Do Frogs Enjoy Smooth Jazz? (Experiment)

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Today i answer the age old question " Does nature shape our personalities more than nurture?" ..... sorry i mean "Do frogs enjoy smooth jazz?"
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Moonlight sonata
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I did a thing
I did a thing - 7 måneder siden
Hello, go watch my other animal videos....... If you already have just watch them again!
Jerald Dean
Jerald Dean - 2 dager siden
You are a treasure, and I love your videos, but, in reference to your song. . .toads aren't amphibians, or frogs. Lol
S.W.A.T - Måned siden
I just finished watching hentai and the intro is about kissing frogs thanks man :|
Joe Mama
Joe Mama - 4 måneder siden
Who’s this guy?
Jack LaGarce
Jack LaGarce - 5 måneder siden
I did a thing too
Shadow - 6 måneder siden
gonna be honest if i were you i wouldve killed all my neighbors cats by now
opinion on kosovo:legal opinion
Liker if you dont Lgbt
DaimyoD0 - 16 timer siden
Thus far I am convinced that birds are the only animal he is not sexually attracted to.
Jak G
Jak G - Dag siden
I just hope hes doesnt get sued by frog lawyers.
Cheryl leanne
Cheryl leanne - Dag siden
Lmfao 😆😆😆😆😆😘🐸
Shanski - 2 dager siden
I appreciate you.
TriggerHappy - 3 dager siden
Damn bro ure yard looks like shit, u should consider cleaning up a bit
Jake Schhutz
Jake Schhutz - 3 dager siden
Mate if ur playing mating call for frog. So have u got all male frogs lol.
Mitch Mckenzie
Mitch Mckenzie - 3 dager siden
Frogs suck....only joking, I love froggo's
Taipan - 4 dager siden
What's the song that's clipped at 9:30?
Liam - 4 dager siden
Come to FNQ, absolutely no shortage here if you know where to look.
Even in the heaviest of rain (very noisy, more rain overnight than most places see in 6 months), windows closed, aircon blasting the sound of literally thousands of frogs was still dominant. During a good mating season you couldnt walk through the yard without stepping on them.
Often seen the big, white lipped green frogs eating the regular green treefrogs as well as a white lip tree frog having a struggle with a small brown tree snake and seemingly winning😂
Shikha A
Shikha A - 4 dager siden
Yah like jazz?
Evan Lacroix
Evan Lacroix - 4 dager siden
does Australia have bull frogs.
oriaaane - 5 dager siden
Why is it that when Australians sing, they sound American. Every time.
GreyPunkWolf - 8 dager siden
As a french guy, and a waiter on top of it, hearing you say "red wine" with a glass of rosé makes me cringe so hard I can't even begin to explain how.
Also my wife is a kind of wine expert for restaurants (we call them "somelliers" but idk what terms you use in english sorry) so that might explain why.
GreyPunkWolf - 7 dager siden
@Alex Christian Oh thanks. Yeah most french restauration terms are not translated, I forgot about that. Makes it even easier for me to find a job in other countries I'm not going to complain lol
Alex Christian
Alex Christian - 7 dager siden
The English word for sommelier is sommelier, cos we trust the French to look after our wine lists
Xyruz Rusterniel Claveria
Xyruz Rusterniel Claveria - 8 dager siden
Thank you for doing the frogID now i can find my frogs!
Yankee Delta20
Yankee Delta20 - 9 dager siden
and what if the green frogs evolved like the moth and it became brown
general grievous
general grievous - 11 dager siden
0:50 how did covid start
BeeBoo - 12 dager siden
You are a chicken nugget (lad)
Some random Minecraft channel
(Ya like jazz flashbacks)
FinalStand - 12 dager siden
Kissing toads an actual banger
UNDERSWAP SWAG - 13 dager siden
I Love all frogs, they aren’t bad, and tbh I don’t know why people are scared of them.
cooper thompson
cooper thompson - 13 dager siden
Just come to south Georgia
Алексей Жуков
Алексей Жуков - 15 dager siden
*"Ya like jazz?"*
Mark Jackson
Mark Jackson - 15 dager siden
Does he not know about that princess who got Chytridiomycosis and got high off of frog fungus
Kittens Are Cuddly
Kittens Are Cuddly - 15 dager siden
Wait where do you live? Like in NSW or QLD?
