Do Bees Actually Like Jazz?

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Testing an unbeelievable viewer suggestion. Original frog video:
royalty free Music by Giorgio Di Campo for @FreeSound Music
original video:
royalty free Music by Giorgio Di Campo for @FreeSound Music
original video:
royalty free Music by Giorgio Di Campo for @FreeSound Music
original video:
Prayer For Dad
royalty free Music by Giorgio Di Campo for @FreeSound Music
original video:
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I did a thing
I did a thing - 6 måneder siden
Check out the original jazz playing frog:
I did a thing
I did a thing - Måned siden
@Guy Guyson This is a great comment
Guy Guyson
Guy Guyson - Måned siden
Your like an Australian Kramer
TMF mR FreD - Måned siden
Ok dad I am so sorry that I am late for homework is it still acceptable to hand it in now? Thanks and sorry again
I know that I'm not stupid
I know that I'm not stupid - 3 måneder siden
esg - 6 timer siden
Yo a long form doco from u would be sick, id pay like $5-$9AUD for it.
Vic2 Ibusan
Vic2 Ibusan - 14 timer siden
Bruh i got an ad from Honey while watching this video.

Coincidence? I think not
Sir Sytham
Sir Sytham - Dag siden
This aged like milk
FLY - Dag siden
By the way the bee are so focused on taking pollun that you can even touch them so I guess jazz won't work either way.
lilsplace - 3 dager siden
Well, what can I say, after watching this video, I actually have a theory why the bees don't like the jazz. Since you have actually requested a 300 word critique by thursday at the start of this video I will do my best to endeavour to answer the question, while using 300 words. By next thursday should be fine, since today is monday and I have better things to do than sit around all day typing comments on youtube. Better things to do, so off I go! Job done! Before I leave tho', here is my theory as to why the bees don't like jazz.
1. They don't have ears so they can't hear the sound waves that humans interpret as jazz. They don't know so just don't care. Hear no evil, hear no jazz, who cares in a care-free bee world, they don't.
2. They are highly sensitive to EMF frequencies humans can't see or hear instead, meaning they will be highly sensitive to the electro-magnetic waves produced using the wifi / bluetooth speaker, and won't like it at all since it will **** them up! As you can see clearly from the footage they had a brief look, then vacated the area and left the scene of the alien EMF bluetooth radiation frequencies like a scene of a crime, the artificial EMF emitter turned into a no go area for bees. They didn't even want its sugar or honey, not good enough for them, toxic style!
3. There are experiments out there to show how wifi / bluetooth and mobile phone radiation affects beehives, mostly involving showing how they mess with the bees and their navigation and architectural systems in their tiny heads. The bees natural internal GPS and geometric skills go to pot and they don't like it, so that's why their basic reaction will be to stay away!
They might have other affects too, I don't know about, because I'm not a scientist.
Maybe the bluetooth / wifi mobile phone rays causes them to be sick or drop out of the sky or messes up their geometric skills. Maybe the bluetooth speaker transmits radioactive rays that make the bees feel like they are being fried by cryptonite just like Superman. Who knows. I don't know, but it's certainly food for thought in terms of material for more potential experiments if you're thinking of doing any.
You could try seeing how bees deal with conventional beatbox radios with batteries, old fashioned wired speakers, telephones, or music played through basic air compression leads and see how it goes, and even donate your evidence to global scientists in the fight against Elon Musk, the military-industrial complex that is being controlled by aliens that designed the technology behind modern radioactive mobile phone and speaker technology and 5G. I'm sure bees and humans and the chance for all of life on the planet to live in peace and harmony with technology that is designed to be harmonious with the planet's using Schumman resonances and 440 hz or something along those harmonic vibes would be a good thing too.
To bee or not to bee, that is the question. Time will tell the Bee-Gs will be better than 5G any day of the week, even a monday. The end. That's probably at least 300 words. So there you go! Hope it's not too much, but hopefully this small diatribe can definitely be described as an essay. See ya. From the UK. Over and out. ✌🙏😊
That's "583 words 3,222 characters" according to an online wordcounter I just found. So there you go, job done!
Ashu Gautam
Ashu Gautam - 3 dager siden
I don't why I'm watching this but this is calming.
Humda Jabeen
Humda Jabeen - 3 dager siden
@10:49 imposter!
Sophie Kitty
Sophie Kitty - 7 dager siden
You like jazz?
alitheghost ;-;
alitheghost ;-; - 8 dager siden
do you like jazz
Greg Hawkins
Greg Hawkins - 9 dager siden
Love that bees have good vibes sensors
Maxb01beep - 10 dager siden
willam osman would approve.
