Making a Device for No Nut November

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For some people nuts are a delicious snack and for others they are a one way trip to Jesus town. Help me help you by showing you how to create a device that eliminates nuts from your life.
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Footage used:
Thanks Peter Sripol for inspiration on the anti-nutting device:
Music used:
Check out "Klezmer tunes" and there awesome tunes:
Western guitar:
Runtime: 10:18


Mostima si Kang Minggat
Mostima si Kang Minggat - 4 timer siden
It's almost November, and suddenly YouTube recommend me to watch this video again. Thank you, YouTube.
obama chan
obama chan - Dag siden
damm i never knew #teamtrees was bad so #cutdowntrees
Day of God
Day of God - Dag siden
Conclusion: Nut.
WhoIsThisKid - Dag siden
Welcome back everyone
Harold - 2 dager siden
Mate you better be working on a V2 of this( and sub to him right now and a puppy will be outside your door today)
bxttrr • light
bxttrr • light - 2 dager siden
Me eating Cinnamon Toast Crunch while watching this* 👁💧👄💧👁
venuk kulatunge
venuk kulatunge - 5 dager siden
Sponsored by Bananaschneider
Karma - 7 dager siden
Oh man. That hurt me just watching it, and I'm female.
Hoang Sean
Hoang Sean - 7 dager siden
Corn Flake is good tho
Itshenry 2006
Itshenry 2006 - 9 dager siden
You're 23 days too late.
oriaaane - 9 dager siden
I did a thing
I did a thing - 9 dager siden
ill dance wherever i want
Shadow Slasher
Shadow Slasher - 12 dager siden
New saw trap
Nicolas Mendoza
Nicolas Mendoza - 14 dager siden
Just subscribed a couple days ago... I fucking love this channel 😂
Jonathan Mangun
Jonathan Mangun - 14 dager siden
When you think you've seen it all 7:08
Zylen Davis
Zylen Davis - 14 dager siden
this video was posted on my birthday
Random4Logic - 14 dager siden
fucking love this guy
eil tnod
eil tnod - 14 dager siden
I like how with no sound it goes to nuts all the way to corn flakes
Utube Is my life
Utube Is my life - 15 dager siden
The pic of the kid strapped down I’ve been laughing at for 5 mins straight and I can’t stop
Utube Is my life
Utube Is my life - 15 dager siden
I’m going on a bender and watching all your videos rn and ur humor has me in tears
Probably - 15 dager siden
That's nutty!
Sifi Gaming
Sifi Gaming - 15 dager siden
It’s that time of year again
Ashkan Rabbani
Ashkan Rabbani - 16 dager siden
im laughing so hard im puking all over the place! =))))))))))))))))))))))))))) the ending was superB!!!!!!
James Ndili
James Ndili - 16 dager siden
Imagine showing up at the ER with a half cut Weiner....
Oliver Hernandez
Oliver Hernandez - 16 dager siden
Jealous girls all over the world are smiling when they come across this video
Andrey Ivanov
Andrey Ivanov - 16 dager siden
For the love of god PLEASE if someone knows the name of the song at 4:11 I BEG YOU PLEASE TELL ME I HAVE BEN SEARCHING FOR IT FOR YEARS
Oscar Commins
Oscar Commins - 17 dager siden
Boys, it's coming back around to that time of year
zinger mozzarella burger box
zinger mozzarella burger box - 17 dager siden
whos here from 2020
Michael Lawlor
Michael Lawlor - 17 dager siden
That dance was actually beautiful🤣🤣
Ot Weeber
Ot Weeber - 17 dager siden
Well its almost time boyss
DynoDude 3631
DynoDude 3631 - 17 dager siden
How many metaphors for your “D” did he have
Play Time Meyers
Play Time Meyers - 17 dager siden
Great video keep it up!👍👍👍
Khalid 2007
Khalid 2007 - 18 dager siden
Wait isn’t nazi Germany also Christian
OvAeons - 18 dager siden
Also I would imagine that the sin-ification of self-consummation would make people rush to marry and pump out dozens of kids to grow up as sheep for churchytime land.
Rasmus Paul
Rasmus Paul - 18 dager siden
I guess he likes german product's
Endlich ist unser Bananenschneider international durch gebrochen
Simon Gordon
Simon Gordon - 18 dager siden
WingedFish 117
WingedFish 117 - 19 dager siden
Tbh an elastic guillotine that overlapped 3 ways likely would have produced a more constistnt cut but aslo this device is an abomination so please don't improve it
WingedFish 117
WingedFish 117 - 19 dager siden
God I hate Kellogg with a burning passion like his cereal was good but fuck me I wouldve liked a say in the existence of my foreskin
NamacilHDx - 19 dager siden
Great way to make the confession not to contribute in nonut November I myself also prefer the crunchy nut xD
Sinister Official
Sinister Official - 20 dager siden
Literally eating crunchy nut whilst watching this video lul
Masterpoop2018/ Kittenmaster77V2
Ato27 - 20 dager siden
Me and my few brain cells
Me and my few brain cells - 20 dager siden
When you realize he was measuring the width
MorpH2k - 20 dager siden
I'd rather take my chances in this life rather than hope for some kind of eternal heaven in afterlife. Besides, hell is where all the fun people are going end up.
yomammasheknowz - 20 dager siden
RIP Zyzz Miss you bro