Leander - 16 dager siden
I really need to know where the footage of the frogman with the wine glass came from..... for .... research purposes....
Kennys Boat
Kennys Boat - 15 dager siden
Sturrlin - 17 dager siden
Why are frogs so cute?
dude man bro
dude man bro - 17 dager siden
This video has made me super happy, and super sad, I love frogs so so much
Retro - 17 dager siden
Maybe I’m still high but I expected to hear the ‘Do-dooo-do. Do-dooo-do.” From where have all the cowboys gone over the google bit.
opposite22 33
opposite22 33 - 17 dager siden
The water 🤢🤮
Hanpuber - 18 dager siden
I just watched a 12 minute ad so you get some money
Patreon my add
Honey Buns
Honey Buns - 18 dager siden
Honestly I have no idea what the goal of this video is other than how to attract frogs
MonieDraws - 18 dager siden
im sorry but 9:07

Commissar Sydian
Commissar Sydian - 19 dager siden
Please tell me he dewormed after all of this 0:45
Jeredeem Johnson
Jeredeem Johnson - 20 dager siden
What if frogs ran instead of hopped
Leo Reynolds
Leo Reynolds - 20 dager siden
this man does crack
Underfunded Scientist
Underfunded Scientist - 20 dager siden
I'm so sleepy you saying thomas blew my mind
Gashes Lushtesh
Gashes Lushtesh - 21 dag siden
One time I was kicking up dirt and I accidentally kicked a frog and it went flying lol
ebi_draws - 24 dager siden
why did he kiss that water whyyy
ControllerTheNightDragon Studios
Yo wtf we, the world, gotta band together to save these small sticky chub bois and flappy smoky bois
skylar_serval - 29 dager siden
Freddie Gudgeon
Freddie Gudgeon - 29 dager siden
idk about frogs but i sure do love smooth jazz
Mason Washburn
Mason Washburn - Måned siden
nice j Cole reference
this one legend
this one legend - Måned siden
this utopia of feet and frogs
robin freeman
robin freeman - Måned siden
Pewdiemok Wong
Pewdiemok Wong - Måned siden
kissing toes
Okun Campbell
Okun Campbell - Måned siden
I just saw a very clean tiny green little boy in my garden. I'm happy now
Memphysics - Måned siden
frog spawner
Bobuttons Jr.
Bobuttons Jr. - Måned siden
1:49 you should have done a trypophobia warning
Weslyne Vilcin
Weslyne Vilcin - Måned siden
I know not to take you serious but is pepper really ground up moths???
Ethan Kren
Ethan Kren - Måned siden
Wtf did I click on
Woah It’s Meach
Woah It’s Meach - Måned siden
please save the frogs :(
James Thonn
James Thonn - Måned siden
Kissin' Toads again 🎼🎤🎧
spicycrabbae - Måned siden
the pure joy in his voice at 12:42 when talking about the big boi was sweet ngl haha
Alex Axolotl
Alex Axolotl - Måned siden
Black Light
Black Light - Måned siden
Kermit the frog going to go extinct
detoxdigital - Måned siden
So where can I find “Kissing Toads Again”
Billy Kaelin
Billy Kaelin - Måned siden
Kissing toads again is now my favorite version of on the road again
That Spider Guy
That Spider Guy - Måned siden
"Darker colored pepper moth" just say salt moth 😩
ZeroRed1 - Måned siden
As much as I deeply hate to say. Maybe it's time to trap the cats
( secretly) and release them on the property of one of them extremely dodgy looking (don't do drugs kids) cat killers. Just remember to tell your self there's a there's probably more than a billion cats in the world but there may be only a few thousand frog'os left.
Painjusu Nashi
Painjusu Nashi - Måned siden
Not a single Lucio comment smh
bthonk - Måned siden
when you were talking about the predator guy an ad for subway appeared with a guy that looked oddly similar
Samuel Phillips
Samuel Phillips - Måned siden
Yeah we live no-where near anywhere where there are supposed to be frogs/toads but somehow my fat ass cat caught one
Jacob Human
Jacob Human - Måned siden
I’m watching this next to my pet whites tree frogs or as you call them green tree frogs.
