Making a Knife from a Milk Bottle

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Making a knife from old smelly milk bottles.
Go check out Joels video and decide who wins:
Runtime: 11:09


Joel Creates
Joel Creates - År siden
Great, now you'll need ID to buy milk unless you can prove you don't own a sandwich press...
VerticalPlayz - 10 dager siden
@I did a thing I don't have any thing in trash but used tissues and bottles
Mandalore Gamez
Mandalore Gamez - 23 dager siden
E N S L A V E D F U N N I bag milk good chunga chunga welcome canada
The Dynamic Doggo
The Dynamic Doggo - 29 dager siden
Ember D-L ah, it’s funny when people miss the joke
Trown Trades
Trown Trades - Måned siden
Slowshatter ;3
Slowshatter ;3 - Måned siden
actual imagery nah, ya don’t.
J. Brooke Lyons
J. Brooke Lyons - Dag siden
Microscopic particles of plastic will detach from the knife into your food & into you and the bowl will leach chemicals into whatever you put in it. These include ones that affect hormones, in extreme cases causing men to grow tits & become infertile...but you go ahead.
DarkVitamins - 2 dager siden
It's like watching all the "Youtube Makers" using plastic gloves against heat.
Just, bruh.
It's quite obvious you have a functional brain, how did you sink to a Youtube Maker-level. :/
DarkVitamins - 2 dager siden
Cries in cardboard milk containers.
Keys Monk
Keys Monk - 3 dager siden
I'd say yours wins cause his barely worked and you bowl and knife could be used for years.
Blaze071234 - 3 dager siden
@dani approves
Blaze071234 - 3 dager siden
( )
INDxYSK gaming
INDxYSK gaming - 4 dager siden
Milk gang wants to say hello to you
-Dani's Goon
Don’t be S.A.D Beautiful
Don’t be S.A.D Beautiful - 4 dager siden
How To *Mine* through trash and *Craft* the trash
Jake - 4 dager siden
Where’s dani when you need him
Jake - 4 dager siden
realMado - 4 dager siden
Joel is just copying his content from joe!!!
J Bud
J Bud - 4 dager siden
i need a bowl holder to hold my hot bowl
Nick Aschenbecker
Nick Aschenbecker - 5 dager siden
England is gonna ban your videos.
st0rm - 5 dager siden
best means the most usable in ways others dont know ;)
Goofy Videos
Goofy Videos - 9 dager siden
“Once you feel the heat it is to late to stop” 😂🤣🤣
ummm shaky
ummm shaky - 9 dager siden
thats...not alot of milk if you ask me...
An Unentitled Motivated Millennial
4:20 nither egg is real
An Unentitled Motivated Millennial
His humor is so similar too mine I love it.
Jayden Brownman
Jayden Brownman - 12 dager siden
Casper Born
Casper Born - 12 dager siden
Kiwami Japan wants to know your location
Lisa Fox
Lisa Fox - 14 dager siden
Lisa Fox
Lisa Fox - 14 dager siden
You’re dad left TO SO Relatable
rithya - 15 dager siden
"i made brownies once but i don't really talk about it" i love this guy lmao
Dungeons, Dragons, And Dumb Stupid Idiots
Aight, now when you making milk from a knife bottle
Red4One KO
Red4One KO - 15 dager siden
This guy: **makes a knife from milk package**
Some guy with korean nick: u DRINK milk?
RAT BOY KEEMSTAR - 15 dager siden
This video is just a tutorial to kill the milk man after you discovered that he had an affair with your wife lmao
László :3 Xia
László :3 Xia - 15 dager siden
Oi i came from Dani
Amilcar Prado
Amilcar Prado - 16 dager siden
D N 0 b
D N 0 b - 16 dager siden
This milk cuts your bones
Starter YT
Starter YT - 17 dager siden
One question...

