How DANGEROUS are Metal Straws?

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After decades of stabbing sea turtles, straws have now moved onto their next
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Bob Rblx
Bob Rblx - 12 dager siden
Dumb boi
Stitch Weirdo Squad .UwU.!!!
Stitch Weirdo Squad .UwU.!!! - 19 dager siden
ǫᴜᴇᴇɴ ᴏғ ʜᴀʟʟᴏᴡᴇᴇɴ
@Gregory Veizades this?5:20
AkwqrdFeelings Plays
AkwqrdFeelings Plays - 25 dager siden
wHoS wAtChInG tHiS cAuSe It CaMe On Ur ReCcOmMeNdEd LiSt In 2020
Potato Girl
Potato Girl - 27 dager siden
I did a thing I’m allergic to grains :)
Josh Ng
Josh Ng - 4 timer siden
Grabmaster Diddle
Grabmaster Diddle - 13 timer siden
Looking at you makes me realize if I continue to chew my finger nails some day my fingers will look as fucked up as yours thank you for this teachable moment
Jakeylolkiller 6464
Jakeylolkiller 6464 - Dag siden
Not being mean but straws arnt killing turtles they have to nose holes and I feel like it’s very rare for a tiny straw to go in a turtles nose so please don’t don’t say there being tortured don’t hate on me
Orion Rosedale
Orion Rosedale - Dag siden
ok i had a genius idea for a bit that you could have put in this video. when you say doing pushups with scissors in your mouth you could've cut off the blades and put just the handle in your mouth and then fallen while doing a pushup and had the ground push the handle into your mouth looking like you impaled yourself. so basically you should hire me to write your jokes
Samuel Schreiber
Samuel Schreiber - Dag siden
Your humor is amazing your so funny 😂
TurtleViper - 2 dager siden
“I’m gonna get a normal object that we are used to having in our mouth”
*reaches for his pants*
Hadi Seblani
Hadi Seblani - 2 dager siden
...isnt bone much, much denser than plywood?
Scott Parker
Scott Parker - 2 dager siden
Wow. You are just a total asshole.
Shanski - 3 dager siden
Excuse me.. I am a prissy bitch... I only use my mouth without a straw for two things... Eating and yelling at everyone.
Chochi Pochi
Chochi Pochi - 3 dager siden
"sksksksksksksksk cap"-said that vsco girl
Yoav Friedman
Yoav Friedman - 3 dager siden
what is this weird flat fork
GodzillaGaming - 3 dager siden
Girls: plastic straws, metal straws or paper straws?
Boys: just drink with your fuckin mouth
Isak Stenmark
Isak Stenmark - 3 dager siden
or just recycle.
bxttrr • light
bxttrr • light - 3 dager siden
Paper straws anyone?
Ricardo Pesenti
Ricardo Pesenti - 3 dager siden
Envirementalists are stupid idiots... Instead of replacing good, cheap plastic straws by useless paper one or way worse and dangerous metal ones, how about just stopping to throw them in our oceans?!
No option for those idiots... Smoking weed and not working destroys their ability to think logically...
Ricardo Pesenti
Ricardo Pesenti - 3 dager siden
Like plastic bags... Cotton bags have a massively higher carbon footprint than the plastic ones... You would need to use your cotton bag multiple hundred thousand times to get less carbon foorprint than a tiny plastic bag hundreds of times thinner... And water proof... Etc...
The Memelord
The Memelord - 3 dager siden
In Germany we normally use glass straws
incognito - 4 dager siden
Very good video
(Call me a comment bot and il say Y U BULLY ME)
Rohan preet
Rohan preet - 4 dager siden
How to basic at its finest lol
Patton Durio
Patton Durio - 4 dager siden
Disposable bamboo straws. You could even make them yourself extremely easily.
Arturo Aviles
Arturo Aviles - 4 dager siden
Straws are for dumb people. Change my mind
zuzia klimek
zuzia klimek - 4 dager siden
I bought metal straws today 🤠
bigpig187 - 5 dager siden
Got one years ago because Homer's telescoptic cake sucking straw and not by "ecological" concerns
teehee - 5 dager siden
0:38 im sorry but that made me clastraphobic
Joe Black
Joe Black - 5 dager siden
Yeah... I also don't get why healthy adults use straws.
Luna Nyberg
Luna Nyberg - 5 dager siden
Once I started drinking hot beverages with a straw there was no going back. As soothing as a baby and a bottle. Fight me.
I did a thing
I did a thing - 5 dager siden
Where are we fighting?
luster 5
luster 5 - 5 dager siden
Here's a thought.
Why don't we just use plastic straw and don't throw them away???.
Human has this powerful abilities to take simple things and make them extremely complicated for no reason what so ever at all.
