How to make a Band when you have no friends

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Today I'm a teach you how to make a one-man band so you can steal jobs from all the musicians around you!
Shoe Spring video:
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I did a thing
I did a thing - 10 måneder siden
If you'd like to hire Vulo to perform the best song in the world over and over again, please send your inquiries to
Nutcracker Sam
Nutcracker Sam - Måned siden
@fricking gamer noone cares tho
Matis H
Matis H - Måned siden
Its so fu ny and amazing at the same time
Some obscure channel
Some obscure channel - Måned siden
I did a thing bro song doxx me like that
alfolf Hitler
alfolf Hitler - 2 måneder siden
Hatsune miku is automated so ceckmate
adrian9gh - 2 måneder siden
@I did a thing Eddie Murphy was also a dragon
Max, Plays
Max, Plays - 2 timer siden
Dat man got some skills
Ayden Bassett
Ayden Bassett - 10 timer siden
What is the sing from the train conductor scene
Rc Baddie
Rc Baddie - Dag siden
This is my favorite video so far
Cocktus - 2 dager siden
This has left me to think. One day, I will no longer be crucial to society. My talents, my future job, whatever else I could do for our kind. I will not contribute to anything, I will be outdone by a machine that was designed, built and employed to do nothing but outperform me. It is inevitable. I cannot prepare to fight them, I cannot prepare to stand a chance. Whatever I will try to do, my days will be counted one day.
This will happen to all of us. As society progresses, we will turn into more and more specialized, only to eventually end up out on the street. Nothing will save up from the progress of science. I might as well commit suicide, knowing that within the next few decades, I once will be told that there's a shiny metal thing that made my employer go,"Guess I don't need this loyal worker anymore."
bird up
bird up - 4 dager siden
lmao at the generic lyrics
tal shaq
tal shaq - 5 dager siden
Can he please make a cover of the song fully? I'm rewatching the vid to hear him sing it 🙏🙏
cairn roberts
cairn roberts - 5 dager siden
Does vulo have a yt channel where I can listen to his music? Guys got a voice
DaimyoD0 - 5 dager siden
You accidentally make these videos much more wholesome than I think you ever could have expected.
dan b
dan b - 6 dager siden
I dont know why you dont show your face on camera. You're pretty handsome for an ugly bloke
Kyle Mills
Kyle Mills - 7 dager siden
Spectical2d - 7 dager siden
poor poor train driver
tal shaq
tal shaq - 8 dager siden
That's genius!! At first of the vid I thought wow those 2 have an amazing relationship, then the engineering part was impressive, then he SANG and omg hes voice this guy is talented!!!
Everything about this vid was genuinely awsome❤
I did a thing
I did a thing - 8 dager siden
Thanks mate. Glad you liked it
Daniel Keeton
Daniel Keeton - 8 dager siden
I've been looking at covers and remixes, and actually can't find anything good, I'm hoping your friend has a soundcloud with the song.
Oreeo TH
Oreeo TH - 8 dager siden
I did a thing out here teaching us about the evils of capitalism
Tim Allen
Tim Allen - 8 dager siden
11:10 dude in the back lmao
Z.B B - 9 dager siden
Do tell me what is the potatoes name . (The child)
Pantomath - 9 dager siden
0:37 ur a genius
Dowski - 10 dager siden
I dont know what hurts more conductor being realised into the wild or those children fortnite dancing
spookydoughballs - 11 dager siden
fucken hell this is deep
Muhammed Shaheen
Muhammed Shaheen - 11 dager siden
This really made me happy thank you
I did a thing
I did a thing - 11 dager siden
no worries mate
NoMxrcy - 12 dager siden
daemon Smith
daemon Smith - 12 dager siden
now im sad for the train boy
That Weird Guy
That Weird Guy - 12 dager siden
Can I have it
ketchupmustard - 13 dager siden
the intro was half the video
Fox For Grins
Fox For Grins - 11 dager siden
take a moment to notice the "how to" in the title.
martialme84 - 14 dager siden
This band is amazing!
Orange Creamsicle
Orange Creamsicle - 14 dager siden
"Then it dawned on me, I don't care"-bird man
It is What it is
It is What it is - 14 dager siden
This video was not worth the 17 ads. Adding to do not recommend channels
Stevie John
Stevie John - 14 dager siden
I was not expecting the bear to react
good old ethan
good old ethan - 14 dager siden
The intro had me confused for a minute but that shit was gold
Ace Mod
Ace Mod - 14 dager siden
Everything about this video is amazing
NatJust - 15 dager siden
You'll never be redundant in our hearts.
Calvin Broderick
Calvin Broderick - 16 dager siden
Bloody hell did not expect to almost cry when I got into this video
Jacob Woolfington
Jacob Woolfington - 16 dager siden
I never laughed so hard
Pepe the Frog
Pepe the Frog - 16 dager siden
Nice job. Now I am thinking of dead family members.
CM - 16 dager siden
9:26 Is no one else going to mention how incredibly disturbing this was? 😳😭
D4RK - 17 dager siden
"how to make a band when you have no friends"
why did u made something so relatable to meh
rdesigns - 17 dager siden
Aww he’s your boyfriend. Sooooooo cute.
Jocky J
Jocky J - 17 dager siden
This was sick what the heck
Oklfwod - 17 dager siden
4:33 *laughs in vocaloid*
Sir Daniel Fortesque
Sir Daniel Fortesque - 17 dager siden
Please spay or neuter your train conductors.
