3 Tips for Surviving the Apocalypse

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We need to embrace climate change. Let me tell you why!
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I did a thing
I did a thing - 10 måneder siden
My favorite tree burnt down and now i have no one to talk to. So please talk to me on
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Nonsense Is every we’re
Nonsense Is every we’re - 17 dager siden
You talk to a tree?
slowphia tomten
slowphia tomten - 27 dager siden
“Lightly toasted”
Gus Meyer
Gus Meyer - 2 måneder siden
There’s a cap on the bottom of the life straw.
Nine buttons
Nine buttons - 3 måneder siden
For the water filter use activated charcoal instead of regular charcoal
og_Lord _dank
og_Lord _dank - 3 måneder siden
I know some people might think I'm dumb but are you serious about hydrogen and bleach
jay - 2 dager siden
how did I get to this point... it's nearly 4am
Jim Ward
Jim Ward - 3 dager siden
I need to know, are you brothers or partnes? Partners I can kinda understand drinking eachothers pee, its gross but each to their own, but if you are brothers, it's just wrong. So, so, wrong.
Anja Hudak
Anja Hudak - 3 dager siden
DO YOU HAVE PERMISSION TO USE THAT SONG DUDE....?? The one that starts at 1:00 ?
gilbert ahh
gilbert ahh - 5 dager siden
Zach Thomas
Zach Thomas - 6 dager siden
too bad a 2 degree increase in temperature does not cause fires...
B1ind B1ake
B1ind B1ake - 7 dager siden
You're an idiot
agarwalo - 7 dager siden
is this a joke cuz hmm wow bro what is this
Alwyn Rhenz
Alwyn Rhenz - 9 dager siden
Tnx man So far im still alive...because of this video
Shadow beatboxツ
Shadow beatboxツ - 10 dager siden
Bruh you spelled sources wrong
Spectical2d - 12 dager siden
i mean technically piss is technically safe to drink, and piss is sweet because of urea.
Experimentar En Casa
Experimentar En Casa - 14 dager siden
Pure propaganda...
I did a thing
I did a thing - 13 dager siden
@fellow human I get notified of comments
fellow human
fellow human - 13 dager siden
@I did a thing mate how are you still commenting
I did a thing
I did a thing - 14 dager siden
You use the word propaganda like you think it means something
the Maldivian
the Maldivian - 18 dager siden
Dude ur videos are like dopamine pills for me.
taisia_alexander - 18 dager siden
one crane one canoe
one crane one canoe - 19 dager siden
Really really really really reallyrealllly like the bobby intro, impressive
asmr matthew
asmr matthew - 19 dager siden
that guy shaking the piss is a fucking idiot lmao
kokk pokk
kokk pokk - 19 dager siden
I feel like he never wears shoes
Ishpreet Singh
Ishpreet Singh - 20 dager siden
it means I am guaranteed to survive in post apocalyptic world cuz I live in India
Lilly K
Lilly K - 20 dager siden
You remind me of Willne, not the voice or anything, just the face
Dudu George
Dudu George - 20 dager siden
anybody knows the outro song?? pleaseeee
Asutorokato - 21 dag siden
I can imagine the conversation between I did a thing and his family
Family: how’s your day been?
I did a thing: pretty good, uh hey could u guys sit at a table and look like ur eating air?
Family: uh....
Emily Slavnik
Emily Slavnik - 22 dager siden
i live inCanada! love your accent
SHUPWOOP - 22 dager siden
not gonna mention that the straws dont work on piss
Gryff - 22 dager siden
you should make a second account and call it "i didnt do anything" and just make it failed ideas that didnt make this channel
Johnny Kirk
Johnny Kirk - 23 dager siden
I always kinda related your videos to food, and you label sources as "sauces" thats amazing
magalí - 23 dager siden
That balloon says O squared
Ethan universe
Ethan universe - 24 dager siden
1:31 why did he put a video of a cow pooping?
Macho manly Fandango
Macho manly Fandango - 19 dager siden
Cow's and cow shit is incredibly unhealthy for ecosystems and water supplies all around the world, dude
Wow, first time ive ever heard someone use a track from "A Serbian Film". Subbed on that alone.
I did a thing
I did a thing - 24 dager siden
Weird reason to sub but good enough for me
Last of the Lost souls
Last of the Lost souls - 24 dager siden
Reverse psychology must work
Heywood Yablom
Heywood Yablom - 24 dager siden
Pazi Sta Radis 1:25 and ongoing
Kate Markelova
Kate Markelova - 24 dager siden
coded by me
coded by me - 25 dager siden
oh well im on the watchlist
Puppy Puppington
Puppy Puppington - 26 dager siden
Nice to know that the USA isn’t the only 1st world country making super retard mistakes due to greedy rich fucks & or politicians.
Puppy Puppington
Puppy Puppington - 26 dager siden
*Krispy Koalas* sounds like a Jack in the Box special for a limited time ONLY.
Javian Martinez-Russo
Javian Martinez-Russo - 27 dager siden
bob tijsterman
bob tijsterman - 28 dager siden
same i drank pee and eat poop ;/
bob tijsterman
bob tijsterman - 28 dager siden
BrUh KiLl AlL ThE SeAlS
Cheems420 - 28 dager siden
7:11 sniping’s a good job mate
Aidan Buyzat
Aidan Buyzat - 29 dager siden
Make a tool to capture huntsman spiders
Mitchell - Måned siden
what was wrong with the hydrogen peroxide thing, like why did he make a joke about covering it up
Ali and AA channel Channel
Hollow.v2 - Måned siden
1:30 :) enjoy it
Pan KEK - Måned siden
Did these guys actually drink each other's piss, please answer me I'm not joking.
