I let animals take over my house (Update)

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Bee video: noburn.info/id/video/32TQodNhiWVwcHY.html
Lizards Frog video: noburn.info/id/video/vXu6k62UZXyKn4o.html
Magpie Video: noburn.info/id/video/q4y8l5Z1hIerrXo.html
Cat Video: noburn.info/id/video/rpe2eMheZZ-KoqQ.html
Runtime: 10:33


Just Jenny
Just Jenny - 7 timer siden
This guy is amazing
Michael Modaff
Michael Modaff - 21 time siden
thers frog eggs in ther
Cameron - Dag siden
"Don't know what I'm going to do with this cage. Doubt I'll fit 15 cats and my neighbours kids in it". We just gonna ignore that kid comment? Lol
Cheryl leanne
Cheryl leanne - Dag siden
Huntsman are my nightmares 😵🕸️
Michal_King - Dag siden
how awesome would it be to have lizards like that in your house
Vladislav Dracula
Vladislav Dracula - 2 dager siden
I just watched your third video. First with repairing scrapyard stuff, second with introduction skinks to the house and now this.
I want to say thanks for making me smile and feeling good and for being so thoughtful and kind to your local ecosystems and being so eco-friendly.
Things like ”I didn’t want to destroy his web because I respect his hustle” and other comments regards huntsmans, preserving the goods, repairing and not buying stuff are so close to my mind.
We are on separate parts of the world but think alike. Appreciate that!
Say hello to strophorus, blue tongues, funnelwebs and of course huntsmans from me.
Keep that going bro!
I did a thing
I did a thing - 2 dager siden
Thanks mate. Glad you found the channel
cheeseballs - 3 dager siden
i think it would be awesome to live in a house like that but I just cant get over spiders
Mitch Mckenzie
Mitch Mckenzie - 4 dager siden
Your a funny guy :)
Nuk3gamer - 7 dager siden
"Bees in House? Not good. No good Beesness🤣🤣
danielmoedl71 - 8 dager siden
4:08 Oh helllllll noooooo this thing is bigger than my fist
CD S - 9 dager siden
This is starting to sound like this https://youtu.be/ApmEM9-xA2c
Marvin M
Marvin M - 11 dager siden
Why not just shoot the cats?
andrewjkas - 12 dager siden
Simple solution burn down ur house
Benji Robinson
Benji Robinson - 12 dager siden
Nice crocs
Find_Mike - 13 dager siden
shoot the cats with bb guns
Ceppers - 13 dager siden
Let the rats in your kitchen or train them to make you food
Johnny Mackerel
Johnny Mackerel - 13 dager siden
Who else is bothered by how dirty his house is
Pr3icta6le - 13 dager siden
Liniczs - 13 dager siden
Does this guy really have those spider and not scared.....
Sinister Official
Sinister Official - 13 dager siden
If anyone playes rust... This guy kinda sounds like surge.
SapunMedix02 - 13 dager siden
bro have u ever heard about vacuum cleaning?
Potassium Nitrate
Potassium Nitrate - 15 dager siden
If you put freshwater crustaceans in your pond like shrimp or crawdads, they might eat the algae
Sara3346 - 15 dager siden
As BDG would say they are ''petstsss''' halfway between pets and pests are those wild animals that you just tolerate living with you.
Bluegirl 123456
Bluegirl 123456 - 15 dager siden
I saw a huntsman spider while staying in a rental apartment in the Gold Coast of Australia
Josh Ng
Josh Ng - 15 dager siden
puta a trap that kills them
phantom - 15 dager siden
Wait Astrualia has winter?
Erin Piazza
Erin Piazza - 15 dager siden
Is having cockroaches a normal thing in Australia?
K - 16 dager siden
Shoot the cats
Service Not Found
Service Not Found - 16 dager siden
Running outside like a maniac late late at night got the cats to leave the yard and only one would return on occasion but not the hoard of 30 cats.. they were being fed by the last resident in the house.
