Can You Bite Off Your Finger like a Carrot?

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Have you ever looked at your fingers and wondered if you could eat them? Well lets find out if they really are a convenient, cheap and healthy snack!
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Scarlett Dimeloe
Scarlett Dimeloe - Time siden
5:29 Couldn't you have just like, poured some water into the pot to make it sticky again?
OLJAMO - 4 timer siden
hi sub to my channle#
StipeIsTaken - 8 timer siden
Ala brate
Bakir Gosić
Bakir Gosić - 8 timer siden
Svi mi Balkanci koji smo se iznenadili kad smo čuli naš jezik...
Novak Jevtic
Novak Jevtic - 9 timer siden
Jacob Papworth
Jacob Papworth - 14 timer siden
The last bit where u punched the boxing bag with carrots for fingers was so funny for me I was laughing so loud the aus police had to come to my house for a noise complaint
FreeAlleGasten Free
FreeAlleGasten Free - Dag siden
We are pretty strong actually😌
RIFFS _ - Dag siden
the answer is YES or NO
why do u make 11 minutes video?
I'm D4wmin4tor
I'm D4wmin4tor - Dag siden
"U picku materinu! Opa, sta je ovo?"
Johnny Lotto
Johnny Lotto - Dag siden
You’re supposed to put some oil or lubricant before you dip a limb in plaster.
X Gamer
X Gamer - Dag siden
where are you from just asking.
KAMooon X
KAMooon X - Dag siden
Soufiane Mokhles
Soufiane Mokhles - Dag siden
You can actually break your own teeth with you maxillary muscle but your brain prevents you to do so
lenzoe Games
lenzoe Games - Dag siden
I think your jaw is strong enough to break your own teeth I’m pretty sure you’ll be able to take that thing off no problem
Khaz Mear
Khaz Mear - Dag siden
6:00 FAQ
FreezyHD - Dag siden
This guy sounds like one of those scary story narrators
TRF_fn - Dag siden
Your top teeth do not move only your bottom jaw does. Try it
koos koos
koos koos - Dag siden hahaha
Allan van Bergenhenegouwen
But if you could buy a humand skull. Could you not have just bought finger bones instead of wood and pencils 😅
Allan van Bergenhenegouwen
Intro song?
itz 2 fun
itz 2 fun - Dag siden
lol what a legend bc of serbian thigs (ps i am from serbia)
Matthieu Gross
Matthieu Gross - 2 dager siden
anyone got me that nice ass intro song?
Pixel WaterMelon YT
Pixel WaterMelon YT - 2 dager siden
5:59 wtf
Kagekao - 2 dager siden
1:42 Lol ti si iz Srbije? tek sad provaljujem hahahhahha
Ognjen Vuleta
Ognjen Vuleta - 2 dager siden
Srbi na aparatima
Ilze Bruzus
Ilze Bruzus - 2 dager siden
So is some sorta medical company...fake
ITZHUMAID 1 - 2 dager siden
6:00 😳
N E L S 0 N
N E L S 0 N - 2 dager siden
po 1:42 shvatio sam da si nas hahah
Exotic Eerie
Exotic Eerie - 2 dager siden
And this is why our fingers aren’t carrots.
M - 2 dager siden
is this corpse husband
xiphon amv
xiphon amv - 2 dager siden
Is that one of the among us crewmates on the skulls head device
Patricio R.
Patricio R. - 2 dager siden
0:13. when was the last time you brushed your teeth?
y i n y i
y i n y i - 2 dager siden
Retro Twix
Retro Twix - 2 dager siden
And it barely broke the mouth
Victoriaa Periodt.
Victoriaa Periodt. - 2 dager siden
This poped up in my recommendations-
Adayvion Walker
Adayvion Walker - 2 dager siden
We not talking bout his teeth at the beginning tho?
Mooieakabe :D
Mooieakabe :D - 2 dager siden
My teacher used to teach special kids and she said one of them bit their finger off and ate it
Lioroy gaming
Lioroy gaming - 2 dager siden
Let's be honest did this video pop on ur screen
Rodolfo Gonzalez
Rodolfo Gonzalez - 2 dager siden
I always had this thought on my mind thank you for doing this video
3 Vendetta Fishies
3 Vendetta Fishies - 2 dager siden
3:05 *Is eating your boogerd good for you ?*
LMFAO peaople are wierd
ON TOP ENTERTAINMENT - 2 dager siden
Albanian People say
Ta qifsha nanenn
There u pronounced a slavic language not Albanian Language...
