How Much Money Did I Make Fixing Broken Tools?

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Im just trying to prove im not useless.
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Eric Salidbar
Eric Salidbar - 9 minutter siden
You should have painted that vise a beautiful vise blue lol
Eric Salidbar
Eric Salidbar - 11 minutter siden
Those grease stains are why my fault hates me lol. If you came to my house you wouldn't have a problem guessing which door is mine lol
A-Poc - Time siden
If anybody is wondering what PC Case he's using it's the Deepcool Matrexx 55 ADDRGB.
Angelina ZA
Angelina ZA - 5 timer siden
Stop pla for god sake stopppp
Hus 9
Hus 9 - 11 timer siden
CPY - 12 timer siden
WD40 is not lubricant :)
Anthony Do
Anthony Do - 12 timer siden
yh go on give the kid a hammer nothings gonna happen right?...right?
Insight Of the ages
Insight Of the ages - Dag siden
that vice was worth prolly 110?
bird up
bird up - Dag siden
I would never trust a toddler with a giant hammer next to my car. Props for good parenting bro.
Xi Ling
Xi Ling - Dag siden
Are you racist against Chinese people or something?
Ganja -
Ganja - - Dag siden
dude its insane to watch your vidios high af
Tosuto Chan
Tosuto Chan - 2 dager siden 😂
subscribe just to see how many i can get
My town still has a community trash day once every few months or so
Jacob Soden
Jacob Soden - 2 dager siden
We aren’t useless. we are beyond useless. we’ve destroyed the planet.
FlamingMonkey0 - 2 dager siden
I can't tell if this is god tier shitposting or actual quality content
Alex Nelson
Alex Nelson - 2 dager siden
Ahhh, good old fashioned child labor jokes.
AutoCorrect - 2 dager siden
its funny because i have the exact same monitor as you so it was confusing
mrkanangra - 2 dager siden
Do you live in wahroonga mate....
Lucas Marques
Lucas Marques - 3 dager siden
This video has some damn high peaks of ironic toxicity and I love it
Jaden McCoy
Jaden McCoy - 3 dager siden
I know y he dont show his face after this video
Tyzu - 3 dager siden
I did a thing acquired Usefulness!
During: Quarantine
Haley Munoz
Haley Munoz - 4 dager siden
this is what i found on google Though there is a wide variation among materials used to manufacture these types of computers, there are many common elements including copper, gold, aluminum, zinc, iron and nickel.Sep 28, 2018
Chaotic Nipples
Chaotic Nipples - 4 dager siden
It scares me when people say individuals matter, it’s calming when nobody matters
I did a thing
I did a thing - 4 dager siden
yeh i agree
Meme s
Meme s - 4 dager siden
8:26 Why does his chin look like human shrek?
ian Thompson
ian Thompson - 4 dager siden
even easier way buy some broken snapon tools if the internet take it to a to truck to get fixed usually it's free or very cheap. boom something you paid 50 bucks for is now worth 150. I bought an impact for 150 got it rebuilt for free sold it for 400 new it cost 1200
Nathan - 6 dager siden
When buying anything i tend to favor things i can repair, but yeah for phones i'm pretty much limited to replacing a battery/screen...
Awesome Guy
Awesome Guy - 7 dager siden
Were just going to ignore how he let metal grease vinegar water into his open wounds
Doyoumine - 8 dager siden
Watch church Sunday/Wednesday to learn about the one true God.
Ultra_axe781 - 8 dager siden
Whas this kid with the hammer your son or your brother?
Shane Plater
Shane Plater - 8 dager siden
Where was the cheeky pokies clip of you losing $200
Kennard Carig
Kennard Carig - 8 dager siden
Strict Parents: "Dont let the baby play with dangerous tools please!"
This guy:"Go play with your hammer now."
a great parent in my book 10/10
jmac2o2 - 8 dager siden
I have spent the past several days cleaning up my rusty tools so I don't actually know why I'm watching you do it
B A - 9 dager siden
haha unless you re a Chinese hahahahah
TOXIC_ASF - 9 dager siden
Last time I took mushrooms I almost killed myself cause I couldn’t comprehend phones were made out of earth.
Gintare - 9 dager siden
In Sweden you are not allowed to pick anything from a scrap yard :( so manny gems you can see when you throwing your own crap... damn.. sometimes it is really painfull not to take it.. even if it is poking you
Yuko Yoshida
Yuko Yoshida - 9 dager siden
how to scam
Dashiell Hoffman
Dashiell Hoffman - 9 dager siden
dude i love the SUPER SUBTLE coomedie
Chandler Boan
Chandler Boan - 9 dager siden
Can anyone tell what song is playing around 3:00? It sounds super familiar, but I can't place it
as3fawf - 10 dager siden
You're funny :)
armyman329 - 10 dager siden
song at 2:50 ?? What game do I know this from
EDIT: Total Miner Forge -
Lol Lol
Lol Lol - 10 dager siden
Make a part 2, this video was so interesting!
Anson Chan
Anson Chan - 10 dager siden
"Go have fun, go have fun, go have fun!"
*Baby with hammer* : starts smashing the car
Jacob Minchin
Jacob Minchin - 10 dager siden
Mate do you live in WA?
Janis Daugavietis
Janis Daugavietis - 10 dager siden
Such a HQ channel
Goblin Tsar
Goblin Tsar - 10 dager siden
I just want to thank you for all the gross, painful, weird, tedious shit you do for our collective entertainment. 5 stars for this channel
Jay Sandoval
Jay Sandoval - 11 dager siden
Use coke too wash off the rust completely
Wally Wonker
Wally Wonker - 11 dager siden
How was wanting for the kid to hit the car
TheDeadCobra - 11 dager siden
I would like to see more of this repair stuff
I did a thing
I did a thing - 11 dager siden
Thanks mate. IM planning to do more soon
William Cameron
William Cameron - 11 dager siden
thanks for saving me from the urge to do this, ill go hit up chris.