Joe Mama
Joe Mama - 17 dager siden
When he went out i wasnt too sure but it was fantastic!!!!!
online12plus - 19 dager siden
more depressing intro than up
Thomas d' TankEngine
Thomas d' TankEngine - 19 dager siden
I was so sad after realizing that I neither posses any friends and that depressed me until I saw the end and suddenly I was happy because I do not own a job either so eddy murphy cant steal me anything, however, I'm gonna subscribe anyway :D
Kalem - 20 dager siden
You almost made me cry over you dressed in a conductor suit
Nanidafaq - 20 dager siden
How is this not the most viewed video on youtube
Chadwin Wong
Chadwin Wong - 21 dag siden
I like how he adds like 5 minutes of random crap at the beginning of each video to hit the 10 minutes mark.
astari djatmiko
astari djatmiko - 21 dag siden
i like your hands
Blast Zone
Blast Zone - 22 dager siden
The thing that I think I like most about it was that he was clearly not pissing people off, they were enjoying it.
Berty Bumbum
Berty Bumbum - 22 dager siden
11:12 is no one going to comment on the Guy in the back who reveald his bottoms out of nowhere, he’s the real star of the show.
Arden Jameson
Arden Jameson - 22 dager siden
Wow this was way too good, enjoyed this so much
I did a thing
I did a thing - 22 dager siden
Thanks matey
Blackout Lol
Blackout Lol - 24 dager siden
Wow that was great I probably would’ve just thrown some s**t together accidentally set my house on fire and give up.
Fantastic Plananas
Fantastic Plananas - 25 dager siden
why did it work so well
Nin10do BOSS
Nin10do BOSS - 25 dager siden
why did the part with the train driver almost mak me cry
Jordan Frei
Jordan Frei - 25 dager siden
Pretty g song
Puppy Puppington
Puppy Puppington - 25 dager siden
Wow. As if the “gimmicks” weren’t amazing enough as it is, his cover sounded great!
Green Universe
Green Universe - 25 dager siden
Does this dude has a full song of it? I kind of like that tune and voice
The Red Nation
The Red Nation - 26 dager siden
II like this better than the real song
Degeneracy 101
Degeneracy 101 - 27 dager siden
Guys he got a whole bottlecap out of that deal, so I say it was a great success
bob tijsterman
bob tijsterman - 28 dager siden
bazinga - 28 dager siden
I cried at the train conductor segment.
Kiarum i
Kiarum i - Måned siden
This dude's performance was low-key really good
idk studios
idk studios - Måned siden
I can’t believe that they did this in a public area 🤦😂😂
Pepsi God
Pepsi God - Måned siden
I love that the whole almost 2 minute 30 second introduction just ends with "Then it dawned on me, I don't care."
Angry Grievous
Angry Grievous - Måned siden
I think he might be saying party all the time
Zipwad - Måned siden
Eric Andre except nobody's pissed
Sheldon Thomas
Sheldon Thomas - Måned siden
this will be my new ring tone
Voltz - Måned siden
This Is Embarasing And Also Cool
Mimi Rebel
Mimi Rebel - Måned siden
Ronan Fensom
Ronan Fensom - Måned siden
The proforma ce u guys did turned out pretty well decpite it being a rediculous gag lmao
Sanerium - Måned siden
The balls you got to have to do this in public.
Skin Is delicious
Skin Is delicious - Måned siden
I hoped covid would turn everyone into this
Pan - Måned siden
8:40 Americans 40 degrees that's frezzing
People who know the metric system
40 degrees that's boiling hot
Billy Kaelin
Billy Kaelin - Måned siden
Why was the train driver part so sad
TehRealJulian - Måned siden
give my boy his goddamn mooney
Esper - Måned siden
That was actually awesome???
Cameron Walker
Cameron Walker - Måned siden
A dude literally moons the camera at 0:02 and 11:13. How is this not being talked about?
Ronald McDonald
Ronald McDonald - Måned siden
What type of genre is this music
Yeet Yeet
Yeet Yeet - Måned siden
im suprised he didnt die of embarasment
Zipwad - Måned siden
Little did the bystanders know they were supporting automating the music industry
Leon Teddy
Leon Teddy - Måned siden
That was great
Master Tejas
Master Tejas - Måned siden
what in witchcraft he managed to play the guitar while dancing and both of his hands on the pipes?
yeet yeet
yeet yeet - Måned siden
10:40 funny music
sam wilson
sam wilson - Måned siden
that moment when you realise that a steam engine is just a really big kettle
Dennis Cuesta
Dennis Cuesta - Måned siden
I swear friends will be automated in the future
Jeff Bezos
Jeff Bezos - Måned siden
"hold my vocaloid"
Young Primate
Young Primate - Måned siden
Volo is really good!
Caidyn Brown
Caidyn Brown - Måned siden
Man you did him dirty
Tamsin Walsh
Tamsin Walsh - Måned siden
Ahh yess the good ol’ days when we were completely oblivious that we’d live in a pandemic
Emerson Jaimes
Emerson Jaimes - Måned siden
It’s 2 In the morning.
#Gamer Haw
#Gamer Haw - Måned siden
A one man band exist it's the person behind the video the history of the entire world I guess
Fennec Rocks
Fennec Rocks - Måned siden
Why did that conductor scene actually make me cry?
Mason Brown
Mason Brown - Måned siden
My cat watched this video
Jizzrael Adesanya
Jizzrael Adesanya - Måned siden
The towel falling is my favourite in a sea of details 😂
ehe te nandayo
ehe te nandayo - Måned siden
*where can i buy this. i mean your test subject of course*
Simon rex
Simon rex - Måned siden
Does Vulo have any socials? His singing is absolutely amazing
Dog Fish
Dog Fish - Måned siden
Why is the first 2 minutes of this video sad
Jairus Vanberg
Jairus Vanberg - Måned siden
This dude is wicked good
JesseYekti gaming
JesseYekti gaming - Måned siden
Its actually really unsettling to me ngl
Fro Guitar
Fro Guitar - Måned siden
Tbh it would never be ringo