Louis Ngo
Louis Ngo - 3 dager siden
James petrie
James petrie - 3 dager siden
Lol 😆😆😆
DbNik - 3 dager siden
Ti si s balkana to je jebeno
Stay mango
Stay mango - 3 dager siden
Ček ti pričaš hrvatski
Bonox Gamer
Bonox Gamer - 3 dager siden
1:42 I know what he said cause I'm from Bosnia 😂😂😂😂
Shirley is an alien
Shirley is an alien - 3 dager siden
Did anyone realize that he flipped us of😂😂
Kayla Hester
Kayla Hester - 3 dager siden
kinda looks like a titan when he goes to bite his finger
Edward Holmes
Edward Holmes - 3 dager siden
I was literally thinking about this today wtf.
exist hours
exist hours - 4 dager siden
Braćo idemoooo
• Peanux •
• Peanux • - 4 dager siden
On the grey thing he put on the fake skull there’s an among us character 🥺
trevor crisologo
trevor crisologo - 4 dager siden
You actually have enough power to bite your finger off but your brain doesn’t allow us to
Edit: just not as easy as a carrot
Jeff - 4 dager siden
very scientific, good thing for the apron, gotta have that ppe
Superkemeklogan - 4 dager siden
*thatveganteacher is typing..*
Adventures of Lily and Timothy
Then middle fingers
stefan - 4 dager siden
U picku materinu sta je ovo hahahahahahahahahahahahhahahaahhahahahaha
syklo - 4 dager siden
Because your finger has bones, duhh
Alexandru Iurescu
Alexandru Iurescu - 4 dager siden
00:00 - 00:26
I do this every time I want to eat a carrot
Luka Badanjak
Luka Badanjak - 4 dager siden
ti si s balkana, cool
DJ Eta
DJ Eta - 4 dager siden
Samo sekund, jesi li ti sa balkana prema p**** m*******???
Jeremy F
Jeremy F - 4 dager siden
1:44 what is that song???!!?
SWIFTY_0_0 - 4 dager siden
The dislikes are from people who actually bit their finger off
Miško Jaje
Miško Jaje - 4 dager siden
Čekaj čovjek je s balkana
Greg hAwkes
Greg hAwkes - 4 dager siden
damonheermand - 4 dager siden
mannn your nails 😩
Zaak playZ GameZ
Zaak playZ GameZ - 4 dager siden
9:40 that’s what I thought
Amazy Abby
Amazy Abby - 4 dager siden
You literally made me scared as hecc whenever you bit ur finger-
Laphy Taphy
Laphy Taphy - 4 dager siden
I like carrots 🥕 0w0
Noosherz - 4 dager siden
god forgive me for what I'm boutta do
Ivan Jovanovic
Ivan Jovanovic - 5 dager siden
Lik prica srpski
Cxmxrio Yt
Cxmxrio Yt - 5 dager siden
Ask a cannibal..
Josip - 5 dager siden
Angela Tong
Angela Tong - 5 dager siden
Out of all fingers he could pick he picks the middle finger
Puppitere Puppet
Puppitere Puppet - 5 dager siden
6:02 why’d you use your middle finger XD
Microwave - 5 dager siden
I can say this because I tried this;
You can bite your finger off like a carrot.
Dclros369 - 5 dager siden
is he trying to hide his face or what?
qwq u-u
qwq u-u - 5 dager siden
no cap, i actually tried it
Deleted - 5 dager siden
Vision - 5 dager siden
stop biting your finger nails
Nabil Alkilani
Nabil Alkilani - 6 dager siden
I love you💖
Daniel Raparoli
Daniel Raparoli - 6 dager siden
He predicted among us! 7:10
AssyKalypto_Ryze - 6 dager siden
3:20 dude i just had a heart attack 😂😂😂
1jony - 6 dager siden
Yes, you can
Waitry - 6 dager siden
Is it just me or is there an among us gut on that hat
Sabian Griffin2023
Sabian Griffin2023 - 6 dager siden
It's false. I bit my finger with enough force to break a carrot, and finger hurt, but nothing more than that
Adrian Jakolis
Adrian Jakolis - 6 dager siden
Are u yugo
Ognjen Maksimovic
Ognjen Maksimovic - 6 dager siden
Hello for the balkan friends and their cat Miloš. Pozdrav :D
Vlatka Grassi
Vlatka Grassi - 6 dager siden
why did that guy speak croatian in start of a video
Aleksa Kandic
Aleksa Kandic - 6 dager siden
At least
Who wants to eat your self.
R3TR0_ST - 6 dager siden
ask ellie in the last of us lmao
R0- G4MER - 6 dager siden
Bruce lee doing the two finger push-up........

So your telling me a fricken carrot is as strong as Bruce Lee???
7mss _YT
7mss _YT - 7 dager siden
1:35 those carrots really do be hot
Maverick Estes
Maverick Estes - 7 dager siden
Everyone watching the intro :
Me: why does a carrot get its own montage
_Midnightcat0402 _
_Midnightcat0402 _ - 7 dager siden
I’m never testing my uncle did it and he lost his nail it was only his nail it could’ve been his bone
ツNahly - 7 dager siden
1:43 ah yes, Bosna
Nikola Andric
Nikola Andric - 7 dager siden
R u from Balkan?
tochi azares
tochi azares - 7 dager siden
Attack on titan fans: if you know i know what will happen
Frank DeVito
Frank DeVito - 7 dager siden
I'm going to sound rlyy stupid but... this is a joke riiiight
[ I n t e r e s t - F o x ]
[ I n t e r e s t - F o x ] - 7 dager siden
"Wanna see a magic trick?"
"Okay. Im going to make my finger dissapear by dipping it in this liquid."
"Okay ready?"
"Andd.... 6:03 tadaaa!"
Ryan Charlemon
Ryan Charlemon - 8 dager siden
why did this guy shatter his toes like daquan wanting them