Getting Stray Cats High To Stop Them Eating My Pets

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i dont like cats.
Watch Part 1:
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I did a thing
I did a thing - 3 måneder siden
Watch me torture more cats in part 1:
81wsk - 7 timer siden
David Sh.
David Sh. - 12 timer siden
What a man of culture 8:51. Is that a Requiem for a dream reference?
Parac0sm0naut - 14 timer siden
how about clear plexiglass extensions on your fence?
Larry Gomez
Larry Gomez - Dag siden
How come you just don't get a dog
Chile- ANYWAYS - Dag siden
Jim F
Jim F - 4 minutter siden
I hope the cat didn't get hurt when it was thrashing around in that cage. Or crushed its ribs when it tried to squeeze through the little crack it made. I'm sure you didn't mean for any harm to happen tho. You're probably just trying to get those cats away. But I think your best bet is just moving to a new home.
(Edit: 20 seconds later you showed video lol)
Jim F
Jim F - 10 minutter siden
Did you cut those cats tails off already or something in the past? Where the hell did their tails go to?
Sxwshi - 19 minutter siden
Nice "6 foot gate"
Endroholic - 56 minutter siden
Best thing i saw in a while
Fiftywhews - Time siden
My heart goes out to you for having a brother that's only a pair of shoes
dreaming4ffr - Time siden
There's actually some plants that scare of cats, just one quick google and there's tons of options.
Then again, not every cat is the same, just like humans xD
also aluminium foil scares our cats to freaking front flipping neck breaking acrobatics xD
Frank-T - 2 timer siden
Just keep a dog in the yard
Athena Broadhurst
Athena Broadhurst - 2 timer siden
Get a dog. Socialise it with birds so it doesn't touch them. Make it hate cats. Install a dog flap. When dog detects cat it will chase. Cat will not return birds will prosper . Problem solved.
Luke James
Luke James - 2 timer siden
Just shoot them 😉👌
RanT Tatics
RanT Tatics - 3 timer siden
Shoot them during the feral cat seasoun
SmokeyBeefRoarus - 3 timer siden
It might take some time and energy, but if you find out what time the cats are coming into your yard, you could also, just for a few days, stay up and actually go outside to chase them away.
Otherwise try boarding your up garden, and then grow some catnip planta outaide the walls, so they shouldnt have any reason to enter
ModernClassicComics - 3 timer siden
How about closing off your garden as best as possible and putting barbed wire around the fence.
So they can't climb in
ModernClassicComics - 3 timer siden
I hate cats..
Ben Noblett
Ben Noblett - 4 timer siden
Go to the zoo and get tiger poo and spread it round points of enrty and the cats won't want any part of your garden
your truly
your truly - 4 timer siden
Because the cats first name is "Pussy"
DonkeyDuck - 5 timer siden
Something that's sprays bbs when they cross a point so they know its dangerous to go in the yard
Fabio Falk
Fabio Falk - 5 timer siden
the little boi is soooo cute
Sedit T
Sedit T - 5 timer siden
Cat Urine. They will think the area is taken.
Angaan AK
Angaan AK - 6 timer siden
oo a furry i can relate
George Allott
George Allott - 6 timer siden
Shoot them
Ashton Paix
Ashton Paix - 6 timer siden
Simple solution grab a bb or 22 start shotin and chuck em in a crab pot for the neighbors give them a crab for there unfortunate lost cat
NIMA PINASA - 7 timer siden
Get a tibetian mastiff
NIMA PINASA - 7 timer siden
Mowery - 7 timer siden
New title idea: Australian Man DESTROYED By Cats And Is FORCED To Leave The Country
FrEdEriCO YJ - 7 timer siden
"...little monkeys"
*Shows video of a toddler*
SPARK - 7 timer siden
18:23 wow🤯🤯
Seth Oriyavong
Seth Oriyavong - 8 timer siden
Why do they all have such tiny tails?
Michael Fresh
Michael Fresh - 8 timer siden
Picture did look like catnip
Twin Tested
Twin Tested - 8 timer siden
Cleva girl
IHH Official
IHH Official - 8 timer siden
Corpse + How to basic = I did a thing
brandon low
brandon low - 9 timer siden
There’s already a frog woman she’s called froppy and people cosplay her all the time
Mr. Kneecaps
Mr. Kneecaps - 9 timer siden
I do this to the neighborhood children. No more little fuckers eating my tomatoes.
