Branding Myself with My Brand!

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Skip business school all you need is a red hot brand!
Runtime: 10:33


I did a thing
I did a thing - År siden
Hi, please follow me on Twitter and make me a cool guy
The anonymis
The anonymis - 10 dager siden
Can i come out of your badsment
non specific channel
non specific channel - 16 dager siden
How much crack are you on
CarDude 123
CarDude 123 - Måned siden
Dude, it's i did a thing. Everything he makes is amazing
Botond Kertesz
Botond Kertesz - Måned siden
You sexy basterd
Etienne Bonnet
Etienne Bonnet - 2 måneder siden
terio bost
terio bost - 21 time siden
5:01 he did it before it was cool
zachary Donegan
zachary Donegan - 23 timer siden
Believe me when I say my nails are worse than yours
Danielle Marshall
Danielle Marshall - Dag siden
I have the same sunflower van go painting cup
Marvel PANDA
Marvel PANDA - Dag siden
8:15 face reveal?
Zain Al nashef
Zain Al nashef - 2 dager siden
This is a cult
BGMARVEL - 2 dager siden
I came because of the sexy thumbnail.
Itzzz_Link - 2 dager siden
7:36 is that among us?
Missertive - 3 dager siden
I know the nail biting to smoking bit was a joke, but like.. he's not lying there. I actually had normal human nails when I was smoking, but after I quit? Boom. Nubs again. 🙄
Nolan Vannoy
Nolan Vannoy - 3 dager siden
Click Bate
ahornblatt 11
ahornblatt 11 - 4 dager siden
this dude defenetely doesnt overuse the word brand
Flynn Cressy
Flynn Cressy - 4 dager siden
Why the fuck do ur finger nails loooook like that whyyyy
Alex Johnson
Alex Johnson - 4 dager siden
Now you can't stop seeing your nose
Dangelo Draws
Dangelo Draws - 6 dager siden
the burn mark and stamp in the thumbnail dont line up.
look at where the burn marks are supposed to be and where its supposed to be clear.
SHAME ON YOU! - 6 dager siden
Being your neighbor must be a fucking trip dude, holy shit.
Russell White
Russell White - 7 dager siden
You should brand the one man band with that thing in your hand. He might not understand, but I think it would be grand.
Speed wagon
Speed wagon - 8 dager siden
Hes basicly an Australian inventer version of binging with babish
Valerie Jiang
Valerie Jiang - 8 dager siden
I thought you were going to brand yourself? Or was it clickbait?
Alexander Villa
Alexander Villa - 9 dager siden
you're to quiet, i cant hear you over my teacher in my zoom meeting
Kevin Lee
Kevin Lee - 9 dager siden
People: I would never do anything crazy and post it on the internet
Some people:
Omni - 10 dager siden
love how he hides his face but he's so half assed about it
D N 0 b
D N 0 b - 10 dager siden
So you're your own slave
Freddie2420 - 11 dager siden
Brand your magpies
Doyoumine - 11 dager siden
Watch church Sunday/Wednesday to learn about the one true God.
UntrainableWizard - 11 dager siden
"No, Australian neighbour's cutting some metal by the light of 100 tea light candles again."
Erin Perdue
Erin Perdue - 11 dager siden
Phantom_Red 20
Phantom_Red 20 - 12 dager siden
Branding Myself with My BrandBranding Myself with My BrandBranding Myself with My BrandBranding Myself with My BrandBranding Myself with My BrandBranding Myself with My Brand
iCryEveryNight - 12 dager siden
The way he rubbed the wood....
Peter Strypsmurf
Peter Strypsmurf - 13 dager siden
I think you did it pretty sexual anyway.. Just me? xD
WingedFish 117
WingedFish 117 - 13 dager siden
kisn pisn
kisn pisn - 14 dager siden
ad at 4:20 starts with beatifully polished nails on long beautiful fingers typing on a beautifully clean keyboard
me: mildly confused for a second
THAT MOBILE GAMER - 14 dager siden
Clickbait videos
Why ?
Why ? - 15 dager siden
2:38 am i the only one who noticed that the power cable to the monitor was missing?
sam lincoln
sam lincoln - 15 dager siden
What do his toenails look like tho
Leib33 - 15 dager siden
It's Australian. The most normal they can be is Daniel Ricciardo drinking Champagne from his sweaty smelly racing boot when he gets on an F1 Podium.
Sophia’sEquestrianStuff 14
Sophia’sEquestrianStuff 14 - 15 dager siden
Branding is horrible
Wyatt Spinney
Wyatt Spinney - 15 dager siden
Hey you used the milk bowl
Winter Wolf
Winter Wolf - 15 dager siden
Holy cow
Anduke #253MTG #253EDH
Anduke #253MTG #253EDH - 15 dager siden
Love this channel!
Adynburd [Unus]
Adynburd [Unus] - 15 dager siden
“So enjoy that ad-*ad plays*
THE DIAMOND SNAKE - 16 dager siden
Is it just me or does that metal finger look like an Among us dude
Rogue Dirtybomb
Rogue Dirtybomb - 16 dager siden
I used to bite my nails but then i bought some nail clippers and i use them now instead
Jackson Carwile
Jackson Carwile - 16 dager siden
IDAT: “I’m going to rub this wood in the least sexual way possible”
*Pulls out scissors*
Dariusz Sliz
Dariusz Sliz - 16 dager siden
I always thought the i did a thing magpie was sitting on a brain
Turns out it was just wearing pink crocs
Christopher Maciel
Christopher Maciel - 17 dager siden
This is dedication
pistol breath
pistol breath - 17 dager siden
That brand turned out horrible lol
Sam west
Sam west - 17 dager siden
What song is playing at 5 minutes of 10 seconds in the video it's pissing me off and I can't figure out.