War Thunder Replays
War Thunder Replays - 5 dager siden
Ian Armelin de Haro
Ian Armelin de Haro - 5 dager siden
Why is your fork flat?
surfligue - 5 dager siden
Imagine if he died while jumping with the scissors on his mouth
-"He died because he tried to show that jumping with scissors in his mouth was dumb"
Lynsey Soyring
Lynsey Soyring - 6 dager siden
the unlucky minerafter
the unlucky minerafter - 6 dager siden
lol this was great
Mina Aries
Mina Aries - 6 dager siden
If you really need straws bamboo straws are an alternative, or just use paper straws and down your drink before it disintegrates on you
Fallen Sway
Fallen Sway - 6 dager siden
Maybe have a quick look at this to see why reusable/alternative straws aren’t always the best option
The quick version
goddamnmaddog - 6 dager siden
I almost killed myself with a "blow gun" when I was 12. the metal pipe didn't puncture any bone, but the stitches from surgery on the back of my throat were not funny..
Max Khunglo
Max Khunglo - 7 dager siden
Seriously only unique people need to watch this 10min video just to understand that you can drink without a straw. If not I don't know which god created you.
Drop Kicked Murphy
Drop Kicked Murphy - 7 dager siden
Do you actually watch the Modern Rogue?
FreeAlleGasten Free
FreeAlleGasten Free - 7 dager siden
My man eats his fingernails as dessert 🤷‍♂️
Toad - 7 dager siden
I’m drinking out of a metal straw right now?!
Sabian Griffin2023
Sabian Griffin2023 - 7 dager siden
We don't all have guns (I think) (I can only think of my grandmother and my uncle)
Tristan Philip Alvarez
Tristan Philip Alvarez - 7 dager siden
The acting bro it just make me laugh and cry (i hate my life)
pj thegunnut
pj thegunnut - 8 dager siden
A large percent of Americans go now hunting every year
Shalona Rucker
Shalona Rucker - 8 dager siden
A -metal straw bad
dxnni uwu
dxnni uwu - 8 dager siden
I saw the thumbnail and went “GLIZZZZYY”
Loki Ro
Loki Ro - 8 dager siden
I'm pretty sure that sea turtle straw thing started because of a 4th graders essay
John A Doe
John A Doe - 8 dager siden
hmm How DANGEROUS are Metal Straws(aka a metal tube)? I'm pretty sure that it is proportional to a persons stupidity. it's nature at work.
Blunt Producer
Blunt Producer - 8 dager siden
60% knife
Banov Riskiansyah
Banov Riskiansyah - 8 dager siden
Sip gang?
pandathan 457
pandathan 457 - 9 dager siden
This is
The first video I've seen about you been here ever since
Existensy - 9 dager siden
Why did I watch this while drinking from a metal straw
Daniel Boone
Daniel Boone - 9 dager siden
We just guna over look the fact his fork was flat
Josxikia - 9 dager siden
I mean the turtles can just breathe farther tho
Jake The Jeweler
Jake The Jeweler - 9 dager siden
This is boring
mulln merk
mulln merk - 9 dager siden
I just use my spork
RufftaMan - 9 dager siden
Just today I got a paper straw at Burger King.
If you left it in a liquid for a day it would probably be pulp, but for the 20 minutes or so you need to devour your food and drink 0.4l of coke, it is absolutely fine. And of course safe for your brain AND the environment.
Alhassan Is Fun
Alhassan Is Fun - 9 dager siden
When cats touch water 0:36
Dinari Lloyd
Dinari Lloyd - 9 dager siden
Make thick rubber straws
DOM Y - 10 dager siden
i was hoping to find a top comment regarding ableism, especially since you briefly mentioned physical impairmet. plastic straws were designed as medical equipment for people who can't "just pour liquid into" their mouths. basically, I agree that plastic straws should not just come with a drink, but they do *need to be available on request*
Alexander Finvåg
Alexander Finvåg - 10 dager siden
i did a thing is a great channel with funny momments
The Craze™ Collective
The Craze™ Collective - 10 dager siden
Junior Arias
Junior Arias - 10 dager siden
I walked in this video thinking it was going to be a serious video... glad it wasn’t 😂
Elurius De Shea
Elurius De Shea - 10 dager siden
We just need to recycle plastic straws or make a new straw that's
soft but breaks by water or something. Also i'm a huge fan of sea
turtles. 👏☹️
CmcAnimation - 10 dager siden
I’m never drinking from a straw again
Hannah Ulrich
Hannah Ulrich - 10 dager siden
What is this weak firepower? My 24f sock pistol does more damage. (Love from the US) xD
da zenzi
da zenzi - 10 dager siden
The straw it's 60% knife😋
Wolf Gaming
Wolf Gaming - 10 dager siden
Turn a metal straw into a mini cannon
Franky_DJ IsKool
Franky_DJ IsKool - 10 dager siden
but who is falling face first on a straw?
