Is a Circular Saw Guillotine Better?

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I decided to make a kitchen guillotine as if it is good enough to execute people then it is good enough to make my breakfast
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Chaz Thompson
Chaz Thompson - Dag siden
4:08 hmm I wonder why the spinning blade isn't doing anything

(You spun it the wrong way)
Harry Gooch
Harry Gooch - 7 dager siden
As a carpenter this thumbnail gives me nightmares
Sleep No
Sleep No - 10 dager siden
Think about it, would you use a saw blade for a kitchen knife? No, the Guillotine is more practical and would be easier to use in the revolution of france, it would take less metal and be less expensive.
Mr1Mingles - 15 dager siden
French space marines be like
Derva Kommt von hinten
Derva Kommt von hinten - 16 dager siden
4:10... you are spinning the blade in the wrong direction....
Hunter Hudson
Hunter Hudson - 16 dager siden
Motorized the blade for a pt.2??
74KU - 18 dager siden
I have that exact cleaver, its not bad but a bit light IMO.
SARP SADETTİNOĞLU - 19 dager siden
Did anyone realize that he is spinning the blade backwards? Im infuriated
Kasé mit É
Kasé mit É - 21 dag siden
Imagine someone coming here from a zombiecleo video
AzimuthGames - 21 dag siden
Im pretty sure you could have spun the blade faster with one hard yank haha
Sam Frinzi
Sam Frinzi - 21 dag siden
0:13 bro why he grippin the handel so damn hard? XD
CheshieD - 22 dager siden
River Schubert
River Schubert - 22 dager siden
I like your videos I always wonder the frogs like smooth jazz
Nutcracker Sam
Nutcracker Sam - 22 dager siden
wait, why his he acting so normal
Macdab101 - 24 dager siden
I fucking love this guy
Bob Randy
Bob Randy - 25 dager siden
They’re macaron dummy
Rexilityz - 26 dager siden
Fun fact: You can be first but can never be last
Diamond_Doofus - 27 dager siden
i want to try this out with ropes wrapped around a dowel going through the middle bearing, that way it picks up more speed as it unwinds while falling
Alex Mihai Maerean
Alex Mihai Maerean - Måned siden
*i like saw's they cut and they are cool!*
Kik Profik
Kik Profik - Måned siden
I gave you dislike just because of that "bear with me" joke
Kid On The Internet
Kid On The Internet - Måned siden
You can see his hands are bleeding in some shots
GG Noobs
GG Noobs - Måned siden
How did you get your hands on pretty patties?
Little Helper
Little Helper - Måned siden
makroner er gode da
kat foster
kat foster - Måned siden
A friend a couple of years go cut almost half off his thumb of with a wood saw, he laughs about it and quite often to the point of even wearing a t-shirt that says.. rock ✊, paper✋, scissors✌️,wood saw✊💦🖍️ - all fingers gone with blood squirting out, it looks pretty gnarly lol
Mike Wane
Mike Wane - Måned siden
I just realized that the background music is literally called "*Jazz in Paris*"
CrazyJoe - Måned siden
Hbly Mnchz
Hbly Mnchz - Måned siden
gee uh teen
Colin Chung
Colin Chung - Måned siden
Whats the french song called??
CatWithSnack - Måned siden
my man i think you cut yourself 4:06
Iridium - Måned siden
The answer is no, it's not better.
As a french I guarantee you the og was 100% effective. You can't improve a 100% success rate.
fasty - Måned siden
Basilic - Måned siden
I like your videos.
jack unknown
jack unknown - 2 måneder siden
Need to redo and make it faster
I think I'm cool
I think I'm cool - 2 måneder siden
No no fidget spinner
Jdomsid The Flamingo Fan GWW
Jdomsid The Flamingo Fan GWW - 2 måneder siden
why was this in I did a things comment?
bumblebee3007 - 2 måneder siden
Zanny's outro music aye
Thomas McAllister
Thomas McAllister - 2 måneder siden
4:15 *screw falls out*
Drone Pilot
Drone Pilot - 2 måneder siden
yeet your politicians and corporate oligarchs
Empty 09
Empty 09 - 2 måneder siden its a drop-saw...?
Lithium - 2 måneder siden
I love how he makes it like a tutorial... I would TOTALLY do this!
Citizen Insane
Citizen Insane - 2 måneder siden
You should rig the saw and string like a yoyo.
ILuvGlue - 2 måneder siden
Veitsi välähti kurkku katkesi ja voileipä oli valmis
Gordon Freeman
Gordon Freeman - 2 måneder siden
What was the music playing in the beginning
ike francis
ike francis - 2 måneder siden
now there in the us as well
simon henriksen
simon henriksen - 2 måneder siden
Isent it just a chop saw ehh chop saw
Gruntslayer 35
Gruntslayer 35 - 2 måneder siden
There were riots in France?
Ky Fisher
Ky Fisher - 2 måneder siden
can you do a video where you test a 'sawstop' to see if it works
Đức Trần
Đức Trần - 2 måneder siden
YouTube show me this during quarantine, is this a Sign?
Nicolay Hoven
Nicolay Hoven - 2 måneder siden
Can you please come back to this and actually power the saw blade in some way? Maybe a rubbery wheel on a small motor?
Arsine poisoning
Arsine poisoning - 2 måneder siden
Ayeeee idat can ollie, now its time for a varial kickflip
Fighter 2012
Fighter 2012 - 2 måneder siden
bruh i forgot how to spell six in french even tho im in france
Filo - 2 måneder siden
Yare yare daze
Stephanie Hart
Stephanie Hart - 3 måneder siden
2020 anyone?
