House Training Lizards To Eat Spiders!

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As it is starting to get colder outside i thought i would invite the lizards inside to eat some spiders for me.
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I did a thing
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Happy Feet
Happy Feet - 20 timer siden
You sound like slazo
ControllerTheNightDragon Studios
a very chronic tonic Ahaha, same. Ain’t no Australian spiders, but the brown recluses and wolf spiders are MEAN
Slowshatter ;3
Slowshatter ;3 - Måned siden
HoldingMilk27 it’s a chocolate biscuit..
Reeper Slayer1265
Reeper Slayer1265 - 2 måneder siden
What is this link to?
Citizen Insane
Citizen Insane - 2 måneder siden
@Reeper Slayer1265
thekadfam 12
thekadfam 12 - 13 timer siden
The lizzerd in the ice:.... Why am i in ice him: tries to break it
Reorg - 14 timer siden
Hopefully they don't die in behind something and rot, not good
Dylan Ritz
Dylan Ritz - 23 timer siden
This got so dark so fast😂😂
Ayden Bassett
Ayden Bassett - Dag siden
You have some coffee in your grounds
john doherty
john doherty - Dag siden
In order to clean my house I introduce lizards to eat cockroaches and spiders but be left with lizard shit all over my house
no one
no one - Dag siden
At start jumped me
1000hp Engine
1000hp Engine - Dag siden
Hi i live in Miami can i do the same with iguanas ?
Xenon_The _Trap
Xenon_The _Trap - Dag siden
Haha funny
RD Flo
RD Flo - Dag siden
So you're using lizards to turn spiders into lizard poop? Or will you toilet train the lizards in the next video? ;)
YT_TrepitasGaming - 2 dager siden
bug sprayer??
Thomas Leonard
Thomas Leonard - 2 dager siden
We have lizzard families living around our house and have for years and watch them often snack on any bugs that still remain on our patio.
Gabriel Hooker
Gabriel Hooker - 2 dager siden
Everyone in 2020 wondering why it is so hard for him breathe
DeonNation Fun
DeonNation Fun - 3 dager siden
Don't feed the lizard the huntsman spider because they can be useful they will eat mice cockroaches
Andrea Lionello
Andrea Lionello - 3 dager siden
I believe those lizard shit somewhere. How do you manage that?
Ty Thegdguy
Ty Thegdguy - 3 dager siden
I use to catch eastern waterskinks cause I had a huge rock pond in my old yard
Diezel Newton
Diezel Newton - 3 dager siden
Snacc Attacc
Snacc Attacc - 3 dager siden
Why does he have *shrek for the Nintendo switch* 3:07
Trevor Turner
Trevor Turner - 3 dager siden
What about the poo?
J Arsenault
J Arsenault - 3 dager siden
What about skink poop?
OBMFJUNIOR - 3 dager siden
I love this guy this is the entertainment I didn’t know I needed 3:10 dead af 😂
mariakoth - 3 dager siden
i need to get some of the gheckos in the kitchen
Granite American
Granite American - 3 dager siden
that tiny tuna sandwich does actual look pretty good.
ItzTr3v0x! - 4 dager siden
Wtf did i just watch
Nathaniel Dubois
Nathaniel Dubois - 5 dager siden
Imagine to fear of accidentally vacuuming up one of those little dudes. 😂
mr kat
mr kat - 5 dager siden
they click their tongue... the geckos. on the wall at night
Andre Barros
Andre Barros - 5 dager siden
well... science
Todoliver69 - 5 dager siden
You could trap me so easily with a sleeve of Tim tams
Mellow Fellwoe
Mellow Fellwoe - 5 dager siden
Dude put the seat up
Extreme Riders
Extreme Riders - 5 dager siden
Put some blue tongs in
Heavenly Settings
Heavenly Settings - 5 dager siden
what the fuck
Ara-Chan Official
Ara-Chan Official - 6 dager siden
Lizard: (pirate intesifies)
Worm: oh hey pal
Lizard: ur bothering me, lemme eat you
Worm: oh fu..