Your Mom's youtube
Your Mom's youtube - 10 dager siden
Long story short no, bees do not have ears. However, they have the ability to pick up sounds, so in a way, they can 'hear' but not through the use of ears.
vsimoul - 14 dager siden
stopped watching at smooth jazz
Uriel Gleeson Peters
Uriel Gleeson Peters - 14 dager siden
They look like a British Aristocrat family that was exiled into Australia cus of insanity.
SenileSnail - 14 dager siden
8:00 Midair bee collision
Jermani Martinez
Jermani Martinez - 16 dager siden
Omar Moktadir
Omar Moktadir - 16 dager siden
Ya like jazz??
John Mack
John Mack - 17 dager siden
busybee - 17 dager siden
lol....I had know idea bees stacked so much...funny stuff
NLvideomaster - 18 dager siden
The jazz adds some kind of feel to it, I don't know... the feeling of watching cheap porn. Hmm...
Blaze The baby boy
Blaze The baby boy - 18 dager siden
Ya like jazz
Seth romano Mateo
Seth romano Mateo - 19 dager siden
"Ya like jazz"??
Thibault Décoppet
Thibault Décoppet - 19 dager siden
The bees in slow motion are just adorkable!
Shubham Sangle
Shubham Sangle - 20 dager siden
You've turned into my fav youtuber
I did a thing
I did a thing - 20 dager siden
Thanks mate
Retro life
Retro life - 20 dager siden
Im a beekeeper myself
simplyyaeriee - 21 dag siden
ya like jazz
Drift it for the win
Drift it for the win - 21 dag siden
Just sayin you might notice that they could be afraid of the vibrations too
Craziefuzi - 22 dager siden
from now on my honey will come from stewart, and not woolies
Chordz By Cal
Chordz By Cal - 22 dager siden
If i were the bees, i would’ve went straight to the jazz, the jazz was great....... 7:50
A Sneaky Lawn Gnome
A Sneaky Lawn Gnome - 22 dager siden
Title of video threw me off. If Bee's enjoyed jazz, wouldn't you be dealing with them because they'd be attracted to it? And if they hated it stay away? Then I watched the video and it kinda helped lol
GoPro Skiing_Kid
GoPro Skiing_Kid - 22 dager siden
BrUhGoAwAy Yt
BrUhGoAwAy Yt - 23 dager siden
Who laughed until they fell onto the floor watching the bees be dumb?
Fnaf YT
Fnaf YT - 24 dager siden
in the thumbnail whats happening is the jazz pic is all the bees inside the instrument and they just enjoying the jazz a bit creepy but rlly thats my theory
Anoni Mosu
Anoni Mosu - 24 dager siden
From these videos, I learned that Australian houses are orange.
harrisgio81 - 24 dager siden
Hire a jazz player vibrations are different when compressed ×4
Cygnus' Edge
Cygnus' Edge - 24 dager siden
6:30 - That's Take Five, a great jazz standard from 1959. Check it out!
glock9 - 24 dager siden
the bees fly into each other at 7:59
Trash Can
Trash Can - 25 dager siden
You like jazz?
TravellingVoid - 25 dager siden
You just need to ask the bee’s
“Ya like jazz?”
Adam Lee
Adam Lee - 25 dager siden
Damn, that Italy joke aha
Hand sanitizer
Hand sanitizer - 25 dager siden
𝗬𝗮 𝗹𝗶𝗸𝗲 𝗷𝗮𝘇𝘇?
-Barry B Benson
Nick The Ninja
Nick The Ninja - 25 dager siden
Your gay
bromleyben2004 - 21 dag siden
My gay?
Megan Walls
Megan Walls - 25 dager siden
My grandma died 😢
Edit: in 2018 (2 years ago)
super smash plush
super smash plush - 26 dager siden
Ya like jass
Leonel agustin Varisco
Leonel agustin Varisco - 27 dager siden
Ah yes, minecraft bee update got so popular they made it in real life.
•Just Alan•
•Just Alan• - 28 dager siden
ya like jazz
NyanNL - 28 dager siden
it isnt rlly a waste cuz now u atleast have some bees falling and bumping each other on a vid
10K subs with videos?