Justin Kearns
Justin Kearns - 10 timer siden
Stop feeding them and giving them catnip just catch them and relocate them
purejb - 10 timer siden
So I'm no expert and as a cat owner against outdoor free-roaming cats (as it is bad for the wildlife) I can't imagine having my own house and having to always fend-off strange cats like I see many ppl record themselves doing. I know someone who had a problem for the longest time with his cat always scavenging into the trash can even on a full tummy and after some many failed attempts to fix that he resorted to ELECTRIC COLLAR. After a couple shocks (it had a base of 2 feet that was the threshold) the cat doesn't even come within 4 feet of the trash can!!!
So my suggestion, do YOUR BEST to CATCH these cats and put on electric collars on them! And get a system that stops them from approaching the perimeter rather than going away from that perimeter (base) otherwise they might be leaving your place being shocked forever. So yes, that way every time they approach their entry points they get a shock and run away... Problem solved!!!!!!
Nicholas Genes
Nicholas Genes - 11 timer siden
Pellet guns and late night shooting lanes
ipr - 11 timer siden
What a crap cage lol
Game Boss Entertainment
Game Boss Entertainment - 11 timer siden
That was the episode of tom and Jerry
kinodvd1 - 11 timer siden
Just get a dog 😑
BakedSam - 11 timer siden
Cats don’t break down thc please don’t get them high🥺
Eyston Cleland
Eyston Cleland - 11 timer siden
We think cats are hot because we are all furries
Raphael Paz
Raphael Paz - 12 timer siden
It's quite simple, dude, cultivate pepper on your yard, cats hate them smell
Jimothy Pickens
Jimothy Pickens - 12 timer siden
We should honestly be culling them at higher rates, Keep your adorable fucking murder machines in your house if you don't want it to be appart of the cull.
I understand it isn't the fault of the cat but at the end of the day we can't allow them and shitty cat owners to keep allowing the decline of australian native wildlife, This comes from someone who loves cats, I just love native australian animals more.
xMaLekkQT - 12 timer siden
get a Chinese man they wont ever comeback
jake Lewis
jake Lewis - 12 timer siden
Id use a low voltage electric fence
Damian. daily
Damian. daily - 13 timer siden
Put mouse traps and mouse glue in the entrances they come through
999 Esary
999 Esary - 14 timer siden
Just put some aids that knocks them out and they will not com back cuz there just sleep again
Frankie Walker
Frankie Walker - 14 timer siden
The fact your in Australia and the cats are causing species to go extinct get a blow dart gun or slingshot give the other species of Fighting Chance and who cares if people get mad about it, it's not their life to live they have their own and obviously spend too much of it bothering others
Lucia Ambrogio
Lucia Ambrogio - 15 timer siden
Its very sad that native animals murdered by not native animals like cats and people think its sweet. They dont even eat them just cold blooded murder them. Terrible and sad. But now there are more and more countries who have srickt cat rules in case to save native populations. There are countries where basically every birds , reptiles amphibians are protected. Now netherland try make a strict anti cat rule. The cats rampage over native and prodected species as same as when a human would try kill them.
Ruben Buter
Ruben Buter - 15 timer siden
I might have the solution, drink some filter coffee!! Than throw all the used stuff from the filter in front off all the entrances for the cats. They will get the stoff under their nails and they will hate it!! Eventually they shouldn't come back because that stuff is annoying and they can't get it out.
Scotious Nevious
Scotious Nevious - 15 timer siden
I would use compressed air to shoot em with a metal ball. We dont play games round here. We also got a dog fir that problem
Dylan G
Dylan G - 16 timer siden
Or you can just shoot them
29Trevor p
29Trevor p - 16 timer siden
Barbed wire?
Zackariah Gill
Zackariah Gill - 16 timer siden
Get a dog....😐
Bull’s-eye 45
Bull’s-eye 45 - 16 timer siden
I love cats there cool and chill
Kayla Kalvaitis
Kayla Kalvaitis - 17 timer siden
I'd rather scare or kill the birds ,cats are my favorite the barn cats take right to me never leaving my side
Robry - 17 timer siden
Its_ Axuri
Its_ Axuri - 18 timer siden
In Malaysia if you don't want cat walking around your house or yard, we put 1 or 3(depends on you) bottle of 1 litter red color water so the cat dont come near
4TEEN jelo
4TEEN jelo - 18 timer siden
Chicken corn it can’t go wrong
King Steena
King Steena - 18 timer siden
Idk why I watched the whole thing 😂
steve j
steve j - 18 timer siden
here in Cambodia I have found cats are attracted to tiger balm, in the way you described catnip, worth a go?