Extruded Parrot
Extruded Parrot - 16 dager siden
I'm an Aussie and I live in Brisbane. I have a serious fear of spiders, insects and reptiles. However, I don't think in my entire life, have I ever seen a huntsman, or any other large spider living inside my house. I have seen some lizards, but they're just small geckos. Then again, it could be because I live very close to Brisbane city, and live in a very urbanised place.
B1ind B1ake
B1ind B1ake - 16 dager siden
Do you think we don't know your videos are a joke?
magical isaiah m
magical isaiah m - 16 dager siden
Just kill the cats your on my land if thay don't get ther cats in check I will kill them
Alec Leyner
Alec Leyner - 16 dager siden
Every other day: I let humans take over my house
Goatqueen - 17 dager siden
Why is your house so dirty wtf
Flight250gamin :F2G
Flight250gamin :F2G - 17 dager siden
This dude is brutally honest . . .

Ismo Laitela
Ismo Laitela - 18 dager siden
I have aracnophobia so I would frikcing die if I saw a huntsman spider
Ark Thylo
Ark Thylo - 20 dager siden
Also that is a blue tongue skink
Ark Thylo
Ark Thylo - 20 dager siden
Get chameleons so they can get the huntsman spiders on the celling
Annika F W
Annika F W - 21 dag siden
Milton2k - 22 dager siden
I also live in a somewhat rustic location, I also have done that..... It's quite fun :), It is kinda funny some ppl are afraid of lizards and geckos.
HeyImHype - 23 dager siden
Put all animals in you’re house
0Thianna0 - 23 dager siden
“It’s not good beesiness.”
abishek b
abishek b - 24 dager siden
I'm looking forward to a video of him training or trapping the neighbor's kids 😂😂
Moth - 25 dager siden
To deal with the cats just buy some coyotes set them out in the yard if they become a problem just move up the food chain
Josiah Towns
Josiah Towns - 25 dager siden
That handful of hummus though 😭😂😂😂
fatoumata sissoko
fatoumata sissoko - 27 dager siden
I love the name of your channel.
"I did a thing"
I don't know why I'm not disturbed with Spiders roaches lizards and bees in the living wild in your house but your un-vaccumed floor does.
Ion Force
Ion Force - 28 dager siden
couldn't you block the gate with some towels or something?
Shiva Reddy 3⃣3⃣0⃣1⃣
Shiva Reddy 3⃣3⃣0⃣1⃣ - 28 dager siden
This is our average Indian home
BreadGod - 29 dager siden
Drum roll pleas lmao
Jamarion Torain
Jamarion Torain - 29 dager siden
I have a pond like this but my dog protects you but he doesn't mess with the pond he chases off the cats
Jamarion Torain
Jamarion Torain - 29 dager siden
You going to have to get a dog
Evokip - Måned siden
This guy’s humour
Tøxic_Phøenix _Wølf
Tøxic_Phøenix _Wølf - Måned siden
Only 45 seconds in and I already love it
Diogo Laroca
Diogo Laroca - Måned siden
U must clean your house
Nico Padilla
Nico Padilla - Måned siden
Bakit sobrang galing mo?
Gh0st Toons
Gh0st Toons - Måned siden
Do the huntsman spiders pay rent?
Sort of
Sort of - Måned siden
rat: dem bonties worth the risk
Sort of
Sort of - Måned siden
Funny, cute, disgusting, remarkable and intriguing.
C00ler ThanCool
C00ler ThanCool - Måned siden
mf n melo
Nikkleson Dela Cruz
Nikkleson Dela Cruz - Måned siden
why do i fell like thise dude is the same dude in howtobasic
Juan Hernandez
Juan Hernandez - Måned siden
Beautiful home and amazing video but bro you have to tidy up the house 🏡! The crumbs and stains are driving me crazy
Cxptivate - Måned siden
Spiders are the reason I'm never going to Australia
spinelandreptilefan BOI
spinelandreptilefan BOI - Måned siden
No one
Literrly no one
Everyone who got exam:
big chungy
big chungy - Måned siden
put double sided sticky tape under the door where the cats come in, put some on top of the door so they dont jump aswell, cats fucking hate sticky shit.