Marme Dwyane Carillo
Marme Dwyane Carillo - 6 dager siden
oof u scared me D:
Doyoumine - 6 dager siden
Watch church Sunday/Wednesday to learn about the one true God.
Larre Kato
Larre Kato - 7 dager siden
crazy how well done this is
Dotsinki - 7 dager siden
Next video: can spiders eat my bug problem?
megachef04 - 7 dager siden
What the hell were you drinking
Mr.Person - 7 dager siden
I was watching this while eating a sausage roll and now I feel like there's gonna be a spider hiding in it
Mackenzie Zerkel
Mackenzie Zerkel - 7 dager siden
I love the cup full entirely of coffee grounds
ESNARKO 05 - 7 dager siden
What A Messi Haus
dreamzala - 7 dager siden
your house is a mess
Loki Ro
Loki Ro - 8 dager siden
The worst part is... this was before quarantine
Tai Theguy
Tai Theguy - 8 dager siden
Bruh... Just install a damn door sweep!
Lizards can leave... Through the same gap the spiders come in
Blazing_Storm777 Dragneel
Blazing_Storm777 Dragneel - 8 dager siden
I would be terrified of stepping on one of them
AznGuy Jr.
AznGuy Jr. - 9 dager siden
ur piss is very clear and not in a good way
Nico Giallombardo
Nico Giallombardo - 9 dager siden
The crack under the door is where the bugs are coming from
Alec Drach
Alec Drach - 9 dager siden
is this australia
Cocktus - 8 dager siden
Emils Osins
Emils Osins - 9 dager siden
why is the toilet seat thingy down when u peed and u have bad aiming ngl
JodanPlays - 10 dager siden
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JodanPlays - 10 dager siden
Nico - 10 dager siden
I have arachnophobia so I guess I’m ur family
Amyo - 10 dager siden
EllaAdventures - 10 dager siden
ok so the lizards started reproducing, then we brought in cane toads to poison the lizards. but the cane toads overran the house so we got cats to kill the toads, then the cats started eating all the silverware, there were a large amount of flies from the spiders being gone, and they took my baby sister, and now i owe the cane toad lord a sacrifice and i don't have one.
Virginia Lao
Virginia Lao - 10 dager siden
Wtf is that? 1:55
Nick jhovan Dela Cruz
Nick jhovan Dela Cruz - 10 dager siden
yeah spider suck
and a tarantula hide in my shoe and he bite my foot
Xyos 76
Xyos 76 - 10 dager siden
8:15 did you just say leasure activity or lizard activity? Because it is an awesome joke xD.
Fullnerd79 - 11 dager siden
Fucking mad cunts, love it.
illusid - 12 dager siden
Some animal probably saw the lizard and took it to-go.
mr joctopus666
mr joctopus666 - 13 dager siden
I want Tim tams so baaaaaad but I'm not I Australia
Cr4z7 Anthony
Cr4z7 Anthony - 14 dager siden
Imagine wikihows reaction if they saw this 😂
Systementality - 14 dager siden
Why are you pissing with the seat down you actual monster
ashay60 - 14 dager siden
Won't they just poop cockroach legs everywhere?
Cyborg Vlogs
Cyborg Vlogs - 15 dager siden
What about......their droppings...
Zxxcnn - 15 dager siden
This man pees no colour?
Raider Baldonado
Raider Baldonado - 15 dager siden
Wow so hydrated
Bettina Lykke
Bettina Lykke - 15 dager siden
Just had a fridge moment... What about all the poop underneath the fridge? Now you need to clean that up instead and do you remember to water the lizards?
OvAeons - 16 dager siden
You know lizards shit right? It also may stink a lot.
Simulation One
Simulation One - 16 dager siden
His house is gross.