Megan Johnson
Megan Johnson - 11 dager siden
So many parts of this video could be so offensive and I love it
Dolph 0w0
Dolph 0w0 - 11 dager siden
I literally gasped when I saw that he threw his phone at the floor I genuinely wasn’t expecting that
Zach Hornsby
Zach Hornsby - 11 dager siden
this guy is fucking hilarious! thank you for making these videos lmao
Heidi Nguyen
Heidi Nguyen - 11 dager siden
This channel is brilliant. How can you be political, instructional, hilarious at the same time.
Strange things do happen in Australia
Brunomind - 12 dager siden
The intro doesnt work on a person who has no Hobbys and is only interested in
Hardware lol
Taz - 12 dager siden
His voice is so hot
David Gregory
David Gregory - 12 dager siden
Every video... He places his feet where it makes my anxiety levels go through the roof at some point... If only for a couple of seconds... It's always there
znatim - 12 dager siden
where is the part 2... with Chris?
znatim - 12 dager siden
why you didn't continue to clean the plastic ?
Owen Caringal
Owen Caringal - 12 dager siden
Him standing barefoot with broken sharp mug parts is scaring me.
RAT BOY KEEMSTAR - 12 dager siden
Me when i saw the Mona Lisa
Vernon York
Vernon York - 13 dager siden
Lowkey the Chinese factory joke is racist
Ash Gammer
Ash Gammer - 13 dager siden
0:02 Face Reveal LOL
ching chong
ching chong - 12 dager siden
Watch the rubber bullet video, his face is in pretty much all of the video
Clickbait Steve
Clickbait Steve - 13 dager siden
I am so happy I found this guy
Chris W
Chris W - 13 dager siden
I got them modeling pic ready but you won’t answer......
Lilly K
Lilly K - 13 dager siden
Your face kinda reminds me of willne
Rolf Dabrowski
Rolf Dabrowski - 14 dager siden
this is funny to watch
skaaads - 14 dager siden
i need to find chris
Joocy Tomatoes
Joocy Tomatoes - 14 dager siden
Imagine Elon musk watching this
“You’re useless”
Elon “I could debate that”
T̶r̶o̶l̶l̶ O̶v̶e̶r̶l̶o̶a̶d̶i̶n̶g̶
Your videos are amazing and perfect quality & comedy as well as the perfect main idea. ❤️
florida beach life !
florida beach life ! - 14 dager siden
That's not real money
Alejandro Carro
Alejandro Carro - 15 dager siden
Matches all my vibes? Funny? Hard working? And kinda smart? Yup... that's a well deserved follow :) keep it up
UntrainableWizard - 15 dager siden
Chris didn't pay me that much, you must have been doing his "advanced" modelling.
Owen Crosby
Owen Crosby - 15 dager siden
Silly accented man makes fun of 21st century capitalism. I'm lovin' it.
Genotypic - 15 dager siden
I feel so sacred of the child because at any point he might smack that car with that hammer
henry the ounce
henry the ounce - 15 dager siden
Was chris pretty chill or what?
Detail UK
Detail UK - 15 dager siden
When he side modelling for Chris I was done
Owen McCann
Owen McCann - 15 dager siden
Love me some cheeky modeling
amirali gh
amirali gh - 16 dager siden
isnt a hammer dangerous?
Vize Spice
Vize Spice - 16 dager siden
Oof u caught me, I'm out cya need to make some phones 😁👍
Darkness - 16 dager siden
i cant tell if hes joking or not with the heavy racism lol
Smirky Mojo
Smirky Mojo - 16 dager siden
12:02 chilli chips from kettle are the best
Help me get to 10.000 subs with no content
Ahh theres nothing like watching someone make fun of the poor on a saturday morning
Ben Himself
Ben Himself - 16 dager siden
The ridiculous thing is that fixing any power tool/appliance that plug into over 50VAC or 120VDC in this country is illegal (check your state) without being a licensed electrician, let alone selling them. Only in Australia.
Candied Crusader
Candied Crusader - 16 dager siden
8:38 I did a thing got stabbed over and over again to get this guy off
Teddy Cush
Teddy Cush - 16 dager siden
02:08 song
Teddy Cush
Teddy Cush - 16 dager siden
Mate? Do you think if I sent you my life you’d fix that?
FUZZ BOY - 16 dager siden
At 0:03 you can see his face 😲
game killer
game killer - 16 dager siden
Why? 9:78
Kermit the god
Kermit the god - 16 dager siden
My tablet is on hardcover drugs
Skydweller - 16 dager siden
Where's those modelling pictures?
Zahbär Schmuni
Zahbär Schmuni - 17 dager siden
Ah, ye ole Wheel'n'bar.
Scythixs - 17 dager siden
My life is like that,except i never get called
gum drop
gum drop - 17 dager siden
What was the song he used at the end?
pistol breath
pistol breath - 17 dager siden
Sell my body to what? Crisp?
pistol breath
pistol breath - 17 dager siden
Really surprised u dint break ur hand becareful
pistol breath
pistol breath - 17 dager siden
Your torque was to high that towel wasnt fastened Im a fema factory inspector for last 5 years
Jose Juarez
Jose Juarez - 17 dager siden
This makes me feel sad cuz my family had to eat trash.
TAYLOR Ott - 14 dager siden
So do my raccoons
CaptureFreakz - 17 dager siden
very nice music choice!
Anna Moranova
Anna Moranova - 17 dager siden
*u crazy lol*
bot3224 - 17 dager siden
This channel gonna gonna get FAT I’m calling it