How To Get Thousands In Free Food !

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I am going to show you have to get thousands of dollars in free food. This method should work anywhere in the world and is easier if you can time it with blackouts as well. Enjoy eating your Thousands of dollars of free food!
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R_boX - 12 timer siden
That last part really fucking triggered me
Doyoumine - Dag siden
Watch church Sunday/Wednesday to learn about the one true God.
Liam Kamiya
Liam Kamiya - 3 dager siden
This guy used CAVIAR to clean his foot and I love it
Myotis Welwitschii
Myotis Welwitschii - 5 dager siden
The closest supermarket to me has an automatic grinder in their bins so that everything gets unusable.
But in my unis city it works.
Myotis Welwitschii
Myotis Welwitschii - 5 dager siden
There is a lot of good food in supermarket bins apart from power outages.
We have a bunch of supermarkets who started locking their bins to stop the behavior.
But when I always look homeless enough that noone gives me too much trouble when they notice me.
A lot of staff isn't the richest themselves so they often understand, I think at least.
But the power outage tactic might work better in Australia, we don't really have power outages here.
Vengeance - 5 dager siden
I’m from Bulgaria lol
Carl Marcus
Carl Marcus - 7 dager siden
Well, here there are about 2 stores. Yay for living in rural areas! On the plus side I can hunt, fish, pick mushrooms, forage berries, drink clean river water.
Loyal Ako
Loyal Ako - 7 dager siden
When he show us his app and we see something

I see your man of culture as well 👌👌👌
lentokone toveriturbiini
lentokone toveriturbiini - 7 dager siden
It's it illegal to steal trash? I don't think so, or at least hope so
Yar Manarnar
Yar Manarnar - 8 dager siden
I like to snag even the rotten/damaged produce cuz that's free fertilizer baybeeeee
Fevverzz - 8 dager siden
I like the apps you have on your phone
NIMM TEIL, oder STIRB. - 8 dager siden
That's theft in Germany.
Megadextrious - 8 dager siden
When I worked at dollar general I would accidentally make it known to the homeless folks that some food had just been tossed out, and if something wasn’t open already I would leave it outside the dumpster. It kills me to waste anything, so yah good on ya!
Daniel Sanchez
Daniel Sanchez - 8 dager siden
Did anyone see the apps he got or was it just me
German_Lad 39
German_Lad 39 - 8 dager siden
Time to take all of Costco's cheese
Lebensgott - 9 dager siden
in germany it is illegal to take something out of the trash from supermarkets....... that is super stupid....
IChaseFish - 9 dager siden
wait wtf
is this how HowToBasic unironically gets his vast amounts of food? he lives in Australia and everything
luke murphy
luke murphy - 10 dager siden
Hey, with all that feta you should make feta, broccoli and peanut salads they sound nasty but they’re actually really good
Nightell - 10 dager siden
im defo gonna do this in college
Catman oof
Catman oof - 10 dager siden
R.I.P. tree f in chat pls and also if you cut the tree all the way down it will grow back
Clickbait Steve
Clickbait Steve - 12 dager siden
1:03 it’s all fun in games until his finger slips to the right
Arabian_Warrior1972 - 12 dager siden
You saved my family from hunger🙏🏽♥︎
Wm Phelps
Wm Phelps - 13 dager siden
Am I the only one who saw prob hub in his apps
JaceBoss - 14 dager siden
1:05 Dream Girlfriend app...very nice 👍🏻
Its Just Yves
Its Just Yves - 14 dager siden
In germany its actually illegal to take the "garbage" from supermarkets, its completely disgusting
Mitiki - 14 dager siden
holy shit this actually works just got me 10kgs worth of steak and some dough nuts
ghostface477 - 14 dager siden
I was kinda laughing at the whole idea then I saw the pile of meat and saw only $$$
homfri - 15 dager siden
Little tip for dumpster diving, leave sealed margarine alone unless its winter, if the package gets too warm it separates and you basically get D grade vegetable oil with corn syrup and milk solids floating in it. Just go ahead and spend the $2 on it inside the store. And if the dumpster is locked or behind a gate, be sure and sneaky about it, because if caught its a for sure trespassing charge and your boss will ask why you, a security guard just got a trespassing charge at the place you're supposed to be guarding on the weekends
fiv3esixX - 15 dager siden
Actually its poorly illegal in Germany here... I hate the potential to get punsihed to safe food from ending as waste.
