I Cant Stop Staring At My Nose

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I cant stop looking at my nose and now neither can you!
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Octa 98
Octa 98 - 23 timer siden
get VR glasses and place a kamera in front of it... swoooosh nose is gone
Phlaming Phantom
Phlaming Phantom - Dag siden
tells us to poke ourselves in the eye but i wear glasses, OUTPLAYED
Henri S
Henri S - Dag siden
Man discovers marijuana
Amyyy So2
Amyyy So2 - 2 dager siden
Voldemort has an advantage
Meme Boi
Meme Boi - 2 dager siden
I dont care about the nose those fucking feet they are long and they stalk me at night they are my nightmares
Spectical2d - 3 dager siden
this video made me very uncomfortable
Rac_ Bobster
Rac_ Bobster - 3 dager siden
Help me pls. This nose is.. Is .. ANNOYING
lifenoobz - 3 dager siden
Love the video. But for the love if God push not pull on a sliding drop saw
Hjalte Knudsen
Hjalte Knudsen - 4 dager siden
you have two eyes not one so it doesnt look like that its two half noses on each side of you sight
dan b
dan b - 5 dager siden
If you hold your phone oddly close to your face while you watch the video, you loose the nose in the video completely
Kalpana Chadha
Kalpana Chadha - 6 dager siden
you are evil
zapary - 8 dager siden
God dam it m5 tong is not comfortable now?!
Rio Hemmings
Rio Hemmings - 8 dager siden
Same that I will never see my ass from my own eyes first hand... I have a great ass
xuvas acidas
xuvas acidas - 9 dager siden
- what else is my brain hidding from me?
-lovecraftian horrors from beyond the stars Just in the cornes watching-
blazin cotton
blazin cotton - 9 dager siden
Thanks, I hate it..
Doyoumine - 9 dager siden
Watch church Sunday/Wednesday Ato learn about the one true God.
Poppy Wallis
Poppy Wallis - 10 dager siden
He had his ghost moment!
Jon Jessen
Jon Jessen - 11 dager siden
My brain told me to move closer to my phone..... And tada I couldn't se your nose any more.. you are sooooo easy to hack!
Thank you my brain.
KRaven Boyd
KRaven Boyd - 11 dager siden
Why is the logo a Raven?
Trevor Dyhrkopp
Trevor Dyhrkopp - 12 dager siden
Jokes on you it’s too dark in my room to see my nose
No You
No You - 12 dager siden
Ah I see you retitled the video to make it less clickbaity lol
MoMoh ely
MoMoh ely - 13 dager siden
i cant stop staring at my nose now because of you hahahaah i love your vids man the mad scientist
Yukha Dharmeswara
Yukha Dharmeswara - 14 dager siden
Plushie Adventures Studios
Plushie Adventures Studios - 14 dager siden
Any of u guys wanna try noticing blinking? Just blink several times and you should notice how you blink
Phil Swift who the fuck you think
Puts a whole new meaning to smellovision
Robert Espinoza
Robert Espinoza - 17 dager siden
I cant see my forhead
StoneMonster 144
StoneMonster 144 - 17 dager siden
2:14 did not work im wearing glasses :>
Cruz. - 19 dager siden
I’ve literally been like this forever. I see my nose and can easily ignore it.
nigel n kilroy
nigel n kilroy - 19 dager siden
you asshole you made me aware of all of my automatic bodily functions
phyco kitty
phyco kitty - 20 dager siden
I have always sall my nose
FAST GUNNNS - 20 dager siden
It didn't hurt me
Dr. Munch
Dr. Munch - 20 dager siden
Don’t you hate it when you remember you have to breath then you manually breath for a few minutes.
DILIDOFEN - 20 dager siden
why is this in the "Dangerus DIY" playlist?
Pedro Henrique Silva Vieira
i have to see the border of my glasses and my nose, life ain´t easy
tombert - 21 dag siden
I'm sort of constantly amazed at how quickly this channel "found" itself. Nearly from the very beginning, the tone and style was established and was sort of immediately entertaining.