Ross Notkins
Ross Notkins - Måned siden
XX LEXAR - Måned siden
The rope one is cool
Scott Essery
Scott Essery - Måned siden
if only you knew what would happen 3 months later..... during lockdown this was so helpful....
Austin goodwyn
Austin goodwyn - Måned siden
The most simply solution to plastic is to go back to glass and metal bottle. Glass is very recyclable but crushed glass is essentially sand, which doesn't pollute anything.
itz żėrø
itz żėrø - Måned siden
How many ppl live in that house?😭
L.H H.s
L.H H.s - Måned siden
Omg drinking pee eeeeee
clit crusader
clit crusader - Måned siden
I love how fitting the serbian film soundtrack is the song translates to look at what you're doing
jjE - Måned siden
You just made ultra piss
塊_Llllump - Måned siden
Nobody gonna talk about the fact he put a cow pooping in this video?
baby puppy
baby puppy - Måned siden
Unless you only want to filter out particulates like dirt and sand for the life straw you will need activated charcoal instead of normal charcoal.
you can call me Suki
you can call me Suki - Måned siden
U have to put water through the diy life straw a couple times for it to work
Twix Lix
Twix Lix - Måned siden
why in the hell was their a cow pooping LOLOLOLOLOLOL
Mordecai offical
Mordecai offical - Måned siden
This dude makes edgier jokes than family guy
Lisa Kerr
Lisa Kerr - Måned siden
Hello from Max (advoko makes ) :)
Its axel
Its axel - Måned siden
California should take notes
LiquidAcid - Måned siden
No one gonna talk about the url starting with ass
Evan Mitchell
Evan Mitchell - Måned siden
Thicc man
Apex - Måned siden
If you don't know knots, tie lots.
Joe eoj
Joe eoj - Måned siden
this video is almost 1 year old
Travis Waelder
Travis Waelder - Måned siden
The straw has a lid
M Ichael
M Ichael - Måned siden
The box said dont drink your own tinkle... so. We drank eachothers tinkle
AcedSolid - Måned siden
1:32 i literally threw up wtf
Player 922
Player 922 - Måned siden
Glory to russia
Shannon - Måned siden
anyone else notice the 'sources' he lists are incredibly reliable? I mean those first three he listed have some solid points.
Nicola Wilson
Nicola Wilson - Måned siden
were a match i love toasted koalas and also im a crazy person that needs to go in a mental asylum
Cooper Johnson
Cooper Johnson - Måned siden
You know Wikipedia isn’t a good source for barbecue sauce

Mac donalds is
Captain Price
Captain Price - Måned siden
Please tell me that ur joking
Jacob’s Exotics
Jacob’s Exotics - Måned siden
Sweet now I can survive the virus
James Lane
James Lane - Måned siden
The wrong whale
Reyes, Lienzo
Reyes, Lienzo - Måned siden
I did a thing: *Has sources*
Also I did a thing: Tomato Sauce, Barbeque sauce
Me: ...
YnnatheguardianChannel - Måned siden
:D sauces!
RobdogYT - Måned siden
He actually put sauces like mustard and tomato and barbecue in the description
Inii s
Inii s - Måned siden
Christoph Riehl
Christoph Riehl - Måned siden
How do you like it Ash ?
logan hand
logan hand - Måned siden
Damn that base at the beginning of the video hit harder than my dads belt
Hazmaf - Måned siden
Why a cow shitting tho
Doggy21 - Måned siden
why is your piss sweat lol
Mason Woodward
Mason Woodward - Måned siden
The pee is DISGUSTEN
Adrien Roman
Adrien Roman - Måned siden
How is this not demonetized
Erk Spadrk
Erk Spadrk - Måned siden
1:31 wut
Sammy - Måned siden
This dude had no idea what was going to happen in the future
Mike Alinan
Mike Alinan - Måned siden
Me watching the intro: is this 7 days to die
Lukas Schmidt
Lukas Schmidt - 2 måneder siden
That clip with that plastics and the excevator is right from the next place to mine here in germany 😂
Justafailure 09
Justafailure 09 - 2 måneder siden
The music at 1:21 describes 2020
Alejandro Espinoza
Alejandro Espinoza - 2 måneder siden
Guy bitch
Mr.Potato Man 8000
Mr.Potato Man 8000 - 2 måneder siden
he was right the ended
mythw01f - 2 måneder siden
1:31 mmm yum
Goat boy The gamer
Goat boy The gamer - 2 måneder siden
Can you show your face?
L1nky Boy
L1nky Boy - 2 måneder siden
Why didn’t natural selection do it’s thing
Cluclo - 2 måneder siden
i think he made chlorine gas not oxygen
Aidan Sookram
Aidan Sookram - 2 måneder siden
Why do you have 4 bottles of Betta medicine?
Aviation Shepherd
Aviation Shepherd - 2 måneder siden
1:31 watch from there thats the most important information
TheLastDragon - 2 måneder siden
Dor the air part what about a night that would be your last day on earth
Chezzydelayz - 2 måneder siden
sdivine13 - 2 måneder siden
Hes probably diabetic
ThyRandomGuy - 2 måneder siden
Best video you've ever made
JakulaithWolff - 2 måneder siden
Just so you all know, the clearer your 'winkle' the healthier it is, because it means you're well-hydrated.