Jerry Ray
Jerry Ray - 18 timer siden
You could just build a bigger fence
Bogdan Segarceanu
Bogdan Segarceanu - 19 timer siden
Have you tried with skooma ?
Gary Myambo
Gary Myambo - 20 timer siden
Get 2 Jack Russell dogs 🐶
Prazat Kumai
Prazat Kumai - 20 timer siden
My stoner dog: hope my owner was this good
Moto Whellie
Moto Whellie - 20 timer siden
Shoot the cat with a bb gun
Arian - 21 time siden
Buy a dog XD
Alejandro Banales
Alejandro Banales - 21 time siden
U said 6 foot fence you must be like 7 feet tall
Sebastian yañez
Sebastian yañez - 21 time siden
Bro Just grab an umbrela and do guard till you see them and scare the shit out of them. If they know that they need to fear the human they Will fear you
jjcevallos12 - 21 time siden
The parasite is called toxoplasmosis and makes humans engages in riskier behavior.
Starcloak Starside
Starcloak Starside - 21 time siden
Suggestion. Airsoft guns.
Waffles Og
Waffles Og - 22 timer siden
Use a paintball gun 🤷‍♂️
Mile Lemi
Mile Lemi - 22 timer siden
Buy a dog!
Mile Lemi
Mile Lemi - 22 timer siden
Solution is easy, buy dog to protect ur animalsn
WiN DAS 007
WiN DAS 007 - 22 timer siden
Poison them mahn.... Easy...
Atlas - 22 timer siden
Should have laced the catnip with fentanyl
Emppu T.
Emppu T. - 22 timer siden
The oriental traps and cameras dont work, something says they're in kahoits with eachother, bringing down the economy one cat at a time
Seek Truth
Seek Truth - 22 timer siden
Cats are one of the few species beside humans that kill for the sheer fun of it. There are too many parasite infected smooth brained humans that exacerbate the cat pestilence problem.
Inachu Ikimasho
Inachu Ikimasho - Dag siden
He said do not mix your katnip......... mixing means mixing katnip with something else........ what is that something else?
Max Salt
Max Salt - Dag siden
Fix the whole in your fence
Manish Vasave
Manish Vasave - Dag siden
Cat problems just watch rambo last blood..and make some deadly traps😂
JKEMB - Dag siden
19:29 that dark joke killed me
John Wright
John Wright - Dag siden
*What if you're just giving the cats the munchies and encouraging them to go to your place when hunting, as you offer them free complimentary dope along with a delightfully wide assortment of prey to hunt?*
len kagamine
len kagamine - Dag siden
Mean while China: Stem bun cat here
Take 'em Outdoor's
Take 'em Outdoor's - Dag siden
Why dont you get a dog? Not a little one that the cats could drag away like a midnight snack... but a rottweiler! Or a doberman lol
Robert Tlatoque
Robert Tlatoque - Dag siden
Get a dog...
Bz.Productions - Dag siden
18:46 That cat looks like when humans are high because of his eyes 🤣
Jan Ge Jo
Jan Ge Jo - Dag siden
Kill the cats.
Putra Habib Dhitareka
Putra Habib Dhitareka - Dag siden
I love this guy's sense of humor 😂
Tlacuachofo - Dag siden
Buy a dog and train it to only kill and eat cats
Tlacuachofo - Dag siden
I forgot u have a cat 😂
1 romcake23
1 romcake23 - Dag siden
Get a cat
Nika Holman
Nika Holman - Dag siden
Good ole bb gun would have done the trick just fine.
Schalko Viljoen
Schalko Viljoen - Dag siden
Just shoot the cats or get 2 dogs bro
Redneck Yeeyeefortnite
Good thing I don't own a cat there not loyal like dogs are
Duncan’sMixtapes - Dag siden
My cat listening 😾🙀😼
Pinchedjjboy - Dag siden
my sisters cat all most blinded me after it attacked me
valeriolama1 - Dag siden
Airsoft gun. Laser triggered trigger.
Those little fuckers only understand their own language. Violence.
GtfoTyvm - Dag siden
Sure catch them with a better cage and send them to get euthanized by the pound
APacifistAnarchist - Dag siden
You know that old adage 'when life gives you lemons make lemonade'? Well this is the same, just with cats and stir fry. Maybe you could open a food cart.
isabel gomez
isabel gomez - Dag siden
Kill the cats