Crap I Built
Crap I Built - 15 dager siden
Holy crap I love you man, I just wanted to first give the food dumpster dive a try before travelling to places with outages. Got 1.3kg of smoked salmon, posh bread, a roast and cold cuts. You most certainly were not kidding
Jules Here
Jules Here - 16 dager siden
holy shit, this is actually helpful. like if you were homeless, this would be super valuable, or like otherwise struggling financially to where buying food is a luxury or somethin
Blackout Lol
Blackout Lol - 16 dager siden
Wow this is a genuine tutorial like seriously though I thought the title was a joke until I saw the actual video.
WikiWiki109 - 17 dager siden
Me, who doesn't live in Australia
Veronica Martinez
Veronica Martinez - 17 dager siden
So that is how howtobasic does it
InspirationIsHard - 18 dager siden
tactical dumpster diving
Invisible - 18 dager siden
1:02 look at his apps lmfao
L0ST - 19 dager siden
i like how he has "dream girlfriend" on his phone
hpluisb - 19 dager siden
hey my dad has that same game on his phone he never lets me play it though
BZX896 - 19 dager siden
1:00 wat the hell is that apk 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
CC - 20 dager siden
were not gonna talk about how thicc he looking at 2:18
Broken Mic
Broken Mic - 21 dag siden
I hate love how smart stupid this guy is
Kamil Sladek
Kamil Sladek - 22 dager siden
Dumpster Diving is actually against the Law in Germany because the Trash is still the property of the supermarket.
Rem - 22 dager siden
When you have p0rnh0b and dream girl friend on your phone.
GunnyDuns - 25 dager siden
Lmao im convinced you’re how2basics after this.
Aden RODRIGUEZ - 27 dager siden
Mans was watching P🚫RN
Jeronimo Sison
Jeronimo Sison - 28 dager siden
Maybe I'll live in Australia just to survive.
Simon King
Simon King - 29 dager siden
My country is mentioned in a video. Yaaay
PInguDaPenguIn - Måned siden
i heard mcdonalds are giving out free food if you walk in with a mask and a gun. so nice of them!
jąčķ - Måned siden
This man is a god he has the porn hub app on his phone and is not afriad to show it
Dylan Plays
Dylan Plays - Måned siden
what did i witness
Hannah - Måned siden
Okay but like, how safe is food that’s been sitting in a dead freezer for 3 hours?
Skelebonez having a seizure
how did i only now notice the porn hub premium app at 1:02
Vinny Acosta
Vinny Acosta - Måned siden
1:03 check the apps
Dark link
Dark link - Måned siden
I like how you can see a pornhub app at his phone
LXDZ Hamburger
LXDZ Hamburger - Måned siden
I love that he has tinder in his phone
Anonymous Man
Anonymous Man - Måned siden
Nice Apps mate
Kratic - Måned siden
That porn tho
Harry Schlager
Harry Schlager - Måned siden
1:03 anyone notice pornhub
Professional Bandit
Professional Bandit - Måned siden
Why’s no one talking about the thumbnail wtf
Dayne Close
Dayne Close - Måned siden
"Capitalism is efficient!"
Capitalism: 4:25
Mads skov Christensen
Mads skov Christensen - Måned siden
This man i a legend, cheers mate
MondyTs - Måned siden
In Italy it's considered stealing and it's therefore illegal to take other people's garbage
kalleyxx - Måned siden
How legal is this in Australia?
Nihtgenga Lastnamegoeshere
I wish bin diving was still a thing you could do round where i am. Alas, all the supermarkets have gotten wise to it, and started locking the bins a few years back. Jerks.
Nicholas Potyok
Nicholas Potyok - Måned siden
Wtf is the thumbnail
BLUEBEAR - Måned siden
1:03 i love how he has porn hub and tinder
LIZ-O-RAMA - Måned siden
in north america they usually lock the bins because capitalism.
