Can Rockets be used to Plant Trees?

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I have always felt that planting trees was a boringly peaceful affair, so introducing TREE ROCKETS!
Animal footage:
Runtime: 10:51


I did a thing
I did a thing - År siden
Yes i know they arent actually "Rockets". Fight me!
Mrsheep111 8
Mrsheep111 8 - 8 dager siden
No there rockets
Forester - 17 dager siden
It’s 1 year later I’m still waiting for you to show up pussy
Eli Tsiotinos
Eli Tsiotinos - 19 dager siden
I've been to the first place he tested them out
Dont Look Here
Dont Look Here - 22 dager siden
We fight with yu gi oh cards I play my charizard
ToasterRoboto - 24 dager siden
ant boi fortnite so am i
xportpolo50 - 15 timer siden
hey btw this is in the reddit review that pewdiepie just did 1:43
dexobj - Dag siden
I love how an Australian can see Brazilian corruption better than many Brazilians.
Morlanius - 2 dager siden
Did you know a large amount of the deforestation is due to the natives burning it out to create farmland. Its not just as simple as blaming a politician or a corporation, its a blend of all of them.
Max mhm
Max mhm - 2 dager siden
Brush I thought these were carrots
USS Prinz Eugen
USS Prinz Eugen - 3 dager siden
Im Using you as a Proof of concept when I make an Artificer/Druid for DND
Patton Durio
Patton Durio - 4 dager siden
The chances of actually hitting animals with them is very small, depending on how many you’re dropping per area measurement.
Christmas Maniac
Christmas Maniac - 6 dager siden
Im legit 13 and only listening to 1920 songs......the only artist I listen too from this generstion is Billie Eilish....Y E S
Mrsheep111 8
Mrsheep111 8 - 8 dager siden
I got add for using less toilet paper
BoingotheClown - 8 dager siden
Hahahaha! "Tree bombs" are not a new thing. I remember watching a TV show back in the late 1970s (called "What Will They Think Of Next?"), and they were talking about a company developing tree bombs way back then.
That was over 40 years ago!
Ben Wells
Ben Wells - 9 dager siden
i have 3 avocado trees and i live in northern illinois lol
Doyoumine - 10 dager siden
Watch church Sunday/Wednesday to learn about the one true God.
oriaaane - 13 dager siden
Every outdoor scene in your videos is gorgeous, what country are you in? I want to guess New Zealand
I did a thing
I did a thing - 13 dager siden
Na australia mate
keep out
keep out - 14 dager siden
I like how he's like: "If I can't, nobody can"
asher comes
asher comes - 14 dager siden
That would be great for an egg drop *cough* *cough* WilliamOsman
nick's good
nick's good - 14 dager siden
gecko guy
gecko guy - 16 dager siden
it's TreeNT
ceresfigzyee - 16 dager siden
this is an actually good idea!!!
Banana Bread
Banana Bread - 17 dager siden
When the Australian guy is talking about how scary a spider is then you know thats one bat shit crazy spider
The anonymis
The anonymis - 17 dager siden
My brain hurts i watcht these vids fore 7 days help i am trapet in his basment
The anonymis
The anonymis - 17 dager siden
Why was some of the viagra used
TheTzeestraten - 17 dager siden
DoD: Why do you have Uranium?
I did a thing: That's none of your Bismuth. It's my Bismuth.
Endermanx ender
Endermanx ender - 17 dager siden
so you are binging with babish but nature related
iliketo bitch
iliketo bitch - 18 dager siden
Why not shoot the seeds from a Helikopter with a machingun? Cheap, simple, fast and precice enough to miss animals if the guy has any aim.
Josh - 18 dager siden
(kinda) pointy biodegradable pots for small baby trees made from adult trees....
Steroid Steve
Steroid Steve - 19 dager siden
What’s the song
ItalianSpaghetti - 19 dager siden
What’s the song playing during the Lockheed Martin part
Replayer - 19 dager siden
Thats the true american dream
The Doesnt Know It All
The Doesnt Know It All - 19 dager siden
If you just like I did, thought at 6:31 was a noose, then you are enlightened
BrickbyBrick46 - 19 dager siden
Yousef Mansour
Yousef Mansour - 19 dager siden
Forest fires are natural
Garg710 - 19 dager siden
You're better off making organic composite seed balls that can be fired out of an airsoft Gatling gun(s) attached to a helicopter or drone
Garg710 - 19 dager siden
I dunno man. Monkeys are morbidly terrified of fur engulfing fire.
