
Why flowers over Christmas presents?
Oh wait. I forgot that Australians have their Christmases in the summer.
That Guy
That Guy - 2 måneder siden
@Steezy Klein Yeah i dont get it...
Steezy Klein
Steezy Klein - 3 måneder siden
@ESEN called a joke
Potatosayno - År siden
I literally did this to my mom when I was little
Frog boi
Frog boi - År siden
Commercial I got At the stRt of the video

Lowes knows to get it right
Dylan Goodman
Dylan Goodman - År siden
Love your channel
Ren Eye
Ren Eye - År siden
No u
No u - År siden
It's summer
Dolly milk
Dolly milk - År siden
Very smart
Andrew Earl
Andrew Earl - År siden
did it fool her?
Laura Wöllner
Laura Wöllner - År siden
Why are the alex drawers upside down
Sebzillax - År siden
because it's Australia
Trey Wagner
Trey Wagner - År siden
I one day randomly stumbled along this channel because I always love watching build videos. And the comedic approach that he takes in every single one of his videos is amazing and sets him apart from everyone that I’ve ever watched. 💯💯
TheBeersyBomb - 5 måneder siden
oy. I recommend William Osman if you don't already watch him. same sort of invention-y style with humor. great NOburn content righchere
Rageixi - År siden
@I did a thing you are a mix of ,you suck at cooking and how to basic ,so yeah ,good channel 10/10
I did a thing
I did a thing - År siden
thanks mate
sasha leigh
sasha leigh - År siden
Woah this is to easy just buy a pack of cigarettes.
Angus NZ
Angus NZ - År siden
This channel has blown up, Well Done Mate, I bet I saw 66k subs like a week ago
Idk Soo
Idk Soo - År siden
Milk creek
Pastasauce - År siden
this video is so old yet so underrated
ShibaPlusPlus - År siden
It’s literally less than 8 months old. How is that old
Random - År siden
0:34 *sprinkles flowers over Christmas present*
Northern hemisphere *confused*
Martin Mollerup
Martin Mollerup - Dag siden
Hahahaha, exactly what I thought!
UnknownPlayer - 4 måneder siden
@Elliott Yancey fuck off
Gentleman Driver
Gentleman Driver - 8 måneder siden
Just add pine branches or something.
Jhon Smithers
Jhon Smithers - År siden
Nathan Mok Same, and I live in a part where we don’t even have light during Christmas.
Chlpatý Sirák
Chlpatý Sirák - År siden
@Geluk_425 Yea, everything is normal in there
D V - År siden
Should have made that ten minute mark. lol
Yepro Protogen
Yepro Protogen - År siden
what if the insects do not want to leave
The Bears
The Bears - År siden
Pay them to leave
Atlas WalkedAway
Atlas WalkedAway - År siden
Your only option is to spray them with agent orange.
Stephen Sentelle
Stephen Sentelle - År siden
Most brilliant gift ever! 💜
Heather Hartman
Heather Hartman - År siden
Crafty AF!
I did a thing
I did a thing - År siden
Hann V2
Hann V2 - År siden
Bro please make more vids on the birds pls pls pls
Charlotte Makala
Charlotte Makala - År siden
lol, the flowers and receipt had me in stitches!
Angry Kittens
Angry Kittens - År siden
So. Did your dad like the present?
Sophia 45
Sophia 45 - År siden
I’ve definitely done this in the past.....worked like a charm.
swclikewhut - År siden
Max_ Malcom4357
Max_ Malcom4357 - År siden
But what if the receiver wanted bugs???
snaz27 - 2 måneder siden
Just keep the bugs and throw the rest away.
Dark Fun
Dark Fun - 4 måneder siden
@I did a thing how did you know I gave them Bugs last year???
The Curious Mind
The Curious Mind - År siden
@Cypher五毛usuh 😂 that was a good one!
Cypher五毛usuh - År siden
obtain necklace from Bethesda office for maximum bug
The Hiarchially Posessed Ghost
Yeah, like a macro photographer!
a a
a a - År siden
JB A Comb
JB A Comb - År siden
What if I live in finland, it's -20C and the ground is covered in snow so I can't go pick any flowers?
JB A Comb
JB A Comb - År siden
Will do sir
I did a thing
I did a thing - År siden
@JB A Comb dont tell them i told you
JB A Comb
JB A Comb - År siden
Thanks, you saved Christmas! My loved ones are gonna love this one!
I did a thing
I did a thing - År siden
use reindeer poop
Jarrod N
Jarrod N - År siden
Can you do fixing a relationship next time?
mes deux
mes deux - År siden
Ah I totally heard Bobby say this!
OATH - År siden
@I did a thing *chuckle
I did a thing
I did a thing - År siden
im not doctor phill
Liam The Llama
Liam The Llama - År siden
Merry Australian future Christmas
TheHallamski - År siden
Flawless. Nothing can go wrong with this
chipmonk434 - År siden
Panic! at the Disconnect
Useful as always.
ukp42 - År siden
Merry Christmas & Happy Hogmanay from Scotland
squealpig - År siden
last minute, minute and a bit content!
GumiBear - År siden
This is godlike content
Shib - 3 måneder siden
I now wish to see Gumi singing the Gummibär song
Kevin Boyle
Kevin Boyle - 11 måneder siden
Jayiangshi Now that’s just suspiciously rusty water under the bridge
Jayiangshi - År siden
Lol I literally just was watching him launch a knife into you XD; the Knife book trap video
Nat Duh
Nat Duh - År siden
Ryan Lu yeah that’s what I was thinking!
LVBBoi - År siden
@I did a thing w a i t
ChadG - År siden
Heather Hartman
Heather Hartman - År siden
Dominic f
Dominic f - År siden
zephyr 4176
zephyr 4176 - År siden
I did a thing
I did a thing - År siden
Alex Holly
Alex Holly - År siden
Yeah I can't see any problems ahead with this
Dan Johnson
Dan Johnson - År siden
I really like this channel. I hope it grows
Bise HD
Bise HD - År siden
It grew
triangle triangle
triangle triangle - År siden
Oh, it will
I did a thing
I did a thing - År siden
i hope i grow as well. puberty sucks