Ghuu the PineTree
Ghuu the PineTree - Måned siden
Lol yeah... cats are soo evil amiright? Lets all hate on cats and just ignore dogs kill 25 thousand people every year, because a bird life is worth more than a human amiright guys?
SuperiorLobster 888
SuperiorLobster 888 - Måned siden
australia seems badass. a blue tongue skink in the yard? Cool.
blu_jay - Måned siden
lets all have a moment of silence for that blue tongue skink who was probably eaten by cats
Thea H
Thea H - 13 dager siden
Word that made me sad :( RIP
Nicholas Beltran
Nicholas Beltran - Måned siden
My grandpa just use a slingshot for the cats
Panzer Krieg
Panzer Krieg - Måned siden
My dude vacume under the couches 😂
ED4WG - Måned siden
Alright guys so update: I am no longer the apex-predator in my house.
José Rojas
José Rojas - Måned siden
I always have let animals in my house. Is so easy, just plant many plants and get dirt from other places
Payton Teeter
Payton Teeter - Måned siden
This is the content I need
Andrew - Måned siden
Don’t like spider burn home
Anastasi Laptev
Anastasi Laptev - Måned siden
I live in Australia and my fear is spiders, not a great mix 😅😅
100Tatanisha - Måned siden
I found you today .....and ....I LOVE YOU!!!!
hutson vanderford
hutson vanderford - Måned siden
So is it ok if I move in wizard or 2 into my room?
Salutary - Måned siden
Dexter Dyer
Dexter Dyer - Måned siden
he's actually very funny......now i wonder why animals lov him😂
VirtualAirshowPilot - Måned siden
What did I just watch?
Chloe Meyer
Chloe Meyer - Måned siden
Nice I already have a fire skink I can finally put the lazy bones to work
Zane Elliott
Zane Elliott - Måned siden
Where do the lizards poop tho
rokuiol - Måned siden
Bro thank you so much for making me happy thru covid
Semi - Måned siden
Really cool video, but I can't just get over the way your house looks like.
James Sauce
James Sauce - Måned siden
He did indirectly call mexican immigrants frogs that was a pretty insensitive joke
Yaboii Polo
Yaboii Polo - Måned siden
Did he just say all you Samoans ? 😭💀
Phill, just Phill
Phill, just Phill - Måned siden
this is the most Australian thing I've ever seen, it's either this or Ozzy man reviewing Australians getting free beer during a heat wave 😂😂
default army best
default army best - Måned siden
You should probably just do pest control
Choco VV
Choco VV - Måned siden
i thought this was binging with babish
Soul Hunter
Soul Hunter - Måned siden
make a ant faarm
munawer - Måned siden
Bro just get a snake to eat the cats, the snake will make an alliance with it's reptilian brethren, and steer clear of the lizards and frogs.
Renan Matheus
Renan Matheus - Måned siden
Man your house is disgusting, and i'm not talking about the animals.
Rainbows 27_03
Rainbows 27_03 - Måned siden
Maybe you should search skillshare for how to keep cats out of your yard XD
MilkY - Måned siden
are you actually near iron knob? i live in port Lincoln SA
BlueSoba - Måned siden
Put barbed wire on ur fences and everything
william baker
william baker - Måned siden
You need a BB or pellet rifle to take care of the cats
Doradodox - Måned siden
If these cats were pissing me off this much i would shoot them with a ak-47
Kpop Gaming
Kpop Gaming - Måned siden
Hot Cheeto under the couch lol
Jaden ambers
Jaden ambers - Måned siden
This Is the best video I've ever watched.
William Emerick
William Emerick - Måned siden
yo u need to musterd gas the cats