INKK Probs
INKK Probs - 20 dager siden
This video brought back child hood memories 4:38
Cookies4Wookiees - 20 dager siden
Lockheed Martin support new green deal.
FBI Zorua
FBI Zorua - 20 dager siden
Judging by that large black spot on the table at the beginning of the video he probably did a retake or two of setting his table ablaze
Corey Street
Corey Street - 20 dager siden
The darts looks like nerf darts
Doktor Durf items ruthe 4secret
I know my father wouldn't die from the most dangerous spider in the world.

I mean he can't die twice can he?
GreensOplenty - 21 dag siden
4 March 2016 But most pertinent to the discovery of the “shrine trees”, we’ve seen evidence of chimps displaying strange ritual-like behaviour in the last few years. First, a “ritual” dance performed during rainfall. Then a peculiar slow-motion display in the face of a bush fire in Senegal.
Meily Você está certa
Meily Você está certa - 21 dag siden
Oh so good to see my country... oh wait...
Zaneius - 21 dag siden
"And here is some slow motion" right, looks like normal speed tbh.
Pate Pierce
Pate Pierce - 22 dager siden
Why did the opening make more sense then all the news reports?
Madeline Price
Madeline Price - 22 dager siden
Now I'm curious as to how this could actually work... like, you could use parachutes, but then they wouldn't hit the ground at the right speed. Could have something to detect when they've hit the ground, and send an electric signal to an explosive charge to shotgun 'em into the dirt, I guess, but hmn. Three-part cartridge - tip functions like a landmine trigger, sends out a shock when depressed, seed and dirt sits in the middle of the cartridge, and the explosive charge can sit at the rear... maybe have fins on it too, though I dunno how important accuracy is in a non-"Drop-the-rockets-from-x-amount-of-meters-into-three-small-cardboard-boxes-filled-with-dirt" scenario.
Time Abandoned
Time Abandoned - 22 dager siden
Socks. Soap. Completely wrapped In bubble wrap for safety precautions. Wouldnt want to hurt someone. Fight me. How dare you not use rockeeets.
Nes Nibila
Nes Nibila - 22 dager siden
Too much pollution? BOMB THE POLLUTION!
Too hot a climate? BOMB THE ENTIRE EARTH!
tHAT will solve eVERYTHING!
Conner Wells
Conner Wells - 22 dager siden
Don't think we didnt catch on to the littel tree, fat tree joke... The americans have no clue but the rest of the world does.
connor clements
connor clements - 23 dager siden
Take all your toilet paper, 2020 oh I don’t think so
new vanoc
new vanoc - 23 dager siden
Trey Bonin
Trey Bonin - 23 dager siden
found a solution to your car problem
Gunfighter 010
Gunfighter 010 - 23 dager siden
I read this is can trees be used to fire rockets
Winner 1835
Winner 1835 - 23 dager siden
4:31 never even was thinking that way 1000iq
Coelho de Chifres
Coelho de Chifres - 23 dager siden
oiii I am Brazilian and I am extremely grateful that you are making people around you aware of our situation with our rotten president and other people who destroy our beloved South American country. I love your videos very much and I get a lot of inspiration from you and your care for animals, kisses and affection from colleague Kamila (I'm Kamila) 🌿🌸🌤🇧🇷🏝
I did a thing
I did a thing - 23 dager siden
Thanks mate. Happy to hear from you!
Jan Post
Jan Post - 23 dager siden
Why dont u use pva? I use it for carpfishing .
fazegamerboy 2.0
fazegamerboy 2.0 - 24 dager siden
This is just to funny
golisopod fan
golisopod fan - 24 dager siden
You sound like me an American
Eplexo - 24 dager siden
5:38 lol
Pool Cat
Pool Cat - 24 dager siden
All I can imagine is a Lockheed martin B-52 Come out of the sky, engines roaring as it drops 300 little green pellets. then like 20 B-1 Lancers just supersonic drop them into like a 30 mile wide deforested area.
