Cooking Kangaroo using only the Australian Sun!

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Wanted to prove to myself that i am not a baby for putting sunscreen on when i go outside, by cooking kangaroo using only the Australian sun.
Sorry skippy!
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Noah Warren-smith
Noah Warren-smith - 19 minutter siden
Cook an egg
Wilhelm Weit
Wilhelm Weit - 17 timer siden
The real australian way to cook
leodingo69 - Dag siden
The most Australian title ever
sy5tem - Dag siden
now i understand why kangaroo jump all the time after looking at "i did a thing" jumping on the rag lol
Blue Dragon
Blue Dragon - Dag siden
The next video will be " Hey guys I bought a turkey to cook in turkey. I won't be using any pan, but only pan made by turkey's people using turkey steel. I will be using the turkey soil as my stove. The people from the turkey will help cook it in turkey way."
Aviry Steward
Aviry Steward - 2 dager siden
woah never knew people ate kangaroos
Loosah_ Squidward
Loosah_ Squidward - 4 dager siden
Why does the crocodile meat kinda look like moldy cheese sticks
Nacho ?
Nacho ? - 5 dager siden
What? In Australia that isn't a girl in bikini or short skirt?
I'm disappointed :(
GoKu FA - 5 dager siden
I'll eat that😂
Joshua Dowd
Joshua Dowd - 5 dager siden
Super Fire 64 Gaming
Super Fire 64 Gaming - 6 dager siden
I’m just going to say, kangaroos look pretty damn delicious
Nicola Armstrong
Nicola Armstrong - 6 dager siden
Summer is coming!
Jose Angel Monterroza
Jose Angel Monterroza - 6 dager siden
If you used oil it would have cooked perfectly
ianshinnq 420
ianshinnq 420 - 6 dager siden
i did a thing becomes gordon ramsay. this is the most times i have heard him say f**k in a video
Cheese Wheel
Cheese Wheel - 7 dager siden
You Australian folk are weird. I think I'd like it over there.
Greg Hawkins
Greg Hawkins - 7 dager siden
The "how ya going" at the beginning woke me right up
Alvin Palm S
Alvin Palm S - 8 dager siden
why do u say fucking all the time in this vid
Waleed Anderson
Waleed Anderson - 9 dager siden
Kangaroo meat looks good asf
Cody R
Cody R - 9 dager siden
Would love to see you revisit this with magnifying device to see how HOW QUICK you can cook kangaroo steak in the sun. Can you bring 25 min down to a more reasonable time?
REX MANSON - 9 dager siden
Try 50c
REX MANSON - 9 dager siden
That's literally nothing. I live in pheonix. The hottest city in the US
Arie Callens
Arie Callens - 10 dager siden
You could’ve fucking boiled water in that pan
Sam Wolff
Sam Wolff - 11 dager siden
Never has anything felt more Australian
crazybutlazyyy De
crazybutlazyyy De - 12 dager siden
1:06 aahhhhh mannn..... thats some dick move right there 😭
roux man
roux man - 13 dager siden
thats so lucky you basically cook without giving the goverment the electricity bills
balls in 3d
balls in 3d - 15 dager siden
cookin an old roo with the blazer!
Devin Bosque
Devin Bosque - 15 dager siden
So do you think your gonna lose the great kangaroo war too?
Indominus Rex
Indominus Rex - 15 dager siden
This is the most Australian thing I've seen on the Internet
OvAeons - 16 dager siden
Slight frying noise? All i got were crickets :D
Andrew Wagner
Andrew Wagner - 16 dager siden
No ones going to talk about the cicada sound the entire video?
NamacilHDx - 17 dager siden
Life hack in zombie apocalypse xD just to to australia kangaroo meat just jumps around everywhere You can just cook it in the sun with nothing but a pan and zombies will be cooked as well and because nobody is flipping them they will be burned and they won't be able to move as quick
aaron byers
aaron byers - 17 dager siden
Is this surge???!
Dr. Insane Gaming2174
Dr. Insane Gaming2174 - 17 dager siden
He says fucking a lot in this video
Lilly K
Lilly K - 17 dager siden
California was 125 degrees a couple days ago...
toastermcroaster - 17 dager siden
How are the people that lives in australia not burned to a crisp
T Sinclair
T Sinclair - 17 dager siden
When he started eating the Kangaroo I got caveman heehoo vibes🤣🤣
Yeet The cat
Yeet The cat - 17 dager siden
0:58 girl named everywhere:uh oh stinky
Samuel - 18 dager siden
conservat1vepatr1ot DL
conservat1vepatr1ot DL - 18 dager siden
I will never complain about the unbearable 85 degrees f, days here in my home state, ever again. Thank you for the perspective enhancement, my industries Aussie friend.
Lemon - 19 dager siden
would have worked better with some oil
MasonIsMissing 64
MasonIsMissing 64 - 19 dager siden
Now i want to eat some kangaroo
SkipScrop - 19 dager siden
Who clicked on this video thinking it would end in failure then shocked
ChaBoyBlue - 19 dager siden
Welcome to the life in Arizona in the USA
WingedFish 117
WingedFish 117 - 20 dager siden
Damn I didn't come into this video expecting to learn the name for the chemical reaction that causes the brown crispy bits on meat
An_ton - 20 dager siden
more disappointed you didn't use oil tbh
BuckShot - 20 dager siden
Damn my mouth is watering just seeing that
Blue Flower
Blue Flower - 20 dager siden
Fuck cows and beef. Milk? Fine. Meat from it? Fuck no.