Citrom FN ?
Citrom FN ? - Måned siden
Deleted - Måned siden
Wow this is great idea collage students should learn from this. This is just straight up a great idea! I feel like dumbass after this video but sadly in my country storms and such thing happens. Feel like living in other countries .
Julia van de Berg
Julia van de Berg - Måned siden
1:02 i see the app pornhub -_-
Rat 2.0
Rat 2.0 - Måned siden
The apps he has 🤣
Sans The blaster
Sans The blaster - Måned siden
You are amazing. What you do is undeniably environmentally friendly and there is nothing strange with it when you really think about it. Yet, I think that NONE OF US would have actually done what you did in your place. I don't know how you get the resolve to care so little about stupid socially established rules and and to act so rationally, perfectly knowing that everyone will stare at you and call you "disgusting". I wish I was caothic-neutral enough to do that.
Phil Swift
Phil Swift - Måned siden
H3ntai_is LOVE
H3ntai_is LOVE - Måned siden
FIND MY REAL CHANEL? no you didnt yet
Hmmm i saw he had porn hub app -_-
Bean Inspector
Bean Inspector - Måned siden
How to get thousands of free food step one kill 1000 people
Exploding Pigs
Exploding Pigs - Måned siden
Sxcred - Måned siden
Why is there porn 1:03
ApexIndustries - Måned siden
Tell this to the homeless. if I could, I would start a charity and force the electricity companies to donate the wasted food. It’s very bad what they do . Your method could save lives in 3rd world countries! You did great on this one bro.
ApexIndustries - Måned siden
Also people need to consider this as an alternative to buying rip off foods, like in Canada it costs like 3 dollars for candy and 5 dollars for a few water bottles. Honestly this works anywhere as long as you live in a country with $$$ and people.
Gaming Masster
Gaming Masster - Måned siden
3:33 it looks like one of those things that will help u bring stuff into the store so that part might be stealing ..
Russian _Boy
Russian _Boy - Måned siden
Nobody is talking about that he the pornhub app on his phone
Developer Noob
Developer Noob - Måned siden
And nobody is going to question he has PornHub on his phone? Yeah it’s normal. Nice dude.
Gaming Masster
Gaming Masster - Måned siden
Dream girlfriend lol
I did a thing
I did a thing - Måned siden
look at some of the other apps
Connor L
Connor L - Måned siden
That's actually really smart.....I'll brb
Super Cheeze
Super Cheeze - Måned siden
Holly SHT ,now i don't have to spend money on food anymore WHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAJ
Mana - Måned siden
So no one cares if u have pornhub app in your phone?
it is i
it is i - Måned siden
I can never tell if hes saying "how's it going" or "hey guy"
LIZ-O-RAMA - Måned siden
it's how ya going. traditional aussie greeting.
Tooth Brush
Tooth Brush - Måned siden
It's a shame that this is illegal in Germany
darth lord of the shit
darth lord of the shit - Måned siden
I cant be the only one that noticed his ph app
iniqu22 - Måned siden
I see you also like p0rn
Araiguma Alice Kiruno
Araiguma Alice Kiruno - Måned siden
1:03 he have some suspicious apps
killer marvel76
killer marvel76 - Måned siden
Comment Hell yeah if you actually did this
Bob The Human
Bob The Human - Måned siden
This is genuinely funny lmaoo
Ronni Points
Ronni Points - Måned siden
Some people say it's disgusting but it's actually incredibly smart and the food's clean
Ogi - Måned siden
i just got 500$ worth of food i was going to store and when they were throwing it i was there and i picked it up
Ogi - Måned siden
i love apps,
get 6 pack,
Dream girlfriend,
Xmas Beetle ID guide,
pornhub ( my favourite)
Annimations YT
Annimations YT - Måned siden
He has pornhub lol
madbox _madbruh
madbox _madbruh - Måned siden
you should give that food to poor people
E Snethen
E Snethen - Måned siden
You got the best channel name
TPB Brani
TPB Brani - Måned siden
I am from Bulgaria and the white cheese is called сирене here
sara - Måned siden
your life seems fun, would love to have friends or anyone I could do this shit with