I made your stupid video ideas!

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Thanks for the ideas. They were all great!
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Making a human with a human. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pregnancy
Runtime: 11:11


Michael Reeves
Michael Reeves - År siden
I'll fight you with kissing
easy pz
easy pz - Dag siden
Nigga cheese
thedosalegend - 26 dager siden
Kiss kiss fall in love 🎶
Dragon Rage
Dragon Rage - Måned siden
500th reply
anonymous person
anonymous person - Måned siden
Sub if u want To lol
Sub if u want To lol - 2 måneder siden
Michael Reeves last comment haha
Quinky Guy - GT
Quinky Guy - GT - 2 timer siden
I would like to say "imagine if he collab with michael reeves.." but michael reeved is here already so uhh
gumpy4699 - 20 timer siden
respect michael but i don’t like his videos. reminds me of a cokehead i used to live with
ScapularBore - 23 timer siden
Instead of shoes attach ski boots so you don't break your ankles or snowboard boots either will work better than shoes.
Justin cook
Justin cook - Dag siden
Kevin Clien Montemayor
Look at the link😂
Rickomode - Dag siden
Me looking at the description for making a human with a human like👁👄👁
Tony tK
Tony tK - Dag siden
You eat crab stick frozen? Yuck
renevank - Dag siden
0:35 what mortal kombat remix is that? I can't seem to find it
Hi Hi
Hi Hi - 2 dager siden
2:18 i died from laughing at this point😂😂😂
Crystal Harris
Crystal Harris - 2 dager siden
I know this is late, but Flubber brings back memories and makes me feel old as hell! Lol. And I loooove your accent! K bye!
Tamelo - 3 dager siden
Imagine skating over insane many pizzas
Zannatul Mawa Khan
Zannatul Mawa Khan - Dag siden
Pfft- XD
Remington Black
Remington Black - 3 dager siden
Shit video
Ricardo Pesenti
Ricardo Pesenti - 3 dager siden
7:40 watch some videos about those high tech springs looking like kangoroo legs.
I did a thing
I did a thing - 3 dager siden
Yeh ive seen them. They look awesome
Bruiser Queen
Bruiser Queen - 3 dager siden
Notice his rating drastically changes when it involves food
I did a thing
I did a thing - 3 dager siden
Very true
Ryan Borley
Ryan Borley - 4 dager siden
Shouldve used snowboarding boots for the spring shoes
Sabian Griffin
Sabian Griffin - 4 dager siden
For those of you who some how don't know that michael reeves is actually that size, he's actually that size
Charger kun
Charger kun - 4 dager siden
Oh yeah. Heavy Shoe
Brandon Shore
Brandon Shore - 4 dager siden
i love william osman
Nick Aschenbecker
Nick Aschenbecker - 5 dager siden
Frozen crab stick is actually made of something called "surimi". It's a fine paste made of whitefish. Thanks, @Japan!
shemz cardente
shemz cardente - 5 dager siden
I didnt expect him to put that actual link man hillarious
Marcel Dege
Marcel Dege - 6 dager siden
You got an english speaking Dominoes Employee? Damn you must be a lucky man. Over here in germany they speak arabic, indian, turkish, everything except german.
TrentDaBestBro - 7 dager siden
I love your content
Elliot Ramen
Elliot Ramen - 7 dager siden
we need a massive group project between every building channel on YouTube
Vladimir D.
Vladimir D. - 7 dager siden
damn.... im getting sweaty palms from that video because i snapped my right ancle already 3 times...... worst pain i ever had
Dylan Corby
Dylan Corby - 8 dager siden
There are no lincks to "those sites"
R69NiX - 8 dager siden
Man them Spring shoes look like pure COILED SPRAINED ANKLES! I was wincing just watching.
C. O.
C. O. - 8 dager siden
As soon as you started talking about crayfish I had to pause and hit the like button.
Gustav Miedema
Gustav Miedema - 8 dager siden
Rip ankles
J P - 8 dager siden
I was just waiting for “crack” when you were jumping
sean fredson
sean fredson - 9 dager siden
Sounds like a collab
Alex Sarkisyan
Alex Sarkisyan - 10 dager siden
Michael Reeves: First time?
I did a thing: oh your finally awake
Doyoumine - 10 dager siden
Watch church Sunday/Wednesday to learn about the one true God.
Nico - 10 dager siden
Why does this video remind me of the Pizza Hut pizza shoes
jackryan444 - 10 dager siden
A short year later he’s making a bullet proof apron because of America.
Animu Circulation
Animu Circulation - 10 dager siden
This is the best representation of what will happen if you choose science amd commers at same time 😂
TrackFocused - 10 dager siden
DeL - 11 dager siden
are those king springs? and are they for a commodore? lol
Pancake - 11 dager siden
crab stick
Nathan - 12 dager siden
How about shoes with some ankle support? Like motorcycle boots for example
oriaaane - 13 dager siden
For a second I thought the crack at 7:27 was your ankles
Purple Panda
Purple Panda - 13 dager siden
Make shoes that make you walk on water
TOXIC_ASF - 14 dager siden
9:35 this is hands down the funniest thing I’ve seen all year and I’m late asf
ShadicYamiXVII BlackSun
ShadicYamiXVII BlackSun - 14 dager siden
Is this internet historian
Bard Oram
Bard Oram - 14 dager siden
Love you
Wolf Gaming
Wolf Gaming - 15 dager siden
he prolly got the springs from a children's playground
Maite Leysen
Maite Leysen - 15 dager siden
Those crab sticks are *disgusting*
Luisa T
Luisa T - 15 dager siden
I really did enjoy wasting my time
Robert Perkins
Robert Perkins - 15 dager siden
He a shitty Aussie micheal reeeeeeevees
Brandaddy99 - 16 dager siden
He can do this shit but dak can’t make a run down field this world we live in is crazy 😪😪
Dylan Santiago
Dylan Santiago - 16 dager siden
My god I love you your so damn funny
D N 0 b
D N 0 b - 16 dager siden
I would make a Michael Reeves joke if the gremlin didn't already comment on this fucking video
rayniya012 - 17 dager siden
The American shade lmaoooo. Damnnnn, yeah automatic subscription.
