I Made A Hot Tub For Australian Birds!

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Every garden needs a hot tub.
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Morgan Galusha
Morgan Galusha - 33 minutter siden
Can someone critique my videos, like just watch one and tell me how I can improve. I want to start making better videos. I know they're not the greatest right now but I really enjoy it. Thank you!!!!
Abel Gomez
Abel Gomez - 37 minutter siden
"Now because the weather outside is cold" is 10000° degrees out, lmao don't worry bro we Texans find 70° chilly cause we used to the 2000° weather
Abel Gomez
Abel Gomez - 41 minutt siden
The video when ure alone 8:15
The vide when mom comes in: 1:15
Somerset Frisby
Somerset Frisby - Time siden
Patreon? Fuq-Him! Like he needs more money! He bought $250,000 worth of Cockatoos & let them party by the pool & fly away! The last thing this guy needs is mo-money! What will he do next? More priceless birds. More partying by the pool. Maybe this time fill the whole yard & string diamonds around their bobbing little necks, feeding them caviar?
Graceful Toast
Graceful Toast - Time siden
Two birds chilling in a hot tub 5 inches away cus they're not gay
BlueBae - 4 timer siden
“It now holds water.. and *crack* “
Angelina ZA
Angelina ZA - 5 timer siden
Make vedio like this not like athor video just pla dont dont it making me sad ?
Gladys Rosario
Gladys Rosario - 7 timer siden
This person is so unique... I commented twice... one time was an edit.
Gladys Rosario
Gladys Rosario - 7 timer siden
That was some good balance .Lol those cracks in your bucket tho.
ruhtardedninjas - 8 timer siden
the... what..
ShiroMasq - 9 timer siden
7:00 song name?
Dan_cx Lazaric
Dan_cx Lazaric - 10 timer siden
I was just in ur cod lobby ahaha lol
Just Gameplay
Just Gameplay - 10 timer siden
Soren Riise
Soren Riise - 11 timer siden
You should put a overhang on your fence that's how my sister keeps here kats in her yard
Koa - 12 timer siden
At 10:45, did you say your brothers pulled out you feathers? Are you human? I'm confused...
Casey Garcia
Casey Garcia - 14 timer siden
I don’t know if u read these comments but ur content is Superb
Themanelijah100 - 16 timer siden
this guy is hilarious
Cade Walker
Cade Walker - 18 timer siden
I like this video
Christmas Maniac
Christmas Maniac - 20 timer siden
I think I know why the ummm birds look high......Because they are high........You didn't clean the crack out of the barrel well enough and the birds who bathed in it got high on crack ......go figures......:|
fishingUnicorn - 21 time siden
Can you survive a Day only using the stuff you made the last years?
Gamers In Hell
Gamers In Hell - 21 time siden
.... I just wanted to see birds. My eyes burn.
Pax gamer pax
Pax gamer pax - 22 timer siden
Alex stop. we need you in carolina not australia
The Moble Boss
The Moble Boss - 22 timer siden
Wait why does he always wear a apron.
CJ Luvsosa
CJ Luvsosa - Dag siden
parents: don't eat it
kid: you said eat it ? Okay !!
Matthew Humerickhouse
Matthew Humerickhouse - Dag siden
that hilarious song earned you a subscriber
curry muncher99
curry muncher99 - Dag siden
Darren McManus
Darren McManus - Dag siden
Does he say “hey guy” or does he say “how you going”
Dilan Patin
Dilan Patin - Dag siden
This man is insane.
Hya Ann
Hya Ann - Dag siden
You should microwave a grape, but probably not in your house or while you're standing near the microwave
CuriousTechGuy - Dag siden
This was definitely one of the most unexpected interesting videos I've ever seen. Sub earned
Sabita Dhar
Sabita Dhar - Dag siden
A babyyuyy A........ Baby
Machaela Parker
Machaela Parker - Dag siden
Ax_ps 241
Ax_ps 241 - Dag siden
You know all went to hell as soon as you turned on the bubble
R69NiX - Dag siden
Fucking hell I could NOT live there with that many birds in the back garden! I have like two magpies that constantly squawk in the morning loud af and wake me up. I can only imagine the horrible noise from all the birds you have!