The Flying Scotsman
The Flying Scotsman - 16 dager siden
Now what to do with all the lizard poop?
Efon Johnson
Efon Johnson - 17 dager siden
He definitely didn’t think about just cleaning his house
Jennifer Yoo
Jennifer Yoo - 17 dager siden
The best way to catch lizards is to pluck them off leaves and such at night when they’re sleeping. That’s the way I did it when I went on a research trip to Malaysia
Goldfish’s Jeff
Goldfish’s Jeff - 17 dager siden
The eqweashon was easy because carrot eqwills cocroche so u carry the unicorn that equals can swim in moving water
Hobbz Hobbz
Hobbz Hobbz - 17 dager siden
your home is disgusting
Davin lyryk
Davin lyryk - 18 dager siden
2:34 ded cockroach
Rylan McPhee
Rylan McPhee - 18 dager siden
its kinda crazy how much I am enjoying this channel. Keep being the weird glorious bastard you are.
Megan Johnson
Megan Johnson - 18 dager siden
“Never follow wikihow!!”
Me who learned math from wikihow because my teacher didn’t know how tf to teach it: 👁 👄 👁
nope justnope
nope justnope - 18 dager siden
I've lived on a farm for most of my life, and thought it was actually normal for lizards to live inside your house for the longest time growing up. Definitely helps with bugs for sure.
AllStarJayy - 19 dager siden
1000 years later frogs eat lizards
Gamer jones
Gamer jones - 19 dager siden
I would rather train a lizard to eat flys
Atleast spiders don’t jumpi in your face on purpose and land on your food and any part of your body they want
Ren McCormack
Ren McCormack - 19 dager siden
You can also fix the bug problem by just cleaning.
Lord Carnage
Lord Carnage - 19 dager siden
2.4 million people: Hmmmm *interesting*
David Muller
David Muller - 20 dager siden
I love water skinks
Blitz 07
Blitz 07 - 20 dager siden
I can't go over the fact of how dirty his house is and all the food and ants and stuff all over his floor
Bella Immaculate Jackson aka young granny
Now train them to eat actual pests instead of the guys that eat the pests. Like flies and mosquitos
Idrees Musab
Idrees Musab - 20 dager siden
I had an insect problem so I got more insects to kill the insects
I did a thing:stoinks
AKSHAY RAJPUT2 - 21 dag siden
I am from India i have like 9 or probably 10 house lizards in my balcony just like the one u should at 11:20 . Now i cam glad they are there. I fucking hate spiders and cockroaches.
Prototype AI
Prototype AI - 21 dag siden
Just vacuum, and clean up a bit mate.
LITHYY - 21 dag siden
So where do they shit?
Drew Merry
Drew Merry - 21 dag siden
Could we please get a collab between you and Mark Rober???
Tyler Russin
Tyler Russin - 21 dag siden
Now, just filled with lizard shit
Vox Radio
Vox Radio - 22 dager siden
0:10 this actually scared me.
SNGOD__YT - 22 dager siden
lol piss outside bath room when see the spider
Khoa Vu
Khoa Vu - 22 dager siden
I have geckos here in New Orleans
Mr. Gremlin
Mr. Gremlin - 22 dager siden
How does this ozzy not get demonetized every time, its like susan can see past the smoke
Scared Sage
Scared Sage - 22 dager siden
*reptile keepers are triggered*
Danielle Currier
Danielle Currier - 22 dager siden
I've been wondering this for years thank you for answering the real and important scientific questions
Markus Lennart
Markus Lennart - 23 dager siden
I want some sneaky booze.
Peachy jam
Peachy jam - 23 dager siden
This is literally why im never going to Australia or anywhere near that area on the map
Peachy jam
Peachy jam - 20 dager siden
ruchick wtf
ruchick - 21 dag siden
Glad I'm Australian
Nick1 - 23 dager siden
What will control the lizard population?
Aether Gaming
Aether Gaming - 24 dager siden
Is this how to basic?