The Business Goose
The Business Goose - 17 dager siden
That fingernail looks like an among us character. Very sus
Goretantath - 17 dager siden
"-why i religiously wear my protective gear." *proceeds to hold a religious ceremony of dawning a face shield* XDD
Olly Smyth
Olly Smyth - 17 dager siden
This guy is mental
Myotis Welwitschii
Myotis Welwitschii - 18 dager siden
There is a modern way of branding animals, with cold branding irons, cooled in liquid nitrogen. I don't know how, but somehow it turns the haircolor of the animals in the branded area white. I might look into it further and try it on myself.
It also hurts a lot less, I heard.
Jay Caponigro
Jay Caponigro - 18 dager siden
i bite my nails and i know how it feels man
The ZZZ's
The ZZZ's - 18 dager siden
Then he changes his logo
24th R3K0R!
24th R3K0R! - 18 dager siden
When you said enjoy the ad I actually got an ad
daniel petre
daniel petre - 19 dager siden
i didn't see you burn yourself
Staubsaugore - 19 dager siden
I´m in lesbians with that channel.
Ramses 104
Ramses 104 - 19 dager siden
Alright so this video called me insane for searching up "How to brand yourself"
jssschi87 - 20 dager siden
This video felt like a fever dream
jennah bright
jennah bright - 21 dag siden
You can get rid of nail-biting, if you start with one finger. When its a little longer just go on with the other ones. I was always biting my nails, but with that technique i have long nails by now
The one french fcm.36
The one french fcm.36 - 22 dager siden
congratulations you now own yourself
TinySpidey - 23 dager siden
Why in the FUCK is he wearing shoes
I wanted to see da feet
KingGoosey KG
KingGoosey KG - 24 dager siden
I remember the days the dark days when they would brand my kind and somehow think it was ok the dark days before the great goose farmer war before we were aloud freedom but we would not let it stand we grabbed a knife and charged when the farmers pleaded why well....... peace was never an option and just like that we reign supreme and I was chosen to become KING GOOSEY
Nathan Harton
Nathan Harton - 24 dager siden
This is click bait
Mey - 24 dager siden
outro song is :
Oakley Walkerdine
Oakley Walkerdine - 25 dager siden
Is that Dio Brando inside that coffin?
andy stadler
andy stadler - 25 dager siden
Zimbelrianer_1337 - 26 dager siden
Still looks like rubbing a pp even after using the tools
Evandro Procter
Evandro Procter - 27 dager siden
Enjoy that ad- (ad starts playing) -vertisement
Lo_Key - 27 dager siden
If you have a problem with biting your nails you can put fingernail polish on them and it tastes bitter to bite them so you’ll stop biting them
Кейт - 28 dager siden
Maaan what a waist!
Elijah Loveday
Elijah Loveday - 29 dager siden
honestly I'd be happy to watch ads for this guy
Assad Guy
Assad Guy - 29 dager siden
1:55 I like how he has the VGA cable plugged in but the power cable isnt
gank - Måned siden
Click bait
Lia S
Lia S - Måned siden
the way he holds the monitor on his lap at 1:26 like why tho 😂
Gus Gibson
Gus Gibson - Måned siden
bruh that bit at the end was perfectly timed with a double ad
Jacob Rosalin
Jacob Rosalin - Måned siden
i just realized that his tv isnt plugged in'
GoBucket 1406
GoBucket 1406 - Måned siden
I bite my nails so it’s not bad at all. Mate, people just can’t appreciate modern day art
Zeng Angela
Zeng Angela - Måned siden
Ohhh nice bro u use gimp me too bro nice!
Michał - Måned siden
Whats the tool that u used cuz i cant remember name of it
imakethings - Måned siden
Imagine all the noise complaints this God gets
Sash Croft
Sash Croft - Måned siden
Meliodas Dragon sin of wrath
That hurts
MDSsystems - Måned siden
Now Do It For Real .....
Cynique OwO
Cynique OwO - Måned siden
Your youtooz should be a headless version of you with an apron on
Pappa Greivious
Pappa Greivious - Måned siden
Hot nails
- A13X -
- A13X - - Måned siden
now do a cryo brand like they do to some cattle where the dark hair gets bleached
yo - Måned siden
I honestly thought and hoped you were gonna brand yourself
Cotillion Condemnation
Cotillion Condemnation - Måned siden
I Enjoy the random engineering and that you show the fuckery that goes into it
ᐯᒪᗩᗪᗪᖇᗩᙅ - Måned siden
To be honest he should've go full on wolf and piss at his property.
pride fox
pride fox - Måned siden
oh yeaah rub dat oil
eimantas kaminskas
eimantas kaminskas - Måned siden
*Visible confusion*
eimantas kaminskas
eimantas kaminskas - Måned siden
BiskviLover 3096
BiskviLover 3096 - Måned siden
At least he's using the best mouse
Uh Oh Stinky.
Uh Oh Stinky. - Måned siden
It reall does look like a bird woth large testies.
I N - Måned siden
So enjoy that a- *ad starts playing* hahaaaa
atomicoof777 - Måned siden
also stop *S M O K I N G*
atomicoof777 - Måned siden
i did a thing *realizes ads cost money* also him : *a human body is worth money so im a ad*
Viktor Petrov
Viktor Petrov - Måned siden
the tv is not plugged in a box jellyfish. Youre not a true australian. Mate oi
Mr.topphat guy
Mr.topphat guy - Måned siden
Is that a med pod from fire fly
pheniøx yt
pheniøx yt - Måned siden
Umm is he ok mate that must of hurt really bad