Nutcracker Sam
Nutcracker Sam - 10 dager siden
. where will you spend eternity? Death is a reality we all must face and the question you need to ask yourself is: "Where am i going when i die?" The Bible says that we'll either go to *Heaven or Hell.*
The problem is that the standard to get to heaven is *perfection.* But we all fall short. *Test Yourself:* Have you ever lied? Stolen? Hated? Looked with lust? Disobeyed parents? Swore? Even if we've only done it once, we *deserve* to be sent to Hell. And simply stopping our sin now will not undo our past.
The only way to get to Heaven then is if you have *someone* who can take your Hell punishment for you on your behalf. But only a perfect person can ?e that for you. Jesus is the only one who has lived *perfectly* and He died (on?) the cross taking the punishment we deserve, rising 3 days later. You (need?) to *trust* in His death on the cross as the ONLY reason why you are forgiven. This will cause you to want to *turn* from your sins out of gratitude for what Jesus has done for you."
-Ominous Death Card

now that is very christian
Parkin Furkmaz
Parkin Furkmaz - 11 dager siden
Idk why other goons are buying metal straws but I pretty only did it for buying those Asian milk teas. Also which idiot drink using a metal straw puts the sharp end in their mouth lol
Dan Canuel
Dan Canuel - 11 dager siden
...plastic reusable straws?
Benji C
Benji C - 11 dager siden
Why are turtles complaining what are they gonna do breath farther
Evan Lacroix
Evan Lacroix - 11 dager siden
can we have a test with a hard plastic straws
big_gucci_chris - 11 dager siden
Makes sense since the straw has a smaller surface area than the fork despite it, potentially, not being as sharp as the fork but holy crap, I wasn’t expecting it to go clean through the gel with the wood
Ranorky Yt
Ranorky Yt - 11 dager siden
I hate it when my straw goes up my head
Puppitere Puppet
Puppitere Puppet - 11 dager siden
Metal straws are as likely to deep-nose a turtle (what you said) as a plastic straw if you put them in a sea or ocean. In fact, they are worse then plastic straws.
HXL - 11 dager siden
Straws keep ya teeth healthy no fructose
BOT Gabe
BOT Gabe - 12 dager siden
imagine wooden straws
Nathan - 12 dager siden
'That straw is 60% knife' got me 😂
The Crizpeee Boi
The Crizpeee Boi - 13 dager siden
Me drinking my chockey milk with a straw being like
Oscar Liu
Oscar Liu - 13 dager siden
5:19 is nobody going to talk about how he has great balance
TheStrivingHero - 13 dager siden
"I don't understand why people need straws to drink." Hoo boy. I'm sure you've already got a ton of comments saying the same shit, so I'mma just keep this brief. I have really sensitive teeth, so for me, personally, I have to use straws with really cold or hot beverages. :( and I'm sure others have told you why it's so important for other things and certain health conditions.
Songbird - 13 dager siden
CraZe_Lightning YT
CraZe_Lightning YT - 13 dager siden
I would LOVE to be your neighbor
XxXDanReiXxX - 13 dager siden
8:37 did i just heard him say oof😂
Amira Sellami
Amira Sellami - 14 dager siden
Let’s just take a second to think about that this guy was standing on a skinny rope while eating pasta with a fork- 🍝
Yarel Yakov
Yarel Yakov - 14 dager siden
How about rubber straws
joshua maxam
joshua maxam - 14 dager siden
this video made me feel uncomfortable LOL like at any minute id see this man stab him self in the mouth some how XD
spidey 14 yt
spidey 14 yt - 14 dager siden
MAYA PARTRIDGE - 14 dager siden
0:27 ......... thats a bendy straw. why did you put it upside down.
Pennyoz11 - 15 dager siden
Some disabled people who can't use their hands to physically pick up a glass or cup, need straws to drink with. However I do agree with you about plastic straws in the environment. It's not good and those metal straws are down right dangerous. There needs to be some kind of solution. Great video by the way!!
colorado time
colorado time - 15 dager siden
I have plastic straws in my drawer right now
Q&A A'martine
Q&A A'martine - 15 dager siden
ur thumb nails are op
DecearingJuan180 - 15 dager siden
The commentater makes this sound serious and real
Radi - 15 dager siden
that’s because it is
someguy chilling
someguy chilling - 15 dager siden
Thanks to Australia for having people with the best voices
DanielonWiiFit - 15 dager siden
Flat forks look weird
Poetatoe - 16 dager siden
the chances of getting killed by a straw is low

but never zero
Jason Klette
Jason Klette - 16 dager siden
Imagine what John Wick could do with this... 😶
Jason Klette
Jason Klette - 16 dager siden
I'm confused, his he against metal straws?
*•Sis Chill•*
*•Sis Chill•* - 16 dager siden
Visco girls:👁👄👁
Teah Alexandra
Teah Alexandra - 16 dager siden
He just wanted to flex the strap😂
Christian Bernard
Christian Bernard - 16 dager siden
He told us not to walk and eat the promptly ate spaghetti on a tight rope.