10K subs with videos? - 28 dager siden
TicTacDogBoy1234 - 28 dager siden
My bees are stinging bastards
The Milk Man
The Milk Man - Måned siden
They need an ATC tower...
teekay mdaka
teekay mdaka - Måned siden
A bee tryna smash
I did a thing: 2020
4 monkeys
4 monkeys - Måned siden
So, in conclusion... You will never truly know if bees actually like Jazz.
infernox 1313
infernox 1313 - Måned siden
9:13 What you get when you search up bee p*rn
infernox 1313
infernox 1313 - Måned siden
What you get when you search up bee p*rn
jack the interesting cat
jack the interesting cat - Måned siden
I did a thing: knocks on the bee hotel
Ravenel Curry V
Ravenel Curry V - Måned siden
when you showed your youtube recommended i realized you like pretty much the same as mine climbing mountain biking and nile red. i thought this was kind of funny you should check out veritasium
Tog Tog
Tog Tog - Måned siden
Hmmm seems like you live in penno...
Aur3l1us _
Aur3l1us _ - Måned siden
My man played take 5
XX LEXAR - Måned siden
The One And Only Weeb Shit
Ya like jazz?
The Primary Antagonist
The Primary Antagonist - Måned siden
8:27 home boi straight RKO'ed him mid air
Tempest Lohrer
Tempest Lohrer - Måned siden
So Stewart isn't Stewart but Stewart
Gizmo Beast
Gizmo Beast - Måned siden
Because of covid I haven’t seen you in awhile would you like me to email the assignment or continue waiting?
Agent P
Agent P - Måned siden
Ya like jazz
D00RKN0B - Måned siden
“Ya like jazz?”
Boortek - Måned siden
they like jazz, not hippo war cries
Tekun Marsudi
Tekun Marsudi - Måned siden
ya like jazz?
Pêÿtõń MçĆåñń
Pêÿtõń MçĆåñń - Måned siden
my red hair nana die one day and I can not lie she died 😕 her name is red hair nana to aaeesha and me
Bee - Måned siden
yea i cant hear yall... sorry maby use sign language.
MelonCollies - Måned siden
Time to use jazz to make bees go away lol
Audrey ZHENG
Audrey ZHENG - Måned siden
U like jazz lol
FLIP CANO - Måned siden
I said make a nuke or bomb soyboy
wake me up inside
wake me up inside - Måned siden
ya like jazz
SuperBomb123 - Måned siden
I need like a one hour compilation of slow Mo bees
Robert Charles
Robert Charles - Måned siden
7:55 OOF
Charles Co
Charles Co - Måned siden
*Ya LiKe JaZz?*
Graysen Neilson
Graysen Neilson - Måned siden
Ya like jaz
Nate - Måned siden
It's not Steward's fingers that you need to worry about!
GGG - Måned siden
Ya like jazz?
Burnt Grass
Burnt Grass - Måned siden
10:13 it’s obvious why that didn’t work, you were playing smooth jazz, and nobody likes that soft stuff. Play the real stuff like Herbie Hancock, Miles Davis, Dexter Gordon and they’ll be flocking to it
cal-aber - Måned siden
Jun Muta
Jun Muta - Måned siden
Aren't you supposed to play Bee Gees?
8-bit virus BS
8-bit virus BS - Måned siden
Ya like jazz?
Pepe reee Outdated meme
Pepe reee Outdated meme - Måned siden
Ya like jazz
Trazouz シ
Trazouz シ - Måned siden
Bruh I laughed so hard at the bees in slow motion
brk dstgl
brk dstgl - Måned siden
Ya like jazz
2CnZ - Måned siden
Miles B
Miles B - Måned siden
You like jazz
Miles B
Miles B - Måned siden
I think I upset 99% of the popilation
Las Pil
Las Pil - Måned siden
3:40 that's their piss
charlie charlie
charlie charlie - Måned siden

like jazz???
Viking bgfdbhgh
Viking bgfdbhgh - Måned siden
8:27 be crash lol
Zia the king
Zia the king - Måned siden
Is it just me or does his tres like marijuana 7:23
Flaccid Cactus
Flaccid Cactus - Måned siden
Plays primarily funk music with some jazz licks...
Uli - Måned siden
No thay dont like jass
The Guy
The Guy - Måned siden
*yah like jazz?*
Andy Smithh
Andy Smithh - Måned siden
"Do bees actually like jazz" me wondering why this is recommended to me
Blue :3
Blue :3 - Måned siden
Everyone: don’t say it DONT SAY IT. D O N T S A Y IT
Me: yA Lℹ️kE j🅰️ 💲 💲?
Quality Incorporation
Quality Incorporation - Måned siden
Wish this worked in animal crossing-
OwO Big Boy
OwO Big Boy - Måned siden
To y'all wondering the music that plays at 9:08, it is Karma Nation - Ula Salo