Royal I guide
Royal I guide - 20 dager siden
This is the most Aussie thing I’ve seen
sam dabboi
sam dabboi - 20 dager siden
5:11 and here we see a native Australian in its natural habitat
jackson brooker
jackson brooker - 21 dag siden
also i f*cking love kangaroo and crocodile meat. so good
jackson brooker
jackson brooker - 21 dag siden
aw yep.
Acetin Gonzalez
Acetin Gonzalez - 21 dag siden
Alright homeless ppl in Sydney just kill a kangaroo and gut it then put it on the floor then u got a meal 🤯
Marcus Grant
Marcus Grant - 21 dag siden
Of course Australia is "fawkin hot" you guys have your own sun
Playerboy Gaming
Playerboy Gaming - 21 dag siden
Damn kangaroos are big as f**k that makes me not want to go to Australia because I would shit my self 5:24
Tiger Red
Tiger Red - 22 dager siden
I don't why, but, for a moment I taught cooking things by using the sun is the normal way to cook
TONK69 - 22 dager siden
Koae - 22 dager siden
Since its summer again can u do baking in the car when its hot like cookies or sum sh*t
sonicboi productions
sonicboi productions - 22 dager siden
as a non-ozzy can someone please describe how kangaroo tastes like
Emily Slavnik
Emily Slavnik - 22 dager siden
when its boiling hot for you its freezing cold for me in Cananda
WikiWiki109 - 22 dager siden
I did a thing in this video: FOCKIN
Stripesu Acat
Stripesu Acat - 22 dager siden
kangaroo more like
Juhász Máté
Juhász Máté - 22 dager siden
This is the most australian thing ive ever seen
Random Content
Random Content - 23 dager siden
Fresh meat! Now with your daily does of UV sun radiation.
henry baker
henry baker - 23 dager siden
Next up: Arizonan makes Cactus Juice from scratch using clay, and saguaro, and sun
Raptor Feathers
Raptor Feathers - 23 dager siden
Australia 100
Impulse-Nati0n 1
Impulse-Nati0n 1 - 24 dager siden
Australians built different bruh 😂 bare foot in 100°c
Ahzaya Mackie
Ahzaya Mackie - 24 dager siden
Or kewe's eating kewes
Mshark308 - 24 dager siden
Ok so basically Australia is big Arizona
Mshark308 - 24 dager siden
I wish he said fuck more I laugh every time he does
Vincent Cochran
Vincent Cochran - 25 dager siden
roboninja saur
roboninja saur - 26 dager siden
Thrilling commentary provided by the cicadas
Tundra - 27 dager siden
5:08 bro, this looks like a creepy horror movie alien eating a human or something... Sry, it's just funny
Shiloh Myers_25
Shiloh Myers_25 - 27 dager siden
Bald eagles are endangered for a reason
People thought they tasted good
There only not being eaten is because they’re protected
Cucumber Boi
Cucumber Boi - 27 dager siden
I'm in Scotland and I eat unicorns
I do things specific
I do things specific - 28 dager siden
Cooking i dont know
Lt_ Maige
Lt_ Maige - 28 dager siden
You can hear the heat in this video just by his voice
Celeste The really op kitsune
Alternative title: Aussie bbq 🍖
Alejandro Medina
Alejandro Medina - Måned siden
He said fucken so many times
Yup Tup
Yup Tup - Måned siden
Everyone gangsta till the Kangaroos start arming themselves with Lewis Gun
Carter Stambelos
Carter Stambelos - Måned siden
1:05 ohhhhhh ouch mate
Just that one lad
Just that one lad - Måned siden
*the sun is a deadly laser*
Knosat - Måned siden
Now that I know Aussies eat kangaroos, I wanna try some.
Gregory Taylor
Gregory Taylor - Måned siden
Don't say fucking so fucking much
Hello - Måned siden
Habibi, come here to Saudi Arabia, then you'll feel real heat
Simon The Slavaboo
Simon The Slavaboo - Måned siden
this man cursed more than any other videos I've ever seen from him
ENRAG3ED OOF - Måned siden
How is it down unda
ENRAG3ED OOF - 28 dager siden
sassy mate pretty good, but that presidential debate really makes Americans look bad, I mean idrc since im Mexican but you know
sassy mate
sassy mate - 29 dager siden
Pre good mate how bout yourself
LizzardMoto - Måned siden
A Roovolution😆😆😆😆
OffSeaLion420 - Måned siden
The Slav squat over the food was the best part
Máté Hidasi
Máté Hidasi - Måned siden
this works inhungary as well
almighty thot slayer
almighty thot slayer - Måned siden
“Crocodile sausages” is the most aussie thing i’ve ever seen
Finn Irons
Finn Irons - Måned siden
The nit shot the kangaroo got in was harsh
Finn Irons
Finn Irons - Måned siden
Victor Latorre romero
Victor Latorre romero - Måned siden
In Sevilla, in Spain, i've seen thermometers over 60.
Daniel - Måned siden
You tried to roast Americans but you’re LITERALLY eating your natural animal, Sorry Dude but you lost in your own fight
The Smol One
The Smol One - Måned siden
and I thought 90 degrees *Fahrenheit* was hot
O B S E R V E - Måned siden
WELCOME TO Australia
el kiko
el kiko - Måned siden
Kangaroo gang
Collon Jameson
Collon Jameson - Måned siden
The sun is a deadly lazer
Peter Whitlock
Peter Whitlock - Måned siden
The roogaloo
balls in 3d
balls in 3d - Måned siden
texans: "you call that hot?"
Sir Cats Meow
Sir Cats Meow - Måned siden
So there are videos of Gordon Ramsay hunting and eating Bores, Puffins, Snakes and god knows what else.
Now i want to see him hunt and eat Kangaroo.