Tibble Media
Tibble Media - 17 dager siden
Oh my god ProJared is trending on his Twitter. Forgot about that 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Poker Pigeon
Poker Pigeon - 17 dager siden
Everyone gangsta till he realizes how swole Reeves is.
Uriel Gleeson Peters
Uriel Gleeson Peters - 16 dager siden
Hes also swole.
Taty Maz
Taty Maz - 18 dager siden
omg the link loooooool
Making a human with a human. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pregnancy
xuvas acidas
xuvas acidas - 19 dager siden
Roller blading is cooler than skating
Fuck you
Lonk The DeRp
Lonk The DeRp - 19 dager siden
To be honest, when he talked about crayfish, it was pretty damn wholesome
AVELLANT - 19 dager siden
Aren't spring stilts just a pogo stick
MatchStick Animations
MatchStick Animations - 19 dager siden
02:11 this gives me such anxiety
anakinSkywalker 287
anakinSkywalker 287 - 19 dager siden
You should make a apron out of crocs
Colonizer-Chan - 20 dager siden
Isn’t body armor illegal to have in Australia anyways?
So like making a bulletproof one would summon like the RCMP, but they’re wearing shorts and Aussies on kangaroos?
Jordan Beckett
Jordan Beckett - 20 dager siden
Where did you get that pen I need to get me one of those
Cheese - 20 dager siden
This is 5 minute crafts but actually good and funny lmao
stincey - 20 dager siden
Who else checked the description
FryxtionFN - 20 dager siden
Azør - 21 dag siden
How about a world record for Worst Blacksmith on YouTube who has 1.26M subs
NPC 093
NPC 093 - 21 dag siden
Oh yeah we have gun crime. You guys just have regular crime. 2:41
rover woelders
rover woelders - 21 dag siden
Looks like a great way to break an ankle
Brad Adams
Brad Adams - 21 dag siden
Great voice great plan poorly executed
Joseph Stalin
Joseph Stalin - 21 dag siden
That was a bad idea.
TheBrad1300 - 21 dag siden
We all know Australia lost all their guns after losing a war with emus. USA USA
Maxwell Fernandez
Maxwell Fernandez - 22 dager siden
Did you say... "how you going"???
Gamer Community
Gamer Community - 23 dager siden
Songname 0:45?
DragonBallZguy 6969
DragonBallZguy 6969 - 23 dager siden
When people actually click the link
Jorge Nicoloff
Jorge Nicoloff - 23 dager siden
This channel is strangely similar to binginf with babish
Calacene - 23 dager siden
"Snap my ankles" has been a trigger phrase for me ever since I.. y'know, snapped one of my ankles.
So thanks for that
William Jackson
William Jackson - 23 dager siden
He actually linked it guys
TiNy ChEwb4ccA
TiNy ChEwb4ccA - 23 dager siden
Michael has tasers tho
The Meme Scheme
The Meme Scheme - 24 dager siden
I was thinking about Filipino Hitler when I clicked on this video because the title sounded like something he would say. And then I saw the pinned comment
Kostas Petridis
Kostas Petridis - 24 dager siden
I came here from a meme but the channel is actually decent
I did a thing
I did a thing - 24 dager siden
thanks buddy. Which meme?
shaye - 24 dager siden
Bro Michael works out when he feels like shit so that’s everyday bro ur gonna get ur ass beat 😂
Jayke Innes
Jayke Innes - 24 dager siden
You'd stomp the crazy little bugger😂
Death Stranding Falling Over Sim
Evil globocorp forcing franchisees to buy all consumable tut direct from head office at vastly inflated prices,
$450 for a dollar tree pizza cutter great i need 10.
Dillon Murphy
Dillon Murphy - 26 dager siden
Stina Spacesister
Stina Spacesister - 26 dager siden
hey ya'll say WOOOO if you are good say NOOOO if you are bad
Notna - 27 dager siden
The last one is a perfect representation of how Johnny boys cut their pizzas
Meep Meeparoni
Meep Meeparoni - 27 dager siden
Im not a schmuck, I buy my food secondhand.
Teun lll
Teun lll - 27 dager siden
If you weld a strip to the bottom and top of the spring, make two holes in the top one on both sides of the strip. And weld two shafts on the bottum one sliding trough the whole in the top. It would make it bounce more predictable. You can put sliders on the hole to stop it from getting stuck.
Harrier the Protogen
Harrier the Protogen - 27 dager siden
0/10 the link for making a human with a human didn’t show a video demonstration
LEOCADDO - 29 dager siden
8:44 as an italian, i cringed
spooklla - Måned siden
For spring shoes I'd recommend getting motocross boots or snowboard boots to hold the ankles
Sky vibes
Sky vibes - Måned siden
8:43When Davie504 joins the discord call
NebulaLemon - Måned siden
Damn and i though i sucked when i started welding, but then again they had to learn it by themselves and not have an instructor
Sonuj1231 - Måned siden
He actually put the link in the description.
Requiem - Måned siden
2:18 💀
potato time
potato time - Måned siden
Doof. Drop
Doof. Drop - Måned siden
I swear him monologuing about crayfish is more entertaining than it should be
The Superway live
The Superway live - Måned siden
I like how he actually put the human making human part in the discrupthen
Logan Ellis
Logan Ellis - Måned siden
Is that a- is that a noose?