H3SPYPWNR - Dag siden
Bro the song was like the mighty boosh 2.0! Very groovy
Genocyde GT
Genocyde GT - Dag siden
Ur vids are just so funny
naynay man
naynay man - Dag siden
Make something to extend Ur toes and learn how to click with them
Stereo Death
Stereo Death - Dag siden
If you still have the cat problem try a motion activated sprinkler system on cat level hight cats do not like getting wet
itsmezed - Dag siden
PETA = People Eating Tasty Animals
Epic Danger
Epic Danger - Dag siden
Dude the crack joke was halirous
SOUR KNOT - Dag siden
This guy needs a Adult Swim show
Dmitri Pavlyuk
Dmitri Pavlyuk - 2 dager siden
Plz do a bike check
bailo 10
bailo 10 - 2 dager siden
Make a bird story documenting a funny bird family
Krissie lol
Krissie lol - 2 dager siden
Do a roller blading suit!!
Сергей Гусев
Сергей Гусев - 2 dager siden
I believe if you make The inside of the hot tub more visible (like white) then birds woun't be scared of going in. Black crows and magpies probably got enough courage because it's their natural camuflage background.
skaterfugater - 2 dager siden
20 mins worth every second i would say
Andreas Bays
Andreas Bays - 2 dager siden
nice mountain bike
M e d o 死
M e d o 死 - 2 dager siden
From bath tub too warzone voodoo birds zone rq
Warzip - 2 dager siden
The cat was here to maintain the balance. After that the bird nation attacked.
Troy X
Troy X - 2 dager siden
I swear my mom came into my room sayin WHAT THE HECK ARE YOU WATCHING!
letrese steverson
letrese steverson - 2 dager siden
Yo I need that song 7:00 min in
letrese steverson
letrese steverson - Dag siden
@FaFo your awesome
FaFo - Dag siden
FaFo - Dag siden
Me tooo
Satan - 2 dager siden
0:50 - 1:53 rare footage of Aussies mating rituals
Blake Lang
Blake Lang - 2 dager siden
you remind my of My Stoner Mind you got a sub
Micah POV
Micah POV - 2 dager siden
I made a thing = Corpse?
Chris Vader1000
Chris Vader1000 - 2 dager siden
Try to make a bread launcher then launch it at people while their playing piano
Eduardo Lobato
Eduardo Lobato - 2 dager siden
Needed to bleach my eyes after the hot tub song
Xavier Chester
Xavier Chester - 2 dager siden
what bike is that in the background?
soules shadow
soules shadow - 2 dager siden
This is like jurassic Park but just more scary
Felix Stotts
Felix Stotts - 2 dager siden
"happy overweight germans"
They aren't overweight, you're underweight
Orion Rodriguez
Orion Rodriguez - 2 dager siden
With a Tranquilizer gun
Orion Rodriguez
Orion Rodriguez - 2 dager siden
Just hide on the roof at night have Night vision goggles and then shoot the cats
Tarryn Rathbone
Tarryn Rathbone - 2 dager siden
people just casually working at the gym whilst you film that HAHA
Parker Davis
Parker Davis - 2 dager siden
Please make merch, a basic shirt with your logo embroided onto it, same concept with a cap. I'll pay anything, even in private hot tub coupons.