Emily Slavnik
Emily Slavnik - 22 dager siden
DO you know the youtuber Liam Thompson! hes like you!(kinda)
TypetwoAbsolute - 22 dager siden
If you think thats bad, try having glasses and black box around your eyes and the little lines from the glass always at the edge of your vision. God forbid you get a little piece of lint, dust or a smear on the glass that your eye keeps looking at. Thank everything that exists for contacts.
JaceBoss - 23 dager siden
I came to this nose epiphany when I was like 8 and it’s drove me crazy, every now and then I think about it still but man this takes me back.
Paolo Penecitos
Paolo Penecitos - 23 dager siden
Dis made me look at my nose for the whole video
slowphia tomten
slowphia tomten - 24 dager siden
Why did you put a fake nostril in the thumbnail lol
Mickelle Edwards
Mickelle Edwards - 27 dager siden
Why did I watch this...now I'm staring at my nose😂😂
Sir Cookie
Sir Cookie - 29 dager siden
3:26 make a OnlyFans acc dude. Hella money.
Clair Beth
Clair Beth - Måned siden
My biggest question is why he sculpted the nose on a school desk... in his bathroom?
emerald man guy
emerald man guy - Måned siden
"I couldn't find my scissors so I used my CIRCULAR SAW
Ezeranell - Måned siden
After this i cant stop seeing my nose
Drew Dickens
Drew Dickens - Måned siden
0:00 hey you going
Theo Davis
Theo Davis - Måned siden
I became aware of my nose as soon as you did the introduction
Jan Möller
Jan Möller - Måned siden
V V Vlogs
V V Vlogs - Måned siden
My noes is like 2 centimeters so I still don’t see it
YetzKazYT - Måned siden
You need to lenses, man I’m gonna say the u word
Lee Banas
Lee Banas - Måned siden
The Littel President
The Littel President - Måned siden
You fucking basterd
Martin Král
Martin Král - Måned siden
Guess what i see now.
Random Content
Random Content - Måned siden
I don’t see my nose because I’m normal. Even when I cross my eyes, I don’t see it that much because the placement of my eyes on my face. Close one eye, if you don’t have a giant overcommically large nose, you don’t see it when you look forward, you can see it a little bit if you look towards your nose, but still not the entirety of it. NOSE it, your eyes can’t see behind your nose, and never will. This video, not that true anymore.
Also, my glasses frames hid it a little bit, and I took them off.
I tried really hard to se my nose, didn’t work that well.
I close you right eye, and keep it closed for how long light travels in 1.863e+6 miles. Then for the left eye. Do this faster and faster till you can’t go faster. Y simply don’t see much of your nose in the left eye or right, so why would your nose appear giant taking a third of your vision when your brain combines both of the images you see in your right and left eye.
2:10 also, my eyes close because I’m aware I’m about to poke myself in the eye, so it didn’t hurt that much.
Axel Rubio Carrillo
Axel Rubio Carrillo - Måned siden
Yeah so I have an above average nose and I can't stop me from seeing it now
Linkin Studios
Linkin Studios - Måned siden
Now I am annoyed of my nose
FilbieTron - Måned siden
I hated this so much
voidyoongi - Måned siden
oh my god wait my eyes feel weird now
chisank - Måned siden
Cut it off
Emerson Jaimes
Emerson Jaimes - Måned siden
U sonavabiscuit now I can’t unsee my nose and I have to breathe manually
Bjørn again Christian
Bjørn again Christian - Måned siden
Danellea Westbrook needs you clay nose skills
Leviathan - Måned siden
I hate my life now, thanks
Gage Podolak
Gage Podolak - Måned siden
Fuck you
Ozykz - Måned siden
jakub ulański xDDDD pozdro z polski
Klaas Kersten
Klaas Kersten - Måned siden
I hate you now
Viktor Johansson
Viktor Johansson - Måned siden
FUUUUCK THIS! how am i suppose to live normal after this, and yes i have a big nose.. going epsteinmode
Ben Dover
Ben Dover - Måned siden
i fuckin hate my life now im aware of my mouth nose and breathing
TSA 595
TSA 595 - Måned siden
:D I see my nose
Creamed Flans
Creamed Flans - Måned siden
this bothers me, but only because when you see your noes its usually to the sides of your vision, and not the middle. I say usually because who knows, there may be cyclops.