MorpH2k - 20 dager siden
Masterful censoring in the hardware store!
SheenisaDick - 21 dag siden
Nice eyebrows
bigmike 249
bigmike 249 - 21 dag siden
When you made the rabbi joke I lost it 🤣🤣🤣
Profispojka - 21 dag siden
The scene in the beginning - you dont have to get into your router, just change your dns . cleanbrowsing org
Profispojka - 21 dag siden
2:10 heard that multiple times and would like a source to that. How is the ability to control your inner instincts with your logical ming (eg your amigdala with your prefrontal cortex) making you obedient? If anyting, it should make you more strong and independent. I of course have no source to that, but do you have? Would really like to know, thank you.
? - 21 dag siden
This is the stupidest thing I've ever seen
FBI-Chan - 21 dag siden
Actually Kellogg’s was founded by the anti nut guys brother
Midas - 22 dager siden
Stiff socks eh
Emily Slavnik
Emily Slavnik - 22 dager siden
You have now ruined my favourite cereal
Ant .S
Ant .S - 22 dager siden
Portable circumcision
Blamp yamp
Blamp yamp - 22 dager siden
>mentions fascism in a negative light
>does a jewish dance
bruh I can just hear the thoughts of every nazi that saw this.
Ryan Tran
Ryan Tran - 23 dager siden
What’s with the Asian lady???? 😂
The Emo Slender
The Emo Slender - 23 dager siden
God, what did I do before I found this channel
jennah bright
jennah bright - 23 dager siden
Do you ever wear shoes?
TheGamingFoxNL - 23 dager siden
Saw 69
Marko Dakic
Marko Dakic - 24 dager siden
The rabi dance 😂😂😂😂
11-tolcachier Pedro
11-tolcachier Pedro - 24 dager siden
Its coming
that one guy
that one guy - 24 dager siden
Just make cyanide out of almonds and they’ll learn their lesson in their next life.
Someones Dad
Someones Dad - 24 dager siden
Any one like my new acct
Martin Král
Martin Král - 24 dager siden
So, now we all know where the fires came from.
Goblin The Target Practice
Goblin The Target Practice - 24 dager siden
The pro-femminism device.
robsche - 24 dager siden
Zoo Juice
Zoo Juice - 25 dager siden
You are truly horrible
Warsame Boqore
Warsame Boqore - 25 dager siden
YouTube: * recommends me this *
Me: I know I know
DicoVEVO - 25 dager siden
7:22 Watch it at .25 and look in the top right
DicoVEVO - 25 dager siden
God - 26 dager siden
My Child, Why
jack the interesting cat
jack the interesting cat - 26 dager siden
I saw the thumbnail and I clicked. And that six year old would probably be my little brother.
Spicy _Mayo
Spicy _Mayo - 26 dager siden
Time to make this for next month
Mort KingJ.
Mort KingJ. - 27 dager siden
The Frankfurter are in germany wienerle in austria you called our good wienerle Frankfurter because Wien is a austria city
Logan Ellis
Logan Ellis - 27 dager siden
0 0
0 0 - 27 dager siden
I love how they just start dancing in the middle of the video...
OMAN 1345
OMAN 1345 - 28 dager siden
Do your neighbors ever wonder wtf you are doing lol
Ethan Matthews
Ethan Matthews - 28 dager siden
Where does he get these ideas
Everything Ear
Everything Ear - 28 dager siden
adult chicken and ball tourcher machine for nnn
ShaggyStoned YT
ShaggyStoned YT - 29 dager siden
Anyone else preparing for no nut november 2020?
Oreo gaming Buckley
Oreo gaming Buckley - 29 dager siden
Corn flakes = virgin
Crunchy nut = chad
Danny MoMo3
Danny MoMo3 - 29 dager siden
Mmmmmmmm I love that crunchy NUT
R3K0R! - 29 dager siden
Friend you don't have to keep your head above camera height anymore because of the video thumbnail should Police use man catchers instead of guns you exposed your face you know you have exposed to face in previous videos on the side finally I get to see your face
R3K0R! - 29 dager siden
Permanent I thought you were actually going to would not with the tissue
Enderscythe i
Enderscythe i - Måned siden
That's a waste of soft tussues
jim gibson
jim gibson - Måned siden
drunk circumsision
НазывайМеняФеликс пог
this is the most jewish video ive ever seen
the 21club
the 21club - Måned siden
I unliked this video just to like it again to show support
lego sans
lego sans - Måned siden
God I love this guy

No homo tho
Selfish-mammal - Måned siden
Just commit arson like the rest of us geez. Oh he did wow .
B3autySparks - Måned siden
Yourhatedquestion - Måned siden
Ironic device for a hunk you mainly see the lower body of
Callun Williams
Callun Williams - Måned siden
boys going through puberty are shaking
KingGoosey KG
KingGoosey KG - Måned siden
KingGoosey does not approves
Kurbo - Måned siden
This is more so a SAW trap then anything else
69aliens allnight
69aliens allnight - Måned siden
TTV_MR _Dragon
TTV_MR _Dragon - Måned siden
No no no no no no you just made men all over the world grab themselves in fear that power you can't buy 😆🤣
Dominic - Måned siden
I'm very disturbed.
DanielWipesPizza - Måned siden
Unless your a rabbi"
Laughs in rabbi*
UMBRA - Måned siden
Algorithm has this set for start of October 2020 lol
Devon639 - Måned siden
Jigsaw from the past.