Butter Gaming
Butter Gaming - 2 dager siden
Wtf were those first 3 mins
it's me kiki
it's me kiki - 2 dager siden
Says galah, shows cockatoo smh
Hayden Dasilva
Hayden Dasilva - 2 dager siden
cockatoos: pull out tubes to stop bubbles.
me: clever girl
Izzy and friends
Izzy and friends - 2 dager siden
Birbs have this oil on them but Maggie's and crows don't have that oil idk how but if a birb has a hot bath they lose that oil and there feathers don't stay clean and soon they get sick and Die birbs have this oil to protect themselves against water and another things anyways they have to open up their feathers to let water get in that's why Maggie's and crows only use it hope this helps❤️
mtb Harrison
mtb Harrison - 2 dager siden
It was at the moment when he started dancing were I paused the video and just thought what am a doing with my life
Glitchy Glitch
Glitchy Glitch - 2 dager siden
Like to see the older style of vids coming back.
johnathan cobb
johnathan cobb - 3 dager siden
If you say use gloves with power tool you yourself should never use power tools because obviously you've never used gloves with power tools
Sorry I ate
Sorry I ate - 3 dager siden
I swear this is a reupload, where is the comment with the entire lyrics to this song?
Alannah Fuiava-Brown
Alannah Fuiava-Brown - 3 dager siden
just image what the guy on the tread mill is rhinking in his headlike WTFRICK 1>1 .>.
Linty - 3 dager siden
No word on the only fans??
gapple *
gapple * - 3 dager siden
So many filthy frank vibes mixed into this channel
Subhankar Murmu
Subhankar Murmu - 3 dager siden
TheMarionick - 3 dager siden
My best guess is that people wanted to see more of his friend and he took that the wrong way on purpose.
Needless to say, I think the opening song made me gay
Mr Negative
Mr Negative - 3 dager siden
Are you how to basic? Your hands are the same
BonillaOfficiel - 3 dager siden
Great content 😂 love it!
Menos Problemos
Menos Problemos - 3 dager siden
Temperature isn't racist. I don't know if you thought that.
If you're sad now, I'm sorry. It's racist.
Mylo Obski
Mylo Obski - 3 dager siden
Never stop making vids good sir
*tips cap*
Brad Schneider
Brad Schneider - 3 dager siden
pousXB - 3 dager siden
okay wtf is going on in Australia?
Random gooy
Random gooy - 3 dager siden
Everybody gangsta till the hot tub for birds turns into bird soup
Elizabeth Garrison
Elizabeth Garrison - 3 dager siden
1:37 y’all jamming out

*the guy cycling in the background:* 👀”wat”
Xplanegamer Flights.
Xplanegamer Flights. - 3 dager siden
I watched this at 2:00AM, and thought the intro was something my brain made up.
gabriel bennett
gabriel bennett - 3 dager siden
i wonder what the guy in the background was thinking at the start
Ishmail Redding
Ishmail Redding - 3 dager siden
Can I please get a link to this hot tub song please I'm begging you
ben dover
ben dover - 3 dager siden
😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 what the fuk!!!
Gabriel - 3 dager siden
Cockatoos are like $2000 and u had 9 that's $18,000 that just flew into his backyard.
Iolo Winston
Iolo Winston - 3 dager siden
You should have played the thieving magpie
EllaAdventures - 3 dager siden
its just one comedy sketch after another, this is impressive! your a mad genius i say, Genius!
Cloudy - 4 dager siden
How are they suppose to cool off in a hot tub😂
NOTIFYKOPLZ - 4 dager siden
0:12 I don't mind better then I asked for
Ro'Heen Walton
Ro'Heen Walton - 4 dager siden
Why was my first time seeing your face like this
Karl P. Horse
Karl P. Horse - 4 dager siden
Between you and Evelyn Owen I am beginning to think that Australians can make anything out of junk.
Joshua Parker
Joshua Parker - 4 dager siden
Make me laugh 🤣
Jesse Green
Jesse Green - 4 dager siden
I was watching to see a bird hot tub not two gay guys in a hot tub not homophobic just wanted to see the bird hot tub instead
FLIP CANO - 4 dager siden
Soy boy where's my bomb
Get back to work
Get back to work - 4 dager siden
My mom doesn't speak English but I have been updating her on the epic saga against cats. She loves this channel 🤣
Declan Chang
Declan Chang - 4 dager siden
the intro made me rethink my life

Now that I've watched the whole thing I am serious doubting humanity