Matt Mcginnis
Matt Mcginnis - Måned siden
great video, 2 problems; your nose shouldnt take that much of your vision and you shouldnt see your nose when your eyes are closed
Youtuber #767
Youtuber #767 - Måned siden
You have an ugly nose
TeaKay make me a statue
TeaKay make me a statue - Måned siden
**laughs in voldemort**
Fire_master 60000
Fire_master 60000 - Måned siden
Our nose is actually right out of view and we can only see it if we turned cross eyed
Oaken Letzer
Oaken Letzer - Måned siden
3:39 those fingers tho 🤮
Kahwws - Måned siden
Just point your eyes in opposite directions , your fov will be raised and your nose problem is solved.
Nighty-Night - Måned siden
I hate my nose I’m gonna chop it off
CrimsonVexiduos - 2 måneder siden
have you tried not having a big nose?
I did a thing
I did a thing - 2 måneder siden
ive tried cutting it off
mongo dude
mongo dude - 2 måneder siden
now i can see my nose even when looking somewhere else
JakulaithWolff - 2 måneder siden
I can't unsee it now help
Sir John Lemon
Sir John Lemon - 2 måneder siden
Alex Is the only person who when they lose their scissors they use a circular saw
Big Boi Cheddar
Big Boi Cheddar - 2 måneder siden
I watched this a few days ago and you’ve triggered something inside of me
MilanEdens16 - 2 måneder siden
TheLast MistWolf
TheLast MistWolf - 2 måneder siden
2:05 i see a pc just like mine
Anyemations - 2 måneder siden
U have ruined my life that I know about my nose
Ian Jones
Ian Jones - 2 måneder siden
Turns out Jacob got into an accedent that cost him his nose
prymat - 2 måneder siden
When i was born i looked at my nose
Anonymuskid - 2 måneder siden
what the fuck, i legit laughed when the song came on around 3:11 and then ugly cried because my brain took a while to remind me of some bad times in my life directly connected to this song adn thn had to laugh again aftzer finding my composure xD

lov your videos though, guess its true that good comedy needs a little sadness lmao
Alt - 2 måneder siden
why did i watch the entire thing
Mr. No Name
Mr. No Name - 2 måneder siden
2:13 but I have glasses
hellooomotto - 2 måneder siden
Epic Gamer420
Epic Gamer420 - 2 måneder siden
2:07 I got glasses bish
Matija Jelić Matošević
Matija Jelić Matošević - 2 måneder siden
I see that the sculpting the nose part was very emotional to you, hang in there mate!
Og Slashnder
Og Slashnder - 2 måneder siden
Bro this guy is hella buff
Zigzag Menace
Zigzag Menace - 2 måneder siden
Now I can't stop looking at my nose.
Aleksa Gorodin
Aleksa Gorodin - 2 måneder siden
Hahaha fuck u :)
SmaWasTaken - 2 måneder siden
Ah yes, water boarding with milk
R3digit - 2 måneder siden
Fuck you man
marcoandfriends - 2 måneder siden
Like tbf he ain't wrong
Chiestnick - 2 måneder siden
1:55 omfg lmaoo
Chiestnick - 2 måneder siden
I see my nose and slightly above it where it meats my brow all the time on both sides of my vision. for example with my right eye, on the left side of my vision circle I always see the right side of my nose, and bridge between the nose and eye brows, and vise versa. then there is a cavern looking area between both of the see-able nose sides