Eclispestar - 25 dager siden
Not enough bombs are being dropped around the world these days. It's lame. Need bombs with plants in them.
Instead of fire bombing. We fill B-17s with seed mix and let it go over a wide area.
Richard Bukowski
Richard Bukowski - 26 dager siden
ite tor-tree-dos
Lone Forest
Lone Forest - 29 dager siden
enjoyed every min...😁👍
Aaron Oneal
Aaron Oneal - Måned siden
If you are looking for a way to help the environment you can use ecosia they are a search engine that plants trees with their profits
Just that one lad
Just that one lad - Måned siden
i fucking swear those are carrots
potato time
potato time - Måned siden
potato time
potato time - Måned siden
Hunter LaBonte
Hunter LaBonte - Måned siden
Chigeon - Måned siden
I originally thought they were carrots..... was I the only one? (the thumbnail)
doge guy king
doge guy king - Måned siden
Get this man funding.
MrKockabilly - Måned siden
Never failed to entertain me. But seriously, the best way to make a forest grow is just to leave it alone.
Jųđè w
Jųđè w - Måned siden
5:43 "pack our cones with some trees" sound a bit like ya talkenabeet weed there mate
NvS Gaming
NvS Gaming - Måned siden
Imagine this joke is actually real
Green Universe
Green Universe - Måned siden
after 2 weeks the avocado tree is missing LOL that killed me :D
Max Williams
Max Williams - Måned siden
Viagra spiders 💀
Soviet NJ
Soviet NJ - Måned siden
The little tree and big tree thing is named after the bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki being little boy and fat man
tantan_friend - Måned siden
I did a thing but idk what is it.
Hermann Fegelein
Hermann Fegelein - Måned siden
next:bombing animals on trees
Pedro Madureira
Pedro Madureira - Måned siden
There's nothing wrong with the Brazilian president, though. He's just trying to protect the forest from being abused by other countries, not drive the natives away.
It won't fit, Onii-chan!!!
Spider that gives you a huge b0ner with it's bite sound like something out of a hentai.
Kevin - Måned siden
Hiphopbro Skeppy
Hiphopbro Skeppy - Måned siden
When it says I did a thing at the top left of the t
Pokeflop Burger King
Pokeflop Burger King - Måned siden
5:12 the child is eating
Glizzy Boy
Glizzy Boy - Måned siden
This reminds me of shotgun farmers
The Collector
The Collector - Måned siden
Yeah fuck monkey they suck
Nykoelas Manning
Nykoelas Manning - Måned siden
When the druid takes levels in artificer
Mac Tíre
Mac Tíre - Måned siden
They're not planting trees in forests with animals.. they're planting the trees in the dead, burnt, and open plains.
Farticus Gaming
Farticus Gaming - Måned siden
I want to go to toilet paper grandma’s house, steal that giraffe,
And send it to
Josh from Let’s Game It Out
Alien CIA
Alien CIA - Måned siden
Using the corpses of trees to grow new ones.... Noice
Thanos - Måned siden
Shotgun shells that shoot seeds
Don't let your memes be dreams
"All we have to do is pack our cones with some trees."
As a stoner, I wholeheartedly agree.
Damon T
Damon T - Måned siden
Liam Nørstad Helland
Liam Nørstad Helland - Måned siden
You need to make a plant APFSDS
Weirdo Productions
Weirdo Productions - Måned siden
I did a thing and Liam Thompson collab
Heavy Woods
Heavy Woods - Måned siden
Why can't I change the damn quality?.
HUGO Gertrude
HUGO Gertrude - Måned siden
“Viagra spider”
Dylan Ifergan
Dylan Ifergan - Måned siden
Why didn’t you put parachute
Russell Schmartz
Russell Schmartz - Måned siden
You sound like uberdanger damn
59 subs 0 vids
59 subs 0 vids - Måned siden
The intro did not age that well for an Australian
Crazy Cat Skits
Crazy Cat Skits - Måned siden
We're doing this American style lol
Minecraft God
Minecraft God - Måned siden
You're like You Suck At Cooking but with doing things
Deleted - Måned siden
Bombing forest into existence is equivalent to stabbing someone to life
the king
the king - Måned siden
Lol 😂