Darkrai 2426
Darkrai 2426 - Måned siden
Kissing toads again is the best song I’ve ever heard you’re going on America’s got talent
Tony Sanders
Tony Sanders - Måned siden stumped to as why everyone who has ever watched YouTube hasn't gotten recommended your videos. You're a gem.
JakulaithWolff - Måned siden
We need a whole different series for that frog costume man ahahah
Zlatko Sokol
Zlatko Sokol - Måned siden
i like frogs too but most now i see only ded frogs :(
Cataca_91 - 2 måneder siden
i love the fact that he almost comited a bootleg version of bath toaster at the start of the video
Nabeeltheonly1 Gamer
Nabeeltheonly1 Gamer - 2 måneder siden
Mark Jr
Mark Jr - 2 måneder siden
bro i saw where you live but im not a creep
seth durham
seth durham - 2 måneder siden
What did I just click on
Fallen Raven LPS
Fallen Raven LPS - 2 måneder siden
Wait what?! Pepper is made from moths!? Well now I know know why I hate it, I’m scared of moths! But still it’s sad that people kill them to make pepper!
Weirneir - 2 måneder siden
*this next test is very dangerous, to help you remain tranquil in the face of almost certain death, smooth jazz will be deployed in 3,2,1 [smooth jazz playing]*
Jachammer - 2 måneder siden
Frogs: I am straight up not having a good time bro
The man of Sun
The man of Sun - 2 måneder siden
that yellow and black toads are everywhere in my city in romania
TCB - 2 måneder siden
Cursed video
succusucc - 2 måneder siden
Jazz is the kind of music that frogs would mate to
Harry H
Harry H - 2 måneder siden
•Jordan T•
•Jordan T• - 2 måneder siden
This sounds like something I would do
Bjørn again Christian
Bjørn again Christian - 2 måneder siden
Come on it's common sense that frog's prefer hip hop.
XxKizuatoxX - 2 måneder siden
4:20 - 4:40 sp-..Spice?!!
Robbin - 2 måneder siden
I do wanna steal and hord all my neighbors frogs but my neighbors don't have frogs cus in my area there are none
Robbin - 2 måneder siden
Save the frogs 2020 🥺🥺🥺🥺
yunotastic - 2 måneder siden
Next video:
I invited bees by playing jazz music
yunotastic - 2 måneder siden
I always thought this guy is butt naked and wears an apron to cover it then when this scene from 1:54 popped i thought he is gonna show blur it
I have nothing
I have nothing - 2 måneder siden
Came here for a giggle left with knowledge thankyou and great videos as always
memeslut - 2 måneder siden
Shamod Kavinda
Shamod Kavinda - 2 måneder siden
Cant wait til his children find his channel
anotheralp - 2 måneder siden
ya like jazz?
C Beavers
C Beavers - 2 måneder siden
There's tons of horny toads in my Arizona neighborhood want me to send ya some?
Super Spy Guy
Super Spy Guy - 2 måneder siden
Ya like jazz?
Erick Rocha
Erick Rocha - 2 måneder siden
do it again,but with bees

*ya like jazz?*
Cassidie World
Cassidie World - 2 måneder siden
I remember seeing a whole bunch of those big green tree frogs I just saw them yesterday I think they all moved from Australia to Texas and are mini rabbit cats around here so they’re gonna be OK
Jd Js
Jd Js - 2 måneder siden
Bruh I can get you a few green tree frogs
The Legends Of Yesterday- Official
8:52 when your girl comes into your room
Fire Dragon
Fire Dragon - 2 måneder siden
I fear no man
But that man
He scares me (shows a picture of him put the CD in the CD-Recorder with nail paint)
Fire Dragon
Fire Dragon - 2 måneder siden
(and the way he put the CD in the CD-Recorder with his toe)
Fire Dragon
Fire Dragon - 2 måneder siden
(and him kissing dirty water and his monitor)
Ryuugamine Mikado
Ryuugamine Mikado - 2 måneder siden
is this his most mest up intro?
sdivine13 - 2 måneder siden
Play them some yung gravy