1k subs without any video challenge
How on
Isn't that music spifey's
Outro song?
n0_ tryhard
n0_ tryhard - 3 måneder siden
Ladies and gentle men, can we agree on something, he did do a thing
Nikolo Kavacio
Nikolo Kavacio - 3 måneder siden
Ah yes, french dream
Kalvin Cochran
Kalvin Cochran - 3 måneder siden
Aren’t you spinning it the wrong way? Also I’m from US don’t know if your saws are different.
LeonM007 - 3 måneder siden
I swear to fuck the “French music” was the battle block theater theme
Can this channel get 1000 sub Without any video ?
Welcome to FBI watch list.
Taru OwO
Taru OwO - 3 måneder siden
Perfect execution!
JJ - 3 måneder siden
Even if he talked about how paint drys it would be cool not gonna lie
Carsyn - 3 måneder siden
Imagine making a machine to take someone’s life and then some guy in the future makes one to cut bananas
swedishman man man
swedishman man man - 3 måneder siden
I like that this is in my recommended.
Cole Phillips
Cole Phillips - 3 måneder siden
I watched this and didn’t realize his old content is so bad
Joe Gill
Joe Gill - 3 måneder siden
777th comment lol lucky number seven
trebuchet - 3 måneder siden
Hey what is the opera music in the beginning
Brendan Brendan
Brendan Brendan - 3 måneder siden
I have a video idea, make food by hanging them from a noose, as if it is good enough to execute people, then it is good enough to make your breakfast!
MigleDing - 3 måneder siden
The beginning just proved you to be howtobasics
mr.mebeb mr.mebeb
mr.mebeb mr.mebeb - 3 måneder siden
A little late on this trend...
Caitlin - 3 måneder siden
Some Aubergine
Some Aubergine - 3 måneder siden
0:49 can you help a guy out and tell me what music is this?
Some Aubergine
Some Aubergine - 2 måneder siden
Chris B100 yessssssss
Chris B100
Chris B100 - 2 måneder siden
U is are welcom😎👍
Chris B100
Chris B100 - 2 måneder siden
@Some Aubergine i am ur welgom😎😎
Some Aubergine
Some Aubergine - 2 måneder siden
Chris B100 yes thank you
Chris B100
Chris B100 - 2 måneder siden
Veri gud muskic:)
Strahinja Ragus
Strahinja Ragus - 3 måneder siden
Ryan Janson
Ryan Janson - 3 måneder siden
The issue with the lemons on that skateboard was you didn't put a nut on the end like you do with wheels. Anything would fall off otherwise.
Dank Vapes
Dank Vapes - 3 måneder siden
who else caught that revolution joke
Emile DS
Emile DS - 3 måneder siden
some kind of russian thing starts playing in the biginning of the vidio. my head: in my head russian athem starts to play .me: running trough my howle house to get my gas mask and my gun and danncing like a russian
Mwesh [ roblox news, ]
Mwesh [ roblox news, ] - 3 måneder siden
Me who is put in a guilteen and in anger punches the wood and it breaks freeing me: 👁👄👁
TRex021 - 3 måneder siden
you could of made it so you could spin the saw whit a drill take it of and drop. a fast spinning blade
HOW TO DO IT RIGHT 101 - 3 måneder siden
One time I had cookies and cream macaroons
HOW TO DO IT RIGHT 101 - 3 måneder siden
The first time I saw you I thought you were a criminal😅🗣️
Hunter Tebeau
Hunter Tebeau - 3 måneder siden
Give me your money
mcathewildhippo - 3 måneder siden
2:31 damn boi can ollie
I did a Thing
I did a Thing - 3 måneder siden
Thx for the vids
Adrian Sowma
Adrian Sowma - 3 måneder siden
lol the cool way to chop things
Benjamin Mattsson
Benjamin Mattsson - 3 måneder siden
What is the song in the beging ?
Snowy Draws
Snowy Draws - 3 måneder siden
I bearingly survived that pun
The british Atombomb
The british Atombomb - 3 måneder siden
Im getting french vibes just via the tital of the vid
Jake Nimmo
Jake Nimmo - 3 måneder siden
He's going through and waisting all that food my family is so poor we go to KFC to lick other people's fingers cuz we can't afford anything there
Boyan Nedkov
Boyan Nedkov - 3 måneder siden
What is the song called in the background?
Lontoc N
Lontoc N - 3 måneder siden
Your like binging with babish but with more personality
Taylor Munday
Taylor Munday - 4 måneder siden
You spun the blade the qrong way with the macaroons haha
Bettina Dumbeck
Bettina Dumbeck - 4 måneder siden
Macaronis? Not macarons? Or are my ears broken?
MinaKittyFreedaZoe - 4 måneder siden
What is the opera in the beginning?
〉〉cerebral_malfunction - 4 måneder siden
That fan trick is actually a pretty clever bit of sleight of hand... i was genuinely confused cause i couldn't see any motor wires or vfx glitches
The real deal
The real deal - 4 måneder siden
You’re spinning the blade in the wrong direction while cutting the macarune
mr. vince
mr. vince - 4 måneder siden
i live in a constant state of fear misery
because most of the YouTubers are swearing 😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😟😞😟😟😞😞😞😞😟😞😟 😞😟😞😟😟😟😟😟
johnny - 4 måneder siden
-sees title- ok I'm gonna go back to watching Spongebob now.
Karl - 4 måneder siden
glowing red hot guillotine challenge?
Purple Cat
Purple Cat - 4 måneder siden
Ah yes the pocket carrot. A classic.