Doyoumine - 18 dager siden
Watch church Sunday/Wednesday to learn about the one true God
Rumest - 18 dager siden
Milk Knife
florida's angel
florida's angel - 18 dager siden
Funny as soon as I clicked on this video I smelled spoiled milk 😐
Ankles - 18 dager siden
ur PC setup needs to be cleaned bro
G-Spot Gabe 2.0
G-Spot Gabe 2.0 - 18 dager siden
Everyone: ...
Ppl in prison: *it’s free real estate*
Cholly Sason
Cholly Sason - 18 dager siden
You. Yes. You
Duncan Sutherland
Duncan Sutherland - 18 dager siden
Should'a worn cloth gloves under the rubber gloves. Works well with molten sugar too.
Anxienknown - 19 dager siden
This is kiwami japan
astari djatmiko
astari djatmiko - 21 dag siden
you can recycle the milk bottle into barbie doll or a fan or lego toy or small chair or selfie stick
TSA 595
TSA 595 - 21 dag siden
The egg on the right in ur left hand is the real egg :D
rdesigns - 21 dag siden
Have me in one of your videos oh sir gloryhole! ;)
marcie marcie
marcie marcie - 22 dager siden
5:33 yeah rabel knows why 💯💯
aidan pritchard
aidan pritchard - 22 dager siden
3:07 pretty much me
sir bush
sir bush - 22 dager siden
a bowl holder a bowlder
JerryHD - 23 dager siden
0:13 Oi!
Kayd Duarte
Kayd Duarte - 23 dager siden
why did 5:59 look like a fat ass slab of dabs lmao
MrCrazyeyes07 - 23 dager siden
This guy looks way too young to have a child that old.
Theo Andersen
Theo Andersen - 23 dager siden
It's been just over a year of the "two years until I get cancer". What's the status of that?
A_Pufferfish - 24 dager siden
I love how he zooms in on the 'burning plastic harmful to humans' like its surprising, like i've seen this man sit in warm-water full of bird shit and make a wood spoon out of a metal spoon, honestly i'm just surprised he didn't find a way to harvest the harmful fumes to make a god damn candle at this point. Loved the video.
Discredible Mischief
Discredible Mischief - 24 dager siden
i love drinking milk i have for yrs all i drink is milk tea and water😅
Gavinorox - 27 dager siden
you mean a "bowlder"
w h y
w h y - 28 dager siden
is your family dani's too
Diaconu Cristi
Diaconu Cristi - 29 dager siden
make a milk bottle out of a knife
Selection_Worldwide - Måned siden
please what is the song as 7:07
A P E - Måned siden
good, but a little too early for blue milk day.
Rainbow Fan
Rainbow Fan - Måned siden
Wait, could you use that as a bowl holder for bowls that came out of the microwave?
Steven Peer
Steven Peer - Måned siden
nice setup im pretty sure we have the same gaming mouse
Patrick - Måned siden
Got cancer?
Grace Dweme
Grace Dweme - Måned siden
He predicted the future with a online meeting
playz style
playz style - Måned siden
"everything i make is garbage anyways"
YoURe GaRBage
Xanx - Måned siden
The bowl is for when you take out a hot bowl of soup from the microwave and it's to hot to hold so you put it in the plastic bowl.
TrulyImpossible - Måned siden
I genuinely drink a LOT of milk. I drink like two gallons a week. I need to step my game up that's pathetic compared to you
Vidoer med Magnus
Vidoer med Magnus - Måned siden
Milk gang!
[Lemon]citrus Knockout
[Lemon]citrus Knockout - Måned siden
Milk gang
KOULUTON AHMED - Måned siden
He was just taking the trash out.
J - Måned siden
People wasting their lives on shit like this......
wyatt gray
wyatt gray - Måned siden
Maybe this guy is how to basic
FCOM _9 - Måned siden
Joel wins
Nils Dähre
Nils Dähre - Måned siden
You had my curiosity, but now, you have my attention
I. George
I. George - Måned siden
yeah. next go into a professional auto garage and invent the wheel again. and make it out of cookie dough and slightly wobbly while youre at it
so you just made a plastic bottle
Maxx B
Maxx B - Måned siden
The other guy won.
Cynique OwO
Cynique OwO - Måned siden
Jole succeeded. Ha you've been defeated
Cynique OwO
Cynique OwO - Måned siden
Joel wins
Weeping willows Rest
Weeping willows Rest - Måned siden
Or stay with me here go buy a knife from the shop ?
Devilish daisy
Devilish daisy - Måned siden
Did anyone else read from bottle as foam bottle? just me? Oh ok.
Tyler Ross
Tyler Ross - Måned siden
I think he wins
The_Hardcore_Cuber - Måned siden
milk blade
HotCherrySoda - Måned siden
Alien CIA
Alien CIA - Måned siden
I enjoyed the video, but am worried about your hands dude
CacoDemon - Måned siden
I’m sure Dani is proud
YahboyBalls - Måned siden
I think you should invest in some leather gloves
Emily wallace
Emily wallace - Måned siden
milk + knife = *MIKE*
Animal Addiction
Animal Addiction - Måned siden
You won easily. Who doesnt love a good plastic bowl holder.
Hubert Cumberdale
Hubert Cumberdale - Måned siden
I gave up after 2½ mins.
Dayna Boichuk
Dayna Boichuk - Måned siden
Check out Blitx FN
LionBorn Gaming
LionBorn Gaming - Måned siden
i feel as if this guy would be great having another channel about gaming
PeepoHappy - Måned siden
this guy could make asmr
Your Hurricane Updates
Your Hurricane Updates - Måned siden
This man was Social Distancing a year in advance .
minecraft kai
minecraft kai - Måned siden
Ummssm Isis might be the only one buttss he needetitti give him anz interdiction
Jordan Bornman
Jordan Bornman - Måned siden
I am here from dani. this video is nice
I did a thing
I did a thing - Måned siden
who is dani?
actuallycrocs 09
actuallycrocs 09 - Måned siden
Cow tiddys
hector mejia
hector mejia - Måned siden
Cows : no problem bro
Тимур Мартиненко
If Dani saw this, he would be proud
solvic man
solvic man - Måned siden
Mmmm monke
ye mum
ye mum - Måned siden
*M I L K*
That dude
That dude - Måned siden
Dani is going
fox foxy
fox foxy - Måned siden
*DANI likes that*
Milky Joe
Milky Joe - Måned siden
the pc set up is like the exact same as my shitty pc setup hell yeah hahaha.
ZchryPlys - Måned siden
Who just makes a fake egg, and already has a fake egg?
Morgan Cooper
Morgan Cooper - Måned siden
The noodle